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  1. Dan Human's Avatar
    @Beren - looking at the long range forecast it looks promising for a few feet of snow. Usually I use December to get in shape for January mountaineering, so it may be a slow start on the snowshoes this year. Maybe some year, I'll be able to afford to fly where the snow is.

    @smerkle - Though I knew geographically where the thumb of the state of Wisconsin was, I looked up your area. The "Door Country" looks really nice- kind of reminds me of parts of U.P. Michigan and a little of the St Lawrence Seaway. Good snowshoeing to you!
  2. Beren's Avatar
    Thanks Dan! Hopefully the snow will be better in January!
  3. Steph's Avatar
    We usually do our snowshoeing up in Rowlings Bay, Wisconsin. You know, the thumb of the state.