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by on 04-28-2012 at 05:35 AM (728 Views)
Well, when I'm not browsing for new gear at great prices on the STP, (no, that's not soft toilet paper... although that's a good idea) I'm making plans for getting outside.

It looks like it's paying off as I've got a bunch of fun activities planned for the next few weeks. Some of these are updates, some maybe new to you.

Next Thursday I'm planning on hitting some trails up near Sedro Wooley, Washington... that's right, near the big mt. Baker. It's something small, but it will be my first solo overnighter. I usually prefer to hike solo, so it will be a big change. I'll try to post a gear list closer to the date, but it will be definitely be a lighter trip. I don't know the weather so I will be playing it somewhat safe. There aren't any formal campsites so I'll have to be somewhat adventurous. Oh and will definitely bring some STP... you heard me.

After that, in a bit over a week I'll be heading up to BC, Canada for a bit of a survival trip in potentially snowy mountains. I'm definitely bringing my SOL Survival Pak Which is an older version of the SOL Scout I believe. In addition SOG has given me a hatchet and Aegis folder to take with me. There'll be two of us, so I'll probably pack another multi-tool for my dad and an extra emergency blanket. That and probably a small plastic drop sheet.

I will be making sure I bring a backup kit for emergency, as well as my new SPOT messenger. Head over to my blog next week as I will be posting an active map of my latest GPS check-in!

Fast forward to the 15th when I head to Bolivia for some more outdoor adventures. I'll be hitting the World's most dangerous road on Mountain Bike, and after that I'll be hitting some trails leading up to some mountaineering!

This has been in the works for a long time and I'm glad it's finally coming to pass. So, What are your plans for this summer? Thought about the John Muir Trail? I'm thinknig about hitting it next July (2013) with some other outdoors adventures I've come to know.

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  1. Beren's Avatar
    Sounds like you've got some great trips lined up. Bolivia sounds awesome. So is that Yungas Road that you're going to be mountain biking on? Yikes! I read on Wikipedia that 18 cyclists have perished on the road since 1998. Stay safe!

  2. bcoutdoors's Avatar
    thanks beren. It is the same road, but with the amount that cycle it daily, it's statistically insignificant. That's what I tell my mum anyway
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