• Bellyak: A New Water Sport at OR

    We all know that Stand Up Paddle Boards are big right now. Outdoor Retailer brought back the SUP zone again for this summer's trade show. I talked to Keith Bolen, east coast distributor for Naish. He said, "SUP is not going anywhere. It is the fastest growing water sport."

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    While it is clear by the number of SUP manufacturers at OR that Standup Paddle Boards are here to stay, I learned about a new way to enjoy an afternoon on the water. It is called Bellyaking and it is a fun new way for river running. You can sit on it, sit on your knees, or lay on your belly. It is similar to a boogie board except it is made for rivers and it keeps your legs up and out of the water.

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    The boats are designed in Asheville, NC by a 2 year old company called Bellyak. The owners say that there is a very short learning curve and it is very easy for beginners to hop right in and have some fun. There are currently two models available and a children's version is on it way.

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    Basically, a Bellyak is similar to a kayak in shape which allows for quick direction changes but unlike a kayak there are no straps or skirts to confine you and no need for a paddle. The Bellyak was designed to handle Class 3 and 4 rapids and is a fun new way to play in the river. I didn't try it but it looks like a lot of fun. What do you think?
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