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Salomon Giveaway, Review and Brand Spotlight

Salomon Trail Runners

Whether you’re running trails or just hiking, good fitting shoes with traction and arch support is important. You can pack in the miles with the right pair of trail running shoes. One brand that’s been recognized for well-designed shoes is Salomon. Keep reading to learn more, see a review and enter to win a pair. Salomon was started in 1947 […]

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5 Reasons to Go Trail Running

Trail Running - Park City, UT

**This is the first post in a short series about why to run trails, how to survive your first trail run and picking out the proper gear to keep your trail time fun. If you have any specific questions or curiosities about trail running, let us know, we’ll work them into this series!** The snow is melting, the mud is […]

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5 Lesser Known National Parks Worth a Visit

Lesser Known National Parks

We all love visiting national parks. Each year when national parks week rolls around we hear about all of the best-known national parks like Yellowstone National Park, Arches National Park, Yosemite National Park, Rocky Mountain National Park or Grand Canyon National Park. Those are all amazing parks but check out these lesser known national parks worth a visit. Guadalupe Mountains […]

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4 Aspects of Good Running Form

Good Running Form

Do you have good running form? Good running posture, proper cadence, accurate foot strike and proper lean all play into a good running form. Watch the video or keep reading to learn how to improve your running form. Good Running Form Improve your running form by examining each of these factors. Posture – For good running posture you’ll want to […]

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Growing Family Equals More Family Adventures

Tales of a Mountain Mama

**Editor’s note: TeamSierra Blog Contributor, Amelia Mayer, recently gave birth to her third child. In this post she explains why a growing family equals more adventure, and she encourages new mothers and young families to get outside.** One of the most intimidating things about having a family, and specifically a new baby, is managing to get out of the house […]

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National Park Edition: Mystery Destination

What National Park

It’s National Park Week (April 19-27, 2014) so we’ll feature one of our favorite national parks in this week’s Mystery Destination. It’s easy. Take a look at the photo, read the clues then comment below letting us know what national park you think we are describing. Then, if you’re confident, you can forward this on to a friend to see […]

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Pearl Izumi Giveaway and Brand Spotlight

Pearl Izumi Cycling Gear

Cycling season is upon us. Whether you’re racing a road bike or tearing up a downhill mountain bike trail, you’ll want to check out cycling gear from Pearl Izumi. Keep reading to get the low down on this great brand and be sure to enter our gear giveaway at the bottom of this post to win a free Pearl Izumi […]

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How to Measure Fuel Canisters

How much Gas?

**Editors note: We partnered up with John from Intense Angler to share this Tip of the Week on how to Measure Fuel Canisters. For more great outdoor tips check out John’s YouTube Channel: Intense Angler. ** Have you ever been in the backcountry and wondered how much fuel you have left? You don’t want to waste your last bit of […]

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Hiking Mailbox Peak – How Bad Could It Be?

Mailbox Peak Washington

Hiking Mailbox Peak has been on my bucket list for years. It’s one of the toughest trails in the Snoqualmie National Forest in Washington and got its name because there is a mailbox at the top containing the registry. Originally, I’d planned to hike this with some new friends, but after a challenging snowshoe one day, we weren’t up for […]

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