Rugged Mountains, Glaciers and Small Crowds – Name This Park

Miguel Vieira3

When you’re headed into the outdoors you probably want beautiful views, plant and animal diversity, and no crowds. You can find all of those things in one national park. Maybe you’ve been there. Look at the photos, read the clues then see if you know which national park we are talking about in this week’s Mystery Destination. This parks changing landscape includes the temperate rainforest of the wet west-side and a dry ponderosa pine ecosystem of the east. With over 9,000 feet of vertical relief there is a high diversity of plants, over 1,600 species identified. With approximately 312 glaciers, […]

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Royal Robbins Brand Spotlight and Giveaway

Royal Robbins logo

In the 1970’s, Royal Robbins was a free climbing pioneer who claimed many first ascents including El Capitan. He then went on to become known for intense kayaking too. Royal and his wife, Liz started the Royal Robbins Clothing Company because they had a hard time finding comfortable outdoor apparel that suited their adventures. Keep reading to learn more and to enter our Royal Robbins Giveaway. The Royal Robbins clothing company specializes in lightweight, comfortable and cool clothing that looks good on the trail or in the city. Using quick drying fabrics and sensible design the Royal Robins clothing performs […]

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Uses For Halloween Candy in the Outdoors

Halloween Candy

This time of year Halloween candy is everywhere. You probably power through the Butterfingers, share a Kit Kat with a friend and try to see how many licks it takes to get to the center of the Tootsie Pop (Dang it. We may never know). Even with your best effort there’s always a few Baby Ruth’s, Skittles and Nerds left behind. Don’t throw those away. Save them for your next trip into the outdoors, that’s right, Halloween Candy has many great uses in the outdoors. Four Uses For Halloween Candy in the Outdoors. Water Flavor – Pixy Stix seem like […]

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Yoga Stretches for Runners


“Oh you run? I bet you have terrible knees and joints.” Something along those lines is what someone’s going to say to you when they find out your run, I can almost guarantee that. Give them a smart aleck answer because recent studies have been showing that runner’s knee is just a myth. There are numerous variables that go into saying why runners actually have better knees than non-runners and one of those variables is keeping the hinges greased through stretching. These are some of my favorite yoga stretches to do AFTER a run, so I can loosen my tightening […]

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How to Coil a Climbing Rope

climbing rope maintenance

Climbers know how important it is to take good care of a climbing rope. One way to prolong the life of a rope is to properly coil it for storage and transportation. Watch the video or follow the easy tips below on how to coil a climbing rope. Tips for Coiling a Climbing Rope 1. Grab both ends of your climbing rope with one hand. Pull it over your head and drape it across your shoulders. 2. Lightly grab the rope between your thumb and index finger and pull the rope back across your shoulders the other way. 3. Continue […]

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Why Your Mom Was Wrong About Hiking With Strangers

hiking with strangers

Never take candy from strangers (except on Halloween), don’t talk to strangers and sure as heck don’t meet a stranger from the internet. Those are probably things your mother has told you. Your mom was only trying to protect you and there are definitely enough news headlines to warrant that sense of worry. Here’s another way to look at it – A stranger is just a friend who you haven’t met yet. Well, regardless of what my mom says, I’ve been meeting internet strangers in real life. Most of those times I’ve wandered deep into the woods with them too. […]

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Being a Girl in the Backcountry

a girl in the backcountry

This post is for the ladies…or the few guys out there willing to take a few minutes to read it just for a better understanding of the women in their life! I won’t go all “girl power” on you, but there are a few things that women get to deal with in the backcountry that men would never consider…so let’s address those issues! Pretty Faces: Is it okay to wear make-up in the backcountry? I swear there are usually only two takes on this: heck yes and absolutely not! Personally I’d like to add the “do whatever you want” option. Because, […]

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Mystery Destination: Our Newest National Monument

Maystery Mountains

Nothing is better than wide open spaces close to home. These types of forests, parks and monuments give people a place to enjoy the outdoors and take small and large adventures. The President recently named a new National Monument. Did you catch the news? If not, read the clues below and see if you can guess this week’s Mystery Destination, also known as our newest national monument. More than 15 million people live within a 90-minute drive of this area. Beyond outdoor recreational opportunities, this area is also home to several archeological and culturally significant sites. Visitors to this mountain […]

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Newton Brand Spotlight, Review and Giveaway!


