10 Fun Fall Activities For Kids

Fall Activities

**#TeamSierra member Melissa shares some fun fall activities for kids**

The weather seems to be cooling off all over the country, meaning Fall has finally arrived. This is a great time of year to get outside and enjoy the changing colors of the season and the cooler temperatures. There’s no need to worry about trying to avoid the midday heat. You can pretty much play outside from sun up to sun down, which gives plenty of opportunities for some outdoor fun.

Here is a list of 10 Fall activities to do outside with your child:

Scavenger hunt –Trees changing colors and then shedding their leaves is nature’s way of getting ready for winter. This provides a beautiful and different scene for a scavenger hunt.

·  Alphabet Scavenger Hunt: Choose 5 -10 items that start with a letter from the alphabet

·  Color Scavenger Hunt: List 5-10 colors your child can go around the neighborhood/backyard and discover.

·  Rhyming scavenger Hunt: Pick 5-10 words that rhyme with items your child can hunt for.

·  Specific Items Scavenger Hunt: Make a list of 5 – 10 random items for your child to search for.

Fall colors

Art walk – This is a favorite activity. Give your child a large piece of cardboard and walk around the neighborhood or a nature trail. Let them glue leaves, sticks, pebbles or any remnants from the vegetation to the cardboard for a wonderful creative piece of art.

Photography: Next time you go for a nature walk or hike let your child use your camera or buy them a disposable one. Let them take pictures of what captures their eye and then frame a couple.

Bug hunt – See any new or different bugs than you did during the Summer months?

Nature walk. Go on a casual walk around the neighborhood, in the woods, along the beach or in the mountains. Look around and see if your child can identify the changes of the season.

Bike ride. Cruise around the neighborhood, along a bike path, a dirt road or wherever your wheels can take you.

Fall Camping

Camping – Fall is a great time of year to go camping. Cozy up around a campfire for s’mores and stories. You can even camp in your own backyard to make it simple.

Picnic Dinner – This is a MUST! Instead of sitting around the table for dinner take it outside. Go to a park, a nearby lake or open space, or have it in your own backyard. Wherever it is makes sure it’s dinner outside.

Fall outdoor activities

Hiking – Choose your favorite hiking trail and point out the different changes occurring between Summer and Fall.

Fun simple activities- Get creative with side walk chalk, play hide and seek, wear your child out with a game of a tag, help them fly a kite or enjoy sitting on the grass blowing bubbles.

This is just a short list of the numerous Fall activities you can enjoy with your child. So get outside, enjoy the cooler weather and have some fun.

Adventure Tykes

-Melissa Edge resides in Moab, Utah where she enjoys exploring the beautiful red rock landscape with her husband and son. She is the founder of Adventure Tykes and loves inspiring and motivating parents to get outside with their kids. Melissa is an avid runner, hiker and amateur chef.


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