Growing Family Equals More Family Adventures

Tales of a Mountain Mama

**Editor’s note: TeamSierra Blog Contributor, Amelia Mayer recently gave birth to her third child. In this post she’ll explain why a growing family equals more adventures and encourages new mothers and young families to get outside.** One of the most intimidating things about having a family, and specifically a new baby, is managing to get out of the house and continue your life as it was before (in some form or fashion.)  It is the most talked-about reason I hear from people for putting off having kids, either for a while or indefinitely. I am not going to lie or […]

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National Park Edition: Mystery Destination

What National Park

It’s National Park Week (April 19-27, 2014) so we’ll feature one of our favorite national parks in this week’s Mystery Destination. It’s easy. Take a look at the photo, read the clues then comment below letting us know what national park you think we are describing. Then, if you’re confident, you can forward this on to a friend to see if they know the answer too. Let’s get started. First protected in 1864, this National Park is known for its waterfalls, but within its nearly 1,200 square miles, you can find deep valleys, grand meadows, giant sequoias, a vast wilderness […]

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Pearl Izumi Giveaway and Brand Spotlight

Pearl Izumi Cycling Gear

Cycling season is upon us. Whether you’re racing a road bike or tearing up a downhill mountain bike trail, you’ll want to check out cycling gear from Pearl Izumi. Keep reading to get the low down on this great brand and be sure to enter our gear giveaway at the bottom of this post to win a free Pearl Izumi product. Pearl Izumi is known as a top manufacturer of performance shoes, cycling apparel, running shorts, cycling jackets and cycling jerseys for men and women. The company was started over 50 years ago by a father looking to make top […]

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How to Measure Fuel Canisters

How much Gas?

**Editors note: We partnered up with John from Intense Angler to share this Tip of the Week on how to Measure Fuel Canisters. For more great outdoor tips check out John’s YouTube Channel: Intense Angler. ** Have you ever been in the backcountry and wondered how much fuel you have left? You don’t want to waste your last bit of fuel heating some luxury tea if you won’t be able to cook dinner. We’re taking the guess work out of it with this great idea to help you learn how to measure fuel canisters. Check out this video or keep […]

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Hiking Mailbox Peak – How Bad Could It Be?

Mailbox Peak Washington

Hiking Mailbox Peak has been on my bucket list for years. It’s one of the toughest trails in the Snoqualmie National Forest in Washington and got its name because there is a mailbox at the top containing the registry. Originally, I’d planned to hike this with some new friends, but after a challenging snowshoe one day, we weren’t up for the challenge of Mailbox Peak the next. So it stayed on my bucket list. Mailbox Peak – Photo by Pig Monkey (Flickr Creative Commons) This week, I decided to tackle it on my own. The forecast was for sun and […]

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How to Fix a Flat Bike Tire

fix a flat

Nothing can slow down a great bike ride more than a flat tire. The good news is that once you know how to fix a flat bike tire, it’s easy. So pay attention. We’re going to hook you up with the details you need to know to get out there cycling again. Just watch this video or follow the directions below and you’ll be back on the bike in no time. What You’ll Need: A Replacement Bike Tube Two Tire Levers Bike Pump Get Started: 1. Remove the wheel with the flat tire. Open the brake, flip the bike over […]

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How to Make Touchscreen Gloves

Touchscreen gloves

Cold weather requires bundling up but wearing gloves takes away the use of your touchscreen device. Don’t freeze your hands just to send out a text message. Follow these simple instructions to make touchscreen gloves.   What you’ll need: A pair of gloves. Works best with thin gloves. Don’t use waterproof gloves as the needle will damage the waterproof characteristics of the gloves. Conductive thread. You can purchase conductive thread at many online retailers. The thread is somewhat expensive. You may want to make multiple pairs of gloves or the cost of the thread may prohibit the cost effectiveness of […]

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Natural Beauty, Concerts and Trails: Name This Mystery Destination

Mystery Outdoor Ampitheater

Some outdoor spaces are just too beautiful to not visit. One of those special places is the subject of this week’s Mystery Destination. This outdoor area is popular for hiking and biking trails, tourists out sightseeing and of course concerts. Check out the photo and read the five clues then enter your guess in the comments below.   This mystery destination is a 640 acre city park that features hiking and biking trails, recreational opportunities and a famous outdoor concert venue. The most noted geologic feature in this park is two large monoliths. Both of the monoliths are taller than […]

