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14-Year-Old Dutch Girl Wins Right to Sail World

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by on 08-03-2010 at 09:35 AM (455 Views)
laura-dekker-sailboatLaura Dekker, the 14-year-old girl who has been barred from sailing around the world by herself, has just won the right to have her adventure.

The Dutch court that seized control of the teen to prevent her from taking the harrowing trip has relinquished it, ruling Dekker is finally fully prepared and set to sail.

"I was so happy I almost jumped into the water," the teen gushed, after hearing the court's decision.

Dekker, who was born on a yacht in the South Pacific, knows her way around a sailboat. But the judge wasn't convinced she was adequately prepared to embark on such a potentially harrowing journey. After the original court ruling last year, Dekker and her father set out to appease the judge by further preparing Dekker for the voyage. Dekker is now trained in first aid, knows how to suture her own wounds, and how to deal with sleep deprivation. She also got a bigger boat - a twin-mast yacht named Guppy - with better safety and navigation equipment and arranged to bring home schooling materials with her on the trip.

"I'm not really afraid, everything is really prepared on my boat," the young Dutch sailor said of the prospect of encountering everything from towering waves to Somali pirates.

What do you think? Is Dekker finally ready to sail around the world by herself?

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