ExOfficio Giveaway and Brand Spotlight

ExOfficio Giveaway

**Congratulations to Terri who was selected as the winner. If you didn’t win this giveaway be sure to enter our latest Brand Spotlight Giveaway.**

Are you planning to travel this spring or summer? Whether you are visiting foreign countries, checking out beautiful scenery or simply out for the adventure, you’ll want your travel clothing to protect you from the elements yet be very comfortable to wear. Keep reading to learn a little about ExOfficio and enter our ExOfficio Giveaway.

ExOfficio began in 1987 when the company’s founders discovered the need for comfortable travel clothing that performed like gear. Since the beginning, every piece of ExOffico clothing has been designed to be as functional as possible. Their clothing is designed to breathe, wick moisture, repel insects, block the sun, resist wind and shed water.

Exofficio Travel Clothing

Through intelligent design, Exofficio carefully combines great style with amazing functionality. They believe that clothing should look great but should also perform to keep you comfortable on the go. We obviously love ExOfficio but what do they think about Sierra Trading Post?

“STP is a treasured find for the consumer looking for a great value. There should be an award for STP because you are one of the most honorable, ethical, and value-oriented businesses in the world.” Steve Bendzak, General Manager, ExOfficio

Top Products from ExOfficio

ExOfficio Giveaway

1. ExOfficio Roughian Hooded Sweater – Wool Blend (For Men) – This lightweight sweater is crafted in a pieced construction of a cozy wool blend with an ultrasoft, brushed interior.

2. ExOfficio Bugsaway Breez’r Sun Bucket Hat – Insect Shield® – ExOfficio’s Bugsaway Breez’r Sun bucket hat provides UPF 30+ sun protection, wicks moisture, dries quickly and keeps the bugs away with invisible, odorless Insect Shield®.

3. ExOfficio Sol Cool Jersey T-Shirt – UPF 50+, Long Sleeve – ExOfficio’s Sol Cool T-shirt is ready to take on heat and put it in its place. Its specially ventilated fabric blocks and disperses thermal radiation, and helps control odor, wick perspiration, and protect from damaging UV rays.

4. ExOfficio Boracade Vest – Soft Shell – with a stretchy, soft shell design, DWR-treated fabric and plenty of storage space, you’ll be set wherever you go.

5. ExOfficio Jandiggity Fleece Hoodie Sweatshirt – ExOfficio’s Jandiggity Fleecehoodie sweatshirt has a thermal grid texture that’s treated for quick-drying, wicking performance.

6. ExOfficio Air Strip Shirt – Short Sleeve- ExOfficio’s Air Strip shirt is superlight, engineered for cool airflow, seam-finished for strength and designed to wick sweat and dry quickly.

ExOfficio Giveaway

Would you like to get your hands on a new product from ExOfficio? Simply leave us a comment below letting us know where you are planning to explore this summer.

Would you like to double your odds of winning this ExOfficio Giveaway? Share this link on Facebook, Twitter or other social sites then comment again to let us know where you shared it.

We will pick one winner to receive the ExOfficio product of their choice. That is any ExOfficio product currently available on Sierra Trading Post (Check the Giveaway Terms and Conditions for any exclusions). The winner will be contacted by email and announced on the blog on Thursday 3/28/13.

Save Some Money on ExOfficio at Sierra Trading Post

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Andy Hawbaker
Andy is a hiker, backpacker, snowboarder and outdoor fanatic. When he isn't exploring the Rocky Mountains with his wife and daughters he shares his adventures here on the Sierra SocialHub.

282 comments on “ExOfficio Giveaway and Brand Spotlight

    1. Beverly

      I have to get my currently sick child outside for short trips to speed his healing from Lyme Disease. I love that ExOfficio clothes are so classy they look good on a hike and in a restaurant.

  1. Gillian Bliss

    There is still so much to explore in my home state of CO. Hoping to get out and do some camping and fishing this year.

  2. Josh dV

    Most likely making a return to New Mexico. I’m looking forward to running the trails atop the Sandia Mountians once again!

  3. beck

    I am in school and have to stay relatively close to home this spring but plan on hitting up some overnight spring hikes in the white mountains this year. Then hopefully back to Scotland for some munrobagging in the fall!

  4. Laura Borsecnik

    I am pretty broke this year, so the dog and I plan to hike to waterfalls in the Santa Monica mountains.

