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Show off your extensive knowledge of all things outdoors with our fun outdoor trivia and games on the Sierra Social Hub. Our weekly mystery destination features a national park, state park, popular lake, river, mountain or hiking trail. You’ll also find outdoor gear trivia games and more on the Sierra SocialHub, Sierra Trading Post’s outdoor gear blog.

How Well Do You Know the Appalachian Trail? Take the Quiz

Appalachian Trail Quiz

The Appalachian Trail is an iconic long distance trail attempted by many thru-hikers, section hikers and day hikers. While this year’s batch of thru-hikers ready themselves for this amazing journey, we challenge you to see just how well you know the Appalachian Trail. Take this Appalachian Trail quiz then tell us in the comments below how many you got right.       How did you do in our Appalachian Trail Quiz? Tell us how many you got right in the comments below. SHOP Backpacks Sleeping Bags Hiking Boots

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Sports Quiz: How Many of These Sports Can You Name?


Okay sports fans, you know a lot about baseball, basketball and football but how many of these other sports can you name? Take this quiz to see just how many of these sports you can name.   How did you do? Tell us your score in the comments below to tell everyone just how much you know about these sports.

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What Type of Skier Are You? Take the Quiz


Skiing is a lot of fun, but everyone has a different idea of what the perfect ski day looks like. Some people want to catch that first chair, some are happy slowly carving the groomers and others are willing to earn their turns by hiking into the back bowls. Take this quick quiz and see what type of skier you are.   Scoring What Type of Skier Are You: 1-10 = You’re a fair-weather skier. You like it to be warm and sunny and you’re happy to take a break and relax once in a while. 11-14 = You take […]

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5 Fun Facts You Didn’t Know About Our National Parks

Rocky Mountain National Park by Andrew Russell

Monday January 19, 2015 is the first Free Entrance Day to the National Parks of 2015. Whether you can make it out to enjoy these national treasures or not, here are some fun facts about the national parks that you probably didn’t know. The largest park in our national park system is Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Preserve in Alaska. The park covers over 8.3 million acres. The smallest national park is less than an acre. It is the Thaddeus Kosciuszko National Memorial located in downtown Philadelphia. Abraham Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt each have four sites named after them. Lincoln […]

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What Winter Sport is Right For You?

Winter Sports

Everyone has a favorite summer activity. You probably love hiking, fishing, camping, kayaking or some other sport but when it comes to winter sports, it can be hard to know what snow sport is best for you. Alpine skiing, cross country skiing, snowboarding and snowshoeing, there’s a lot to choose from. Don’t sweat it, we’ve simplified it down to a flow chart. What winter sport did you end up with? Tell us in the comments below.   Shop: Snow Sports Skis

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A Major Sea Port With Rich American History – Name this City

Name this City

Our Mystery Destination Game has taken us to national parks, mountains, rivers and canyons across the USA. This week we’re featuring a city that was an important city during the civil war, is still a major sea port and is a great place to enjoy some beach time. Read the five clues below, look at the photos then see if you can guess which city we are talking about. Established in 1733, this city became the capital of one of the original 13 colonies and was later named the original capital of its state. Visitors to the area love to […]

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Canyons, Dunes and Gorges: Can You Name the State?

The Colorado River

Our Mystery Destination game has taken us to national parks, lakes, rivers and mountains all across the country. Today we’ll call out three well know destinations that are all located within the same state. Take a look at the photos and the clues then see if you can name the state that all of these destinations are located. Our first stop in this state is to visit a national monument known for its canyons that cut deep into the rock formations. A geologic feature known as Monument Canyon is the main attraction for visitors to this area. Next stop is […]

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Over the River and Through the Woods: Mystery Destination

through the woods

On a holiday weekend many of us are hopping in the car to travel over the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house. Others of us are staying close to home to enjoy the company of our family and friends. Either way, take a minute and see if you can guess the name of this week’s Mystery Destination. If you want to go over the river that is responsible for the largest drainage system in North America, you’ll want to visit this state park. Here you can step across the headwaters of this mighty river before it makes its […]

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Outdoor Addiction Quiz: Are You Addicted to the Outdoors?

Outdoor Quiz

You love the outdoors, you get outside every chance you can but are you becoming addicted to the outdoors. Is it possible that you have a problem? Take this quiz to measure how addicted to the outdoors you are. Answer Yes or No to each of these questions. You’ve practiced setting up your tent, tarp or shelter in the backyard and even timed it. The bike on top the your car is worth more than the car itself. You have no problem paying an extra $75 to save one ounce on your backpack weight but when your favorite energy bar goes […]

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Skiing, Climbing and Unique Geology – Name This State?

Outdoor Adventures

The U.S. is filled with tons of awesome places to explore. We’ve covered many of those in our weekly Mystery Destination games but this week let’s see if you can name the U.S. state that all of these adventure spots are located. Check out the photos, read the clues then enter your guess in the comments below. This state has some awesome places to ski or snowboard. Probably the most well-known resort in the state is known for its large amount of vertical drop, at 4,140 ft it have one of the steepest drops in the U.S. You might also think of […]

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