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ABO Gear Giveaway and Brand Spotlight

ABO Gear

**Congratulations to Nathan who won this ABO Gear Giveaway. Check out our current giveaway here: Outdoor Gear Giveaway** We all love our dogs. They make great hiking buddies and companions in the outdoors. Sierra Trading Posts has great deals on clothing, shoes and outdoor gear for you but did you know we also sell products for your doggie friends too? One of our favorite pet brands is ABO Gear. Keep reading to enter our gear giveaway. ABO Gear (or Australia Beach Outdoor) is based in Decatur, Georgia. The company’s mission is to make outdoor life more comfortable. They’ve done this […]

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Animal Encounters: 5 Quick Tips

Animal Encounters - Bear

We hike. We bike. We ski. And we’re thrilled when we get to experience wildlife. It’s a real privilege to see a bald eagle soar through the sky, watch a black bear pick berries on the other side of the meadow or spy a moose munch soft willows on the riverbank. Those encounters are great reminders of why we got out in the first place. We’ve all heard of horror stories and seen people take unreasonable risk to get “just a little closer” to a bison in Yellowstone National Park or moose spotted on a popular loop hike. Jeff Obrecht […]

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Leave No Trace: California Marine Conservation

sea anenome

When in California and other coastal states you may plan to hike, swim, or just play at the beach. It’s hard to deny the scenic beauty of the Pacific Ocean where you can walk along the water’s edge or on the towering cliffs above, surf the waves, kayak tiny coves, and explore hidden caves. California even has designated underwater parks off shore where you can scuba and snorkel to take in the sights many never see. The Pacific wilderness is vast and amazing. The ocean is a wonderful place to find recreational adventure and also a place that needs protection […]

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Share Your Adventure Photo Contest: March Winners

SYAP thumb

At Sierra Trading Post, we know that sharing your photos from a big adventure is often the best part, that’s why we created the Share Your Adventure Photo Contest. It’s easy to enter this monthly contest and three winners take home a Sierra Trading Post eGift Card valued at $200, $150 or $100. Each month, we pick the finalists then we have our Facebook Fans pick the winner. What a great opportunity to show off that amazing backpacking trip, climbing trip or visit to the desert. You can enter your photo here: Share Your Adventure Photo Contest. Check out the […]

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Things Your Injured Friends Want You to Do (Or NOT Do)

Recovering from injury

You don’t know what to say. You’re at a loss of what to do. So you stick with the standard safe thing and fumble your way through something generic to comfort your injured friend before trying to make your escape, having paid your duty to them. I get it. After being on the flip side — injured on the couch for 3 months with a torn ACL/MCL/meniscus and another 7 months of recovery to go — I’ve learned that I’ve done the “supportive friend” thing all wrong. You probably do, too. So, to make it easy for you, I’ve compiled 21 of […]

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Mystery Waterfalls

Photo by David Smith

Everybody loves waterfalls. There is one water fall that is extremely well-known for its blue-green waters and beautiful pools. That particular waterfall is the subject of this week’s Mystery Destination. You know how to play, read the clues, look at the photo and enter your guess in the comments below. It consists of one main chute that drops over a 90-foot to 100-foot vertical cliff into a large pool. Due to the high mineral content of the water, the configuration of the falls is ever-changing and sometimes breaks into two separate chutes of water. The falls are known for their […]

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Gibbon Slackline Giveaway

Gibbon Slackline

Started by climbers trying to kill time, slacklining has grown in popularity on college campuses, city parks and in campgrounds. From simple balancing to cool tricks, slacklines can improve balance and lead to a great core workout. Keep reading to learn about Gibbon Slacklines and enter to win your own at the bottom of this post. Gibbon Slacklines is located in Boulder, Colo.,They focus on making high-quality, easy-to-use slacklines. Their slacklines are built with strong webbing and smooth ratchet systems with safety lock features. Simply find two trees or posts and set up a slackline nearly anywhere. Photo Courtesy of […]

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Why You Should Start Climbing, Immediately!

