• 3 Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Closet

    Ah, spring cleaning! A time to sweep out the cobwebs, pack up the fleecy PJs and embrace the warm weather. Some people dread spring cleaning, but me, Iím an embracer. My favorite part: Packing up my winter duds to make room for warm-weather favorites and new springtime options.

    So, what gets packed for next winter? What goes to the thrift store? What goes straight into the garbage or rag drawer? Hereís an easy formula I follow:

    1. Did I wear it at least once or twice this season (and not regret it)?
    If yes, thatís a start. If itís still in good shape, pack it up for next season and see if it grows on you.
    If no, itís a goner. Only make exceptions for select performance items and pieces that have sentimental value. If it has sentimental value and you arenít wearing it, take it out of your rotation and put it in a storage container thatís attic- or basement-bound. Your old college T-shirts donít deserve prime-time placement in your closet (sorry, old college T-shirts).

    2. Did I wear it a lot this season?
    If yes, how did it hold up? Does it still have good shape and color? If yes, pack it up. If no, toss it in the giveaway box. That sweater had a good run, but be honest: Are you only wearing it week after week because thereís nothing better? Is it going to light up your wardrobe when you pull it out of the box six months from now? When you part with your worn-out stand-bys, you force yourself to update, refresh, and feel good about what youíre wearing.

    3. Does it still fit?
    Whether it shrunk in the wash or you grew a bit this winter, some stuff just donít fit anymore. Get rid of it. Lost a bunch of weight and have stuff thatís too big? Get rid of it. Keeping clothes that are too small can be hard on your self-esteem, and keeping clothes that are too big is pointless if you believe you can keep off the weight. Bottom line: Keep your closet functional for the season and the body you have now. When I was pregnant, I cleared away my regular clothes every 2-4 weeks, so I always knew I could go to my closet and quickly find a viable option for my ever-growing girth.

    So now that youíve cleaned out your closet, itís time to introduce that box of spring and summer clothes. Didnít do a good job of weeding out the losers last season? Donít give in by putting it all in your closet. Repeat 1-3 from above, and say good-bye to the junk. Oftentimes, summer clothes wear-out more easily than winter attire, so donít expect to have tank tops for five years like that old-favorite wool sweater granny gave you.

    Happy spring cleaning!
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    1. Can You Dig It's Avatar
      I just started clearing out my closet last night and I already feel better about the way the entire bedroom looks. I do have a really hard time getting rid of old stuff because I rarely go shopping and sometimes I feel like as long as I have something to cover my naked body I'm good to go. But every single night, I end up staring at my closet in frustration because I feel like I have nothing "good" to wear to work the next day. I like that you suggest spring cleaning as a way to feel better about the clothes you wear and how you look in them. That really struck a chord and made me realize that I should update as well as clear out and organize. Thanks, Steph!
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