There’s no debate that the running shoe revolution has kicked into high gear over the past decade. As the sport’s participation numbers soar, a handful of smaller companies have risen up to challenge traditional notions about running shoe design. Runners have responded with a willingness to experiment and embrace technology, and a quick glance at the variety of shoe shapes found on roads, trails and in triathlon transition areas proves that innovative shoes are gaining traction. Since launching in 2007, Newton’s growth has been largely through word-of-mouth. As co-founder Danny Abshire explains, the Boulder, Colorado-based company’s goal from the start […]

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Angelyne The Amazing Deaf Cattle Dog

Cattle dogs

We’ve had a new model posing for photos on the Sierra Trading Post site. She’s been attracting crowds of people everywhere she goes. She’s not just a great model. Angelyne the amazing deaf cattle dog is an inspiration. Eric Melvin picked Angelyne out of a litter of Australian cattle dogs without knowing just how special she was. After a short time together, Eric discovered Angelyne was born completely deaf. While most people see disability as something that slows you down or prevents you from greatness, Eric believes that when compassion meets resilience, anything is possible. Angelyne now knows more than 60 […]

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Tips for Living a Balanced Life

balanced life

Life is busy, not easy at times, and working 24/7 is not good for anyone. One of life’s greatest challenges is finding a perfect balance of work to play ratio. We have heard how time spent outdoors contributes to a healthy well-being and the positive impact nature and fitness have on our lives. Disconnecting, taking a walk outside, trail running, skiing, hiking, and any other outdoor pursuit can be good for you: mind, body, and soul. The point is that you just need to get out there and do the activity that works for you, alleviates your stress, exercises your […]

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How to Repair a Ripped Tent

how to repair a tent

Let’s face it, accidents happen in the backcountry. Gear sometimes is torn or broken while out on a camping trip. No sweat. Watch this quick video or follow the three steps below to learn how to fix a ripped tent. How to Repair a Tent Repairing a tear in tent mesh is easy. Simply grab a pair of scissors and some repair tape. Step 1 – Trim the loose threads around the tear. Step 2 – Cut out a patch the size of the tear. Be sure to make sure there is at least a one inch overlap and round […]

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9 Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About Alaska


On October 18, 1867 the U.S. took possession of Alaska. This huge territory, roughly twice the size of Texas, offers up some amazing outdoor adventure opportunities. From Denali National Park and Preserve, Gates of the Arctic National Park and Kenai Fjords National Park to the sand dunes at Kobuk Valley National Park, Alaska is full of unique adventures. In honor of Alaska Day: 9 interesting facts you didn’t know about Alaska. In 1867 the U.S. purchased the territory from Russia for $7.2 million. That’s a price of less that two cents per acre. The purchase was not popular among the […]

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How Well Does Your Ski Gear Fit? Ski Gear Sizing Tips

hot to fit ski gear

The first snow has fallen on the mountains and ski areas are breaking out the snow making equipment. Now’s the perfect time to break out your ski gear and make sure it all fits properly. You’ll stay warm and your ski equipment will perform better if it’s the right size. How to Fit Ski Boots Nothing is worse than a day on the slopes with the wrong sized ski boots. If your ski boots are a little too big your feet will get cold and your feet will move around within the boots. Tight ski boots will cause unnecessary pain. […]

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#TrailTime Hike Report: Emerald Lake, RMNP


Since both my wife and I had Columbus Day off this year, we decided to take the day and head up to Rocky Mountain National Park. With clear skies and chilly conditions (about 50 degrees with moderate wind), we didn’t want to do anything too strenuous, so we opted to check out Emerald Lake, one of the more popular hikes in the park. At just over 3.5 miles out and back, this hike passes by Nymph Lake and Dream Lake and has an elevation gain of 650 feet. Although it’s a very easy and accessible trail, the views along the […]