Climbing Shoes

**This guest post is from Paula Mahlburg. Join Paula and the #STPLive chat 4pm MDT Thursday 4/3/14 as we talk about taking on new sports, like climbing!** I tend to be a do first, ask questions later kind of person. So when I decided that I wanted to learn to rock climb a couple of years ago, I went out and did the most logical thing I could think of: buying a pair of $125 climbing shoes with absolutely no climbing experience! A few weeks after my shoe purchase, I traveled out to Virginia to visit my brother, a climber, […]

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Hiking in the Mud: Great Spring Hiking

Mud Hiking

Ahhh spring. You’ve got to love spring hiking. As the snow disappears and the daytime temperatures finally reach levels comfortable enough to show a little skin, we all catch the urge to head out to the trails. If you’re hitting the hiking trails this spring, keep these three things in mind. Mud is your friend: The biggest thing people complain about with spring hiking is hiking in the mud. It’s dirty. It’s messy. It sticks to your boots. So what, isn’t getting dirty part of the fun of experiencing the outdoors? Remember, It’s best to walk right through the middle […]

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Customize the Fit of Your Running Shoes With These Lacing Techniques

running shoe lacing techniques

Nothing is more important than comfortable fitting running shoes. Did you know that you can customize the fit of your running shoes by using different lacing techniques? Try these running shoe lacing techniques to improve your comfort level on your next workout. Lock Lacing- Prevents Heel Slippage Lock lacing your running shoes will help prevent heel slippage. Start by lacing your shoes normally until the lace ends emerge from the second set of eyelets. Feed the laces up each side and into the top eyelet towards the foot. Now cross laces over, and feed each under the vertical section of […]

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Ampitheaters, Hoodoos and Clear Skies: Name this Park

Mystery Destination

You’ve gotten pretty good at guessing our Mystery Destinations. From rivers, mountains and trails to national parks, we’ve featured many popular outdoor destinations. This week we’ve got another beautiful national park. Check out the photos, read the 5 clues below then enter the name of this national park in the comments below. Despite the park’s name, it’s not a canyon but a collection of giant natural amphitheaters. The area became a national monument in 1923 and was designated as a national park in 1928. The park covers 35,835 acres and receives relatively few visitors compared to other parks in the […]

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ASICS Brand Spotlight and Giveaway

ASICS Running Shoes

***Congratulations to Karen V.! Her fitness journey inspired us, and we’re giving her a pair of Asics! Thanks for your comments! Be sure to check out this week’s Brand Spotlight right here on the Hub!*** The days are getting longer and your excuse for not taking a run after work has gone away. If you’re getting into a spring fitness kick, you might want to consider the shape of your running shoes. One brand that’s been leading the industry in comfortable athletic shoes is ASICS. Keep reading to enter our ASICS giveaway at the bottom of this post. Roughly translated […]

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A First Hike With Kids

first hike with kids

I often receive comments from friends, family and passersby about having such a young child in the outdoors hiking and camping, and I find it strange that people think it’s strange. Considering the passion we have for our outdoor lifestyle, I can’t imagine it any other way.  Now that J-Man, my son, isn’t an infant those comments have fallen to the wayside but when he was younger I felt like we were aliens from the looks and comments we would receive. I’m hoping with the exposure of our adventures with J-Man and others who are venturing out with their young […]

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Top Homemade Energy Bar Recipes

best energy bars

A quick energy filled snack is just what you need for a hike, run or day in the outdoors. We recently did a six part series featuring our favorite homemade energy bar recipes. From no-bake Peanut Butter Trail Mix Bars to Chocolate Covered Cherry Bars, we’ve got a few recipes you’ll want to try. Favorite Homemade Energy Bar Recipes Bright-N-Early Esspresso Bars Need a jolt of energy to get moving in the morning? Try these delicious energy bars sure to give you the energy you need to tackle that hike or cover those miles. Full Recipe: Esspresso Bar Recipe Honey […]

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Mistakes in the Outdoors: We’ve All Done it

Photo by Max Kaufman

Outdoor adventures rule. Getting away from the stress of your job for a few hours on the trail, some time on a climbing route or submersed in the backcountry is good for the soul but you’ve got to have the right outdoor skills or be with the right people to stay safe. Once in a while we all make mistakes in the backcountry. Maybe we get lost, forget to bring water, or put ourselves in danger, whatever it is we can all learn from others’ mistakes. Even seasoned outdoors people have stories about their biggest mistakes in the outdoors. Just […]