  5. Danny Gassaway

    Myself and my girlfriend hike in the Turkey Mountain area around Tulsa. We don’t have a lot of money and I really want her to have a pair of adequate trail shoes because shes out there in her running shoes. Its not safe and she can’t get nearly the traction that I can with my old Brooks.

  6. Wanda

    Planning to visit softball fields all over the east coast for my niece’s games. The SPF gear would be helpful.

  7. Aimee O.

    The entire extended family is planning to hike Mt. Washington together. A few of us have done it in the past (long, long ago), but we thought it would be a blast to have everyone hike it at the same time. What a memorable and fabulous bonding experience! Can’t wait!

  8. barbara

    I am visiting the California coast this summer and ex-officio makes the perfect travel clothes for field expiditions and nice town wear.

  9. jenny carkner

    My family and I hike and explore the Pacific Northwest. Ex Officio products are great quality and I buy them often.

  10. Melinda Woods

    Planning to visit Washington State to move our daughter into a new home. Exploring Mt. Ranier is at the top of our list!

  11. Landon faulkner

    Headed to Laramie to check out their law school and going to spend some time on some rocks climbing and doing a little hiking.

  12. Maggie

    We were planning a trip to Glacier, but had to reschedule that for next year and are heading to Shenandoah instead. I can’t wait!

  13. Ezio

    I will be spending 12 weeks for work hiking across Adak Island in Alaska, and then will do some hiking with the family around Vail, CO.

  14. Randal

    I travel alot for work as a humanitarian and live abroad and I purchase Exofficio attire all of the time. I should be in, S Sudan, Kenya, UAE, Laos and Zanzibar over the next few months. I sure could use some new clothing.

  15. Lindsey

    summer will be filled with exploring the woods and beach time with my 2 and 6 year old boys – maybe even the 2 year old’s first camping trip!

  16. jean serino

    I am going out into my new backyard this summer. Just moved to Clemson SC. Looking forward to seeing Georgia, Tennessee and North Carolina!

  17. Matthew

    I love Ex-Officio clothing! Hiking out West this spring! Will be outdoors as much as possible after this LONG Wisconsin winter.

  18. Jenni

    I am blessed to have mountains rivers and the wilds of nature to raise my children just at my back door. Motorcycles, Horses, Camping, fishing, rafting and hunting you name it we are finding ways around the craziness of life to incorporate our recreational activities.

  19. Dan

    I love your Trip’R shirts for when I travel or hike or both. They are so versatile. Easy to clean, lightweight, quick drying, and fashionably cut. Your shirts and shorts are my go to clothes when I go travelling. Your long sleeve nylon Trip’R Check shirts are dressy enough that I have eaten at pretty nice restaurants while travelling with none the wiser.

    Yes, they tend to be a little pricier for us budget conscious, but I have found that the quality of the shirt outlasts my cheap shirts 3 to 1, yet I use your shirts 3 times more than my others. What is awesome is that when I travel, I can pack as small as a 20-25L pack for weeks worth of comfortable wear.

  20. Craig

    I will be traveling to Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Germany this summer. It would be fantastic to have some new clothing for travel. They would go perfect in the cooler weather.

  21. Leslie

    Spending 2-3 weeks in the Eastern Sierras of California, always need new fashionable gear to hike, bike and camp.

  22. Paul Kornblueh

    I love ex-officio, have since the first time I saw it when I was working in NYC best outdoor store. I’ll be going to Iceland.

  23. Julaine Pettis

    Taking my daughter to WA DC this summer, but also camping and hiking in our beautiful Olympic Mountains in WA state.

  24. Tawnie Bailey

    Love to take our pup and our kiddos hiking at Tubbs Hill and Canfield Mountain in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

  25. Julie Joy

    I’m planning on exploring around the Garmisch area in Germany this summer – maybe even into Austria, Dolomites too!

  26. Mer

    I’m excited to explore Portugal this summer – Lisbon, Porto and then some glorious days on the Algarve coast!

  27. Rich Dortch

    I’m doing a 2 month tour of every state west of the Mississippi except CO (already spent time there).

  28. Rhonda S. Tenderholt

    We plan on going to Yosemite in May. I haven’t been there for at least 18 years and my 2 sons have never been there. This product sounds like it would be great to have while in Yosemite. Thank you for the giveaway.

