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prAna Brand Spotlight and Gear Giveaway

prAna Giveaway

Climbers and yoga fans have known about the comfortable and cool designs from prAna for many years. The company, named from the Sanskrit word for life force, has grown from making clothing in a garage to a well respected brand for yoga, fitness, climbing and casual apparel. Keep reading for your chance to win a free prAna product. Our Favorite […]

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5 Things You Don’t Know About Rain Jackets

rain jacket

Waterproof rain jackets are a necessity for many outdoor activities. Staying dry on a hike, backpacking trip, run, bike ride or whatever, will make it much more enjoyable. There’s more to rain jackets than you think. Check out these 5 things you probably didn’t know about rain jackets. 1. You can bring an old rain jacket back to life. I’ve […]

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Fill Your Bottles From A Shallow Stream

Trailtime tip

The map clearly shows a creek, but when you arrive with empty bottles and an unquenchable thirst, you find only a trickle. No sweat, you can easily use this cool trick to fill your bottles or water bladder from a shallow stream. How to Fill a Water Bottle in a Shallow Stream 1. Find a place where the water is […]

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You’re Doing it Wrong: How to Fail at Skiing

ski rescue

Spring is here and the days are already warming on the slopes. It’s time to lighten up a little and have a laugh. When I learned to ski, there was a lot to learn. Silly me thought I would simply slide from the top of the hill to the bottom, easy peazy. But noooo, there were all sorts of things […]

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How Many of These National Parks Can You Name?

outdoor quiz

The National Parks preserve many of the natural areas we love to explore. From geysers, arches, mountains, forests and swamps to historic and cultural monuments, these preserves are worth visiting. These iconic parks are easily recognizable for many Americans. How many national parks can you identify in this fun quiz? National Parks Quiz   So, how did you do in […]

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Wetsuit Buyer’s Guide for Surfers

Wetsuit Buying Guide

There’s nothing like surfing year-round, the bigger waves roll in during the winter months and the waves you catch in the cold are a little sweeter since you’ve had to suffer to catch them. When you pick the right wetsuit for the right conditions, you won’t have to suffer as much. Pick one that’s too thick and you’ll feel like […]

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Gregory Backpacks Brand Spotlight Giveaway

Backpack Giveaway

After designing his first backpack as a Boy Scout at the age of 14, Wayne Gregory dedicated his career to making outstanding outdoor gear. He established Gregory Mountain Products in 1977 and the company has lead the way in design and engineering for the perfect comfort and fit for backpackers. Keep reading to learn about a great discount then enter […]

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Spring Hiking: Because Any Weather is Good Hiking Weather

Rainy Hiking

Grab your favorite pair of hiking boots or trail shoes and your rain shell because any kind of weather is good hiking weather. Finding that perfect day where the sun is out and the wind lightly blowing might not happen as often as you would hope. Why not head to the trail even if it is raining or the trails […]

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Easy Way to Stake a Tent on Rocky Ground

staking a tent

Sometimes it’s necessary to set up your tent on a rocky campsite. It can be nearly impossible to get a stake into the ground and you risk bending your stakes. Did you know you can use two rocks to secure your tent almost anywhere? Follow this quick tip and you’ll be able to easily secure your tent on rocky campsites. […]

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Shamrock (ish) Shake: A Healthy Smoothie

shamrock shake

When I think of March, several different things come to mind: daylight savings (I love springing forward!), turning from winter to spring, the color green and one very special holiday that everyone seems to love to celebrate. St. Patrick’s Day used to be a pretty big deal for me- mostly back in college where it was just an excuse to […]

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