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Product Review: The Brooks Cascadia 6 Trail Running shoes

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by on 07-25-2012 at 10:50 AM (826 Views)
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( Hello wonky Colors)

Its early morning, about 1:00 AM we’ll say. My backpack is packed and I have to make a short walk to a buddy’s house to catch the carpool up to Longs Peak. My feet scream and hiss like a cat is being held over a bathtub as I begin to slip them into my hiking boots. As I do this, I glance over at a brand new pair of Brooks Cascadia 6 Trail Running shoes just sitting in their box. I contemplate for a minute, toss the hiking boots back in the closet and throw on the Cascadia’s. Now, I see the folly in taking a new pair shoes up Longs, but I have never been known for following the “norm.”

Fast forward a few hours.

Minus the torn calf muscle (previous injury), I’m feeling great. I’m light, moving fast and in the groove. The Cascadia’s are living up the their reputation. But, the true test has yet to come. The crew and I have yet to tackle the “trough” and the “narrows”. With a mix of class 4-5 scrambling, ice, exposure and mass amounts of people. These two places can and have killed climbers. I might regret my decision to wear the Cascadia’s. I dig in and go for it.

There is ice, loose rock and people. Yet, the trail running tread of the Cascadia’s moves over and handles the conditions with the traction and stability that could rival that of the best 4-wheeling tires.

We summit, we high five, we take pictures and then start our descend.

True, I did take a chance wearing an untested pair of shoes up Longs. But, can you think of a better test? I can’t. After all was said and done, I loved the Cascadia’s so much, I decided to train in them for my marathon.

The Pros:
• Weight (pair): 1 lb. 8 oz.
• Stability
• Forefoot ballistic rock shield ( its works, trust me)
• The aggressive traction.

The Cons:
• The color opinions…..
• They run small, so pay attention when ordering!!

The pointless:
• The gusseted tongue. What’s the point of having a gusseted tongue in a below the ankle shoe? I say scrap it and save a few ounces.

To put it simply, I’m in the Cascadia’s almost everyday and I love them. As long as Brooks keeps making the Cascadia’s, I’ll own a pair. I’ll even deal with the wonky colors.

Like always, enjoy what you can, while you can and stay safe out there.


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