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A Chilly Water Experience: My Biggest Outdoor Mistake

Chilly Water : Outdoor Mistakes

Growing up in an active outdoor family, moving to Colorado as a teenager and being willing to try new things has put me in many different situations. Sometimes everything goes smooth and other times we make mistakes in the outdoors. We can learn from these mistakes and help others to enjoy the outdoors in a safe way by sharing our stories. We’ve asked our #STPLive Twitter Chat Community to share their outdoor mistakes, check out their posts here: Mistakes in the Outdoors. Join the #STPLive Twitter Chat 6pm EDT/3pm PDT Thursday 3/27 when we will talk about mistakes in the […]

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Lessons Learned: 3 Nights Without A Sleeping Bag

Lessons from backpacking

***We’ve all made mistakes in the outdoors. Sometimes those mistakes lead to an uncomfortable night, a little hunger pain and sometimes it puts us in actual danger. Chris shares the below story of 3 nights he’s slept without a sleeping bag. Check back on Monday when other bloggers will share their outdoor mistakes. Hopefully we can all learn from each others mistakes and stay safe in the outdoors.*** Out of all the outdoor activities I participated in as a child, backpacking never came up. However, I was beyond excited when a few of my college buddies asked if I wanted […]

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Mystery Destination: A Passage for a Great Climb

Climbing Route

We’ve been featuring a different mystery destination here on Sierra Trading Post’s blog each week for over a year. The destinations have included national parks, state parks, mountains, rivers, bike races, hiking trails and more. This week the correct answer is the name of a popular hole in the wall on a very popular hiking route. Look at the photo and read the clues below then enter your guess in the comments below. This hole in the rock is the namesake of the most popular route used for climbing a 14,259 foot high peak. This spot is located within a […]

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Vasque Hiking Boot Giveaway and Brand Spotlight

vasque hiking boots

The snow is melting, mud is drying and the hiking trails are calling. Before you start racking up the miles you might want to assess the state of your hiking footwear. Sturdy well-built hiking boots or hiking shoes will make all the difference on the trail. Keep reading as we feature Vasque Footwear in this week’s Brand Spotlight and be sure to enter to win a pair of Vasque Boots or shoes in our giveaway below. Vasque’s roots go back to 1965 when founder William D. Sweasy traveled to Europe where mountaineering was quickly gaining popularity. He set his focus […]

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How to Make an Awesome Bucket List

Photo by Michael Mezher

As Ferris Bueller said, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” He’s right. Life goes fast and it seems to go faster and faster the older you get. A full-time job, family responsibilities and an addiction to the TV can suck up all of your time and you can miss out on the adventures you’d really like to experience. Don’t wake up one day and feel like you’ve wasted your life. Plan now. Make a bucket list and do the things you really want to do. Paul Osborn’s […]

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Hiking Boots vs. Trail Runners

Hiking Boots vs. Trail Runners

Whether you are a short day-hiker, overnight backpacker or long distance thru-hiker, the appropriate hiking footwear will make a big difference in your comfort on the trail. Many hikers have abandoned the big heavy hiking boots in favor of lighter weight trail running shoes. When you decide which type of hiking shoe is right for you it’s important to weigh the advantages of each. Hiking Boots Hiking boots come in a few different types. You’ll find light hikers, midweight hiking boots and mountaineering boots. Hiking boots have the following advantages: High ankle support Harder more durable rubber tread Stiffer sole […]

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Pumpkin Spice Energy Bar Recipe

Pumpkin Spice Energy Bar

Great tasting energy bars aren’t that difficult to make at home. We’ve featured many no-bake energy bar recipes in the last few weeks and we’ve got another great tasting option below. The Pumpkin Spice Energy Bar tastes great, it’s healthy and it will fuel your body for any adventure. Watch this quick video or scroll down for the full recipe. Pumpkin Spice Energy Bar Microwave 1/2 Cup of Honey for 15 seconds. Add 3 Tablespoons Brown Sugar 1/2 Teaspoon Ground Cinnamon 1/2 Teaspoon Ground Nutmeg 1/4 Teaspoon Ground Ginger 1/8 Teaspoon Ground Cloves 1 Teaspoon Vanilla Extract Add the following […]

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