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10 Best Outdoor Themed Beers

Outdoors beers

Many people would agree that outdoor activities go well with a cold refreshing beer. Trail runners, cyclists, hikers, skiers and climbers all enjoy unwinding with a cold drink after a fun day of exercise. Some microbreweries have honored their connection to these outdoor activities in the names of their beer. Here’s a list of the 10 best outdoorsy named beers. […]

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Five Breakfast-On-The-Go Ideas to Fuel Your Winter Fun

Breakfast on the go

I am lucky enough to live in a state where people can enjoy outdoor activities year-round. In fact, a large percentage of the population actually looks forward to winter every year because it allows for skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing and other snow sports. I’ve found that most people who haven’t visited Colorado don’t realize that the state is basically like two […]

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Therm-A-Rest Brand Spotlight and Gear Giveaway

Therm-a-rest logo

Any overnight adventure into the wilderness requires a comfortable night’s sleep. Therm-A-Rest overs sleeping solutions that are sure to get you rested up for the next day of adventure. Keep reading to learn more and be sure to enter our gear giveaway at the bottom of this post. In 1971, three unemployed climbers and engineers joined forces to make a […]

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Alpine Climbing Vs. Mountaineering

Alpine Climbing

The cold digs deep. The ice permeates so far into the skin that it feels like burning. With a heavy crunch, the ice axe pierces the slope, sending speckles of ice stabbing numb cheeks. Against the icy steeps, the wind howls and gushes, sending the rope flapping back and forth against the metallic jangle of cams and draws. Frozen hands, […]

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10 Ways You’re Doing Ski Vacations Wrong

Ski Vacation

Sorry guys, you’ve been doing it wrong. It’s time you learn how to get the most out of a ski vacation. I lived in Breckenridge, Colo., for three years, working in a ski shop and at a lodge. I’ve seen people waste money and miss out on some fun opportunities just because they didn’t know how to plan or what to do. […]

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Children Shouldn’t Stop Your Adventures – Child Carriers

Carrying kids

One thing many young families worry about when they first have children is how they going to get outside with babies or toddlers. Usually, new parents quickly discover that hitting the trail isn’t that much more difficult with babies, you just have to know how to carry them. Child Carriers or Child Backpacks Child carriers are a great way to […]

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7 Things You Have to See in Moab, Utah

Things to see in Moab Utah

Moab, Utah is a popular destination for outdoor adventurers, for good reason. This eastern Utah town is sandwiched between two national parks, it’s on the banks of the Colorado River and the geology of the area will blow your mind. All this and it’s easily accessible from Interstate 70. Before you plan your Moab trip, check out these 7 things […]

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The One Thing Keeping You From Skiing Faster

Ski Faster

Downhill skiing and snowboarding is all about speed. Most people choose to participate in these winter sports to go fast. Surprisingly, many people aren’t skiing at full speed and it has nothing to do with their skills or lack of training. The number one thing slowing you down may be the lack of wax on your skis. Here are the […]

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Keen Brand Spotlight and Giveaway

Keen Logo

Keen burst onto the outdoor footwear scene in 2003 with a sandal that protected your toes. Since then, Keen has grown into running shoes, casual shoes, hiking boots and a full range high quality footwear. Keep reading to learn more about Keen then enter our giveaway at the bottom of this post. Martin Keen and Rory Fuerst introduced the thick […]

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Winter Camping Hacks

winter camping

The decision has been made: you’re going winter camping. You’re willing to lose feeling in your toes, carry an absurd amount of clothing, and hang out in your tent for an excessive period of time, all in the name of trying something new. The catch? Winter camping has a steeper learning curve when compared to the normal variety. But never […]

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