  29. Rhonda S. Tenderholt

    I shared on facebook. https://www.facebook.com/rhonda.phillipstenderholt/posts/148004085368224

  30. Leslie Dugger

    I was planning a 3 week trip to India and Nepal this Fall that has been postponed so I’m taking a 3 week trip riding my Harley from California to Milwaukee for Harley’s 110th anniversary. Because space is severely limited, my ExOfficio clothing will definitely be packed in my bag.

  31. Rita Leicester

    Staying close to home is no hardship when you live in Wyooming. Plan on doing lots of canoeing and fishing in nearby lakes.

  32. Lea

    Well…. This summer we will stick close to home and do all the local San Diego hikes and attractions… But Ex Officio clothes last so long, I’m sure I’ll still be able to bring it along with me next year for beach time in the Philippines and then the following year to hike Cinque Terre! Yay for durable, comfy and still STYLISH travel and sports clothes!

  33. Nancy N.

    I just moved my two horses to a facility that is located at the trailhead of a large Western WA trail system. I can’t wait to explore the trails on horseback! I’m also planning to go on several rides in the Cascade Mountains and one on the WA Coast this Summer. :-)

  34. Nancy

    I will be exploring the PCT thru the state of Washington. Can’t wait! My ExOfficio shirt made it 2200 miles last summer on the PCT……can’t ask for more than that:)

  35. Ryan

    We are going to Hawaii this year for our 10 year anniversary to do a renewal of vows. We haven’t really gone on vacation since we got married. Our children have never been. I am excited for them. There will be plenty of opportunity to explore the amazing sights of the big island while we are there.

  36. michael krukowski

    Just planning the summer, with some long weekends to do 5K runs and a hiking trip to the Appalachians. Possibly Ireland (or am I dreaming).
    These are great products. For me, it would be the first sign of spring.

  37. Lori Thornton

    Had major foot surgery 6 months ago, so I am rarin’ to go this summer! Plan on hiking in Utah–Zion National Park, and Bryce Canyon! Can’t wait :D

  38. Tyson Carpenter

    We live near the Tetons so we explore a lot of that every summer, but this year we also plan to travel to the Washington to spend some time on the sound.

  39. Colleen

    This year I plan to explore more of my home state Wisconsin. I will also be traveling to Michigan and Minnesota. Next year maybe the Netherlands!

  40. Chrissie O

    I plan on exploring the Pacific Ocean off the Baja Coast, would be really nice to have a new piece of ExOfficio gear.

  41. Elizabeth Minton

    Planning on backpacking several of the taller mountains in Oregon and then heading up the Alcan and backpacking in Alaska.

  42. Ben Barr

    I can probably guess that it may not be too far from home as Mt. Katahdin and Baxter State Park are within easy striking distance.

  43. Amanda

    I’m looking forward to exploring more of my new(ish) home state, Arizona! There is a lot more than desert in Arizona – great mountains as well.

  44. Megan

    A cross country road trip – going wherever the road takes me! Definitely hitting Moab, Boulder, and hoping to make it to the West Coast!

  45. Erin Warden

    My husband and I are going to Alaska in late August. I have been wanting to go to Alaska for about 13 yrs. I was supposed to go last June, but ended up having to cancel at the last minute and then later turned my ticket in to two tickets for my husband and I to fly to Fl to get married. He promised we could go to Alaska this year for our 1 year and so that I can have my dream come true.

  46. Andy Gerken

    When I am not exploring my front yard (the Olympics) or my back yard (the Cascades) I am hiking in Central America. I will be heading to El Slvador this Summer.

  47. Rachael

    I’ll be staying in Minnesota this year exploring mainly the Superior Hiking Trail. I imagine I’ll make it up to Itasca State Park in Minnesota also for some exploring and I dream of making it up to Pigeon River on the MN/Canadian border for a day hike. I’d also like to get a group of teen girls together from the Youth Group I work with to go with me on some sort of camping/backpacking adventure.

  48. arik barnes

    hi :)
    i discoverd ExOfficio in the sierra tradin post website (shipping to israel too :) and i love it!
    this spring i’m getting married and going to spend our honeymoon hikin in Georgia next t the black sea.

  49. Dan

    Currently planning a ~3 week road trip from Ohio to Yosemite with my kid brother. Looking forward to stopping by the Badlands, Yellowstone and Bryce Canyon and camping all along the way!

  50. Rebecca Brewer

    We have lots of easy day trips close to home that are easy to take our three kids (2 toddlers), rivers and canyons.

