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Brand Spotlight on The North Face (+ win some!)

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by on 07-14-2011 at 08:32 AM (7663 Views)
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Update: Congrats to hmommy. You had the winning comment! Nice work!

It's that time of week again— time for the Thursday brand spotlight! Up this week is one of our favorite brands here at Sierra Trading Post: The North Face. Are you a fan? Want to win some? Read a little more about this great company, leave us a comment, and you just might score a freebie!

Always Exploring, Pushing the Limits
The North Face lives by a simple ethos: "Never stop exploring." It's an ideal so many outdoor athletes live by, so it makes sense that one of the most respected brands in the
outdoor industry would follow the same creed.

Why The North Face? In the northern hemisphere, the north face of the mountain is almost always the most difficult to ascend, a challenge alpine climbers take very seriously. Often in mountaineering the most challenging route has the most to offer. The North Face shares this mindset, and pushes its research & development gurus to create products that will take performance and reliability to the next level.

Aside from promoting the adventure lifestyle, The North Face sponsors dozens of expeditions and outdoor events, as well as some of the world's best athletes. As a company, The North Face is also keenly interested in sustainability, and partners with both and BICEP to raise awareness of climate change and create sustainable solutions for a better future.

What does "Never Stop Exploring" mean to you? Tell us, and you could win The North Face product of your choice!

P.S. We encourage you to comment via a SocialHub profile. It's much easier for us to notify you if you've won, and signup is free!

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