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Carhartt Giveaway

Carhartt Logo

Sometimes you’ve got to work hard so you can afford to play hard. When that’s the case you’ve got to find the toughest work wear to keep you warm during the fall and winter months. Carhartt is the go-to brand for carpenters, construction workers, farmers and anyone else who works in the outdoors because its built to last. Keep reading to learn how to enter our Carhartt Giveaway. Known for durability, Carhartt focuses on building high performance clothing from the toughest materials. The company was established in 1889 with the mission to provide Best-in-Class Apparel for the active worker. From warm […]

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Which Hydration Pack is Right For You?

hydration on the trails

Everyone has some sort of routine before they arrive at a trailhead for some quality #trailtime. It usually involves checking the weather, adding/removing layers and packing along some snacks and water. The weather is pretty self-explanatory and the layering is a little different for every person, but what about how you pack along food + water? How do you do it? There are a few ways to carry nutrition and hydration with you on a hike or trail run. This post is going to touch on all the options…then you can decide which is best for you on any given […]

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3 Unique Ways to Hike Further With Toddlers

hike further with toddlers

I love putting the miles in on mountain trails and that’s why I remember the day when my son didn’t want to be strapped to my chest on hikes anymore…It was a hard day. I had to sacrifice miles in the beginning, but I quickly discovered some ways to get my son to go further than I ever believed possible. The number one rule for getting kids to do anything is to keep it fun for them. While I’d love to say that every kid has a blast trying to be a world-class hiker, that isn’t true. They want to […]

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The Evolution of the Sleeping Bag

sleeping bag

  Do you ever think about where your outdoor gear comes from? I mean, truly think about it?! I spent this past weekend holed up in a tent on Kebler Pass outside of Crested Butte, Colorado. We traversed the state for one simple reason: we wanted to see the fall colors of one of the largest aspen groves in the country. Fortunately, we nailed it: the quaking leaves were fiery yellow and hillsides were absolutely covered in autumnal glory. It was breathtaking. Unfortunately, the sunny days led into chilly evenings, and overnight temps dropped well into the mid-20s. We awoke […]

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Can You Name This Lake With Many Islands?

Photo by Justin Gaerlan

Photos of the Sierra Nevada Mountains almost always include a photo of one famous lake. The lake and its many islands are quite recognizable. Take a look at the photos, read the clues then see if you can guess the name of the lake we are talking about. Enter your guess in the comments below. Ansel Adams made this lake famous through black and white photographs. Now the wilderness that this lake calls come is named after the famous photographer. Most people see this lake while hiking the John Muir or the Pacific Crest Trail but is accessible for shorter […]

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Fort Collins Grand Opening!


Fort Collins, Colorado is known for being home to Colorado State University, tons of amazing hiking trails, miles and miles of bike paths, many great breweries and now it’s also home to Sierra Trading Post’s newest retail store. On October 9, 2014 we opened a retail store in Fort Collins, Colorado at 3500 S. College Ave. in “The Square” at South College and Horsetooth. The 18,000 square foot store is filled with jackets, hats, sportswear, running shoes, casual clothing, tents, sleeping bags and all the gear you’ll need for your adventure. The retail store offers gear from top name brands […]

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Lowa Boots Giveaway

Lowa logo

Quality footwear is important year round but in the fall and early winter you’ve got to be prepared for mud, crunching leaves and possibly snow. It’s a great time of year to look for boots and shoes that are waterproof and durable. Keep reading to learn a little about Lowa then enter our Lowa Giveaway at the bottom of this post. Lowa was established in Germany in 1923. They’ve been making high quality boots and shoes in Europe for over 90 years. Their boots are designed to be comfortable out of the box yet tough enough for any adventure. Through […]

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In-Store Blogger Party

blogger party

We love outdoor bloggers. We not only get inspired by their blogs but we also ask them to regularly write posts to share here on the Sierra Social Hub. Working with bloggers through #TeamSierra, #trailtime chat posts and the occasional guest post is so much fun, so when we announced the opening of two new Colorado retail stores we made sure to use this opportunity to meet more bloggers face to face. In the end of August Sierra Trading Post opened a South Denver store in Greenwood Village. The night before the grand opening we invited 30 bloggers for a […]