  51. Lois

    Hiking, mountain biking, canoeing and otherwise frolicking on our second annual family camping trip at Douthat State Park:)

  52. Erin Landis

    I will be travelling to Ireland, for three weeks this summer! I would love new clothes for when I’m travelling and exploring the beautiful countryside!

  53. Sniff Deeply Slurp Loudly

    This June my husband and I are having our first child. We would like to get our little man used to the outdoors as soon as possible, so we are thinking of staying at KOA’s as we drive out west to visit family & friends.

  54. troy kelcher

    Planning on hitting the PCT, the wife has the ruoghian, no hood, so I need to one-up with the men’s hooded roughian!

  55. Dana Sahm

    Planning another solo backpacking trip to the Yosemite backcountry. I could really use some new hiking duds.

  56. Diana

    Leaving for a safari in Kenya in two weeks.
    Have purchased a couple of ExOfficio items for this trek.
    Hoping they live up to their standards.

  57. Carolyn N

    I will be exploring Oysterville WA and then up to the Olympic Peninsula and National Park. I have never visited the WA coast, rather we always vacationed on the northern Oregon Coast.

  58. Alexa F.

    My work finds me in a redwood forest in California all summer educating youth daily and maintenance on bird-only islands at the wildlife refuge… so that’s where I’ll be exploring. Plus, other local hiking and backpacking areas for non-work exploring.

  59. Brian Wilson

    I’m heading back to Uganda for the third year in a row. Two weeks in a remote village working with Empower a Child (www.empower-a-child.org).

  60. Bur Zeratsky

    I’ll be wearing ex officio as part of a team of volunteers battling buckthorn and other invasives on Green Lake Conservancy properties in Wisconsin, assuming that Spring ever arrives!

  61. Lydia Plaster

    I will do some fishing on Lake Orovile in California as well as a trip to McCloud for some camping and fishing. I love the falls on the McCloud River.

  62. Tim Ahlstrom

    I am going to circumnavigate Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado on The Grand Loop. It is 43 miles of trails I will be exploring for the first time. Would love to have ExOfficio there with me!

  63. Steven Fenster

    Moving to Durango, Colorado this summer. Looking to explore all the beautiful scenery in the area.

  64. Ken Miracle

    Idaho adventures this summer .. kicking of with a Photo workshop in the Kootenai valley in the north …. photo shoot and fishing at The Nature Conservancies Flat Creek Preserve in the east … fishing and flatwater kayaking and grand kid time in McCall … a float trip down the Middle Fork of the Salmon River and a Land Rover adventure in the Sun Valley area … and lots of fly fishing, hiking, photography and volunteering with the The Nature Conservancy, Idaho Rivers United and other conservation minded groups when I am around home in Boise.

  65. Denise O'Hagan

    Will be taking my boys to Maryland where my husband’s Uncle will be taking them on a week long history trip. They will be going to West Point then to Lake George and then into Canada. While they are having fun my Husband and I will be having our own vacation. Staying mostly in Washington DC and then on to NYC to visit family . :)

  66. Diane Starner-Gillespie

    We’ll be attending the Chino and Reno Air Shows as well as exploring the Lake Tahoe area some more. Need to get in more hiking and fishing in one of the world’s most beautiful places! It would be so nice to have some clothing that blocks the sun!

  67. Diane Starner-Gillespie

    We’ll be attending the Chino and Reno Air Shows as well as exploring the Lake Tahoe area. Need to get in more hiking and fishing in one of the world’s most beautiful places! It would be great to have some UPF clothes to protect my fair skin from the sun!

  68. Diane

    We’ll be attending the Chino and Reno Air Shows and exploring the Lake Tahoe area. Need to get in more hiking and fishing in one of the world’s most beautiful places! It would be nice to have some UPF clothes to protect my fair skin from the sun!

  69. Kim Deal

    I am going to Makutano in Kenya on a medical mission trip. This trip will take place in June. I am looking for clothing that will travel well. It will be the rainy season. Looking forward to using my nursing skills for the benefit of this village and open to learning from the people there. It will be a great adventure.

  70. Wendy Mulligan

    Going exploring in Russia this summer with my mom. I’ll need dependable gear for all kinds of weather!

  71. Garth Tino

    Trips to Escalante, the Tetons, and the Bay Area to start. I love my give and go boxer briefs, never go out without them.

  72. Colleen Barrett

    Plan to explore Northern Wisconsin, sea kayaking the sea caves near Bayfield, WI and camping on Madelyn Island in the Apostle Islands on Lake Superior. Day hikes around the St. Croix River and all around enjoying the summer in Minnesota and Wisconsin … if summer ever comes. This has been the Winter without end here in Minneapolis.

  73. Lisa L

    You would see my daughter walking across her college campus sporting an Exofficio jacket :)

    Tweeted it out for you! https://twitter.com/ldcl35/status/314955006400925696

  74. Lisa

    I am hoping to climb a few bigger peaks in Oregon this summer. On my short list is the Middle Sister, Mt. McLaughlin, the Black Crater, Mt Yoran, and the Eagle Cap. I am hoping for at least 4 of them… We shall see how this adventure season plays out.

  75. Sean G

    My friends and I made it a point that 2013 we will backpack. Need to return to Yosemite, do part of the PCT, Kings Canyon, and because i need some timelapse footage, Joshua tree in August. Though we probably wont backpack that last one…

  76. Jeremiah H

    This summer I’ll be completing an internship with the National Forest’s and also earning my Leave No Trace Master Educator certificate.

  77. Ryan Davies

    I will be going to 14 national parks, 16 national forests , five National Scenic Trails, 10 National Historic Trails, and 23 National Recreation areas on the American Discovery Trail.

  78. Becky

    Love some new duds while exploring the marsh where I work, the peaks of the ADKS and NC beach and pine woods with family…in addition to our great local parks and open spaces.

  79. terri

    As I sit at my desk at work wearing my ExOfficio super-soft and snuggly scarf and wishing for SPRING that should have BEEN HERE BY NOW, I’m looking forward to a June trip to Wyoming with my true love. A dear friend of his with whom he proudly served in the Mike Force in Vietnam runs a hunting outfit there. We’ll be getting out on horseback and doing some pretty awesome exploring…

  80. Tamara Russell

    I’ll definitely be hitting the mountains here in SoCal, along with surfing the beaches. But hopefully I’ll be able to go out to Montana again this year for some hiking, so gorgeous there, the night sky is unbelievable!

  81. Tamara Russell

    Shared the link via Twitter! Crossing my fingers! https://twitter.com/tjoseph53/status/315173197559500800

  82. Pam

    Hope to explore and enjoy some of my traditional summer favorites – Mount Rainier Natl. Park, beaches near Newport, OR, and my own backyard.

  83. Michelle

    I take Ex Officio pants, tops, and jackets everywhere (including the office). I’m headed to Glacier National Park for an Audubon birding trip in June and would love to pack the Sol Cool jersey …

  84. Michelle

    I wear Ex Office pants, skirts, tops, and jackets everywhere (including the Office). I would love to take the Sol Cool jersey with me on a Audubon birding trip to Glacier National Park this June …

  85. Brandon

    In May I am heading out on a backpacking trip across Europe. I will be traveling for several months. Trying to do it without breaking the bank. I am familiar with ExOfficio and the high quality of their products. Winning this would be totally awesome.

  86. Chris H

    My wife and I will be hiking the Grand Canyon this year. Love Ex Officio, their stuff always works right :)

  87. Bridget

    I love Ex Officio! Great for any outdoor activity, AND weekends in the lab. This summer we’ll be exploring Montana before we move to Flagstaff. I am sure we’ll find plenty to do when we get to AZ too!!

  88. Jeremy Zeiders

    My adventures this summer will all revolve around taking delinquent youth into the wilds of West Virginia. At least two days of week of trying to manage behaviors and invite their interest in the outdoors.

  89. Rebecca Merritt

    My husband and I will be heading to the San Juan Mountains in Colorado this summer! I will go trail running, and he will be fly fishing!

  90. Sarah

    I’m looking forward to rock climbing at the New River Gorge in WV this year. Great weather, awesome scenery, fantastic climbs, class 5 white water rafting, and the best company around. Who could ask for anything more?

  91. Phil Seymour

    Where am I going? I’m leading a group of engineering students from Mississippi State University (Theta Tau, Professional Engineering Fraternity) on an expedition into the Grand Canyon. We leave Starkville, Mississippi the day after final exams conclude (May 4th) and drive to Arizona.

    We will hike the Hermit Loop over five days and four nights. Hiking down Hermit Trail to Hermit Creek for first night, Hermit Rapids the second night, Granite Rapids the third night, and the final night will be spent at Monument Creek!

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