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Exploring New Trails: The Do’s + Don’ts

trail running

  Give familiar trails a break from your footprints + explore some new surroundings. But first, there are some things to consider: Don’t: Be a lone wolf Do: Take a trail buddy Take it easy Miss (Or Mr.) Independent — I’m all for one on one time with nature. But, going at it alone on a brand new trail can be dangerous if you are unfamiliar with the area. Talk (or bribe) a friend into exploring with you — I hear Swedish Fish are good bargaining material! Don’t: Just wing it. Don’t go play Hansel & Gretel with breadcrumbs and […]

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5 Great Northern Colorado Hikes

Great Fort Collins Hikes

Fort Collins, Loveland, Greeley, Longmont, Lyons, Boulder and Estes Park; there are so many great communities along the foothills north of Denver. What makes these communities so great to live in or visit? They’re so close to the mountains for short adventures. Don’t believe me? Try any one of these five great Northern Colorado Day Hikes. Horsetooth Rock Horsetooth Mountain Park is a Larimer County Open Space located just four miles west of Fort Collins.The mountain park offers many trails and loops perfect for trail runners, mountain bikers and hikers. Follow the signs to Horsetooth Rock for a panoramic view […]

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How to Bring Your Not-So-Outdoorsy Family on an Adventure

outdoorsy family

The morning had started out with a downpour, and as my father pushed our rickety rental car up a dirt road in the middle of Ibiza, I silently hoped there wouldn’t be any more storms until we completed our misadventure. Here’s the thing about my family: they created the adventurous foundation upon which my entire life has been built. My parents used to call off work, pack a suitcase, buy random plane tickets at the airport, and head off for unknown adventures. My favorite photo in our house is the one where my mother is hiking up a mountain with […]

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Fort Collins Store Opening Soon!

Fort Collins store

Colorado has too many adventures for just one Sierra Trading Post store. Don’t worry, we’ll open our second Colorado store on Oct. 9, 2014. Maybe you heard about our South Denver store that opened in August at University and Orchard in Greenwood Village. Well we’re at it again but this time we’re focusing on Northern Colorado. The new Sierra Trading Post retail store is located at 3500 S. College Ave., Fort Collins in “The Square” at South College and Horsetooth. The store will feature more than 18,000 square feet of retail space filled with the brands you know and trust at up to […]

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Highest Peak on the East Side: Can You Name It?

state park

We all love visiting wide open spaces. From national parks and forest service land to local city and county parks there are tons of great places to explore. The states also have an amazing park system. This week’s Mystery Destination is a state park that is absolutely stunning this time of year. Read the clues and see if you know what outdoor destination we are talking about. This state park was established in 1915 making it the first state park located in this state. Like mountains? This state park is home to the two tallest peaks east of the Mississippi […]

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Mountainsmith Gear Giveaway!

mountainsmith logo

Sleeping bags, tents, backpacks and camera bags; sounds like a packing list for an amazing weekend but it’s actually a few of the great products you’ll find from Mountainsmith. We’ve got another great gear giveaway at the bottom of this post and this time the prize is the Mountainsmith product of your choice. Mountainsmith was founded in 1979 by Patrick Smith. In the 1970s he was looking for a better way to carry gear into the Colorado backcountry. He developed the world’s first fully rigid backcountry ski sled to haul massive loads of gear effectively and then developed an innovative […]

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Prolong The Life of Your Sleeping Bag With These 6 Tips

care for sleeping bag

A quality sleeping bag is a great investment for years worth of adventures. To get the most out of your sleeping bag you’ve got to take good care of it. Keeping it clean, washing it carefully and storing it correctly can help prolong its useful life. How to Care For Your Sleeping Bag 1. Keep it clean – While in the backcountry keep your sleeping bag clean by never placing it on the ground, avoid eating and drinking in your bag and try to wear clean clothes to bed to avoid making the bag smell too bad. 2. Air it […]

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