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The Sierra Trading Post outdoor meal series, called campsite cooking, features outdoor meals and snack recipes on the Sierra Social Hub. You’ll find video recipes from great tasting backpacking breakfast, light weight backpacking recipes and vegetarian backpacking meals to cast iron cooking, dutch oven recipes, family camping meals and delicious camping deserts. You’ll be inspired to try these new camping recipes and easy backpacking meals to change up the routine of your camping meals.

S’moreos: A Twist on the Campfire Classic


There’s no campfire snack quite like the classic s’mores recipe. Most people’s memory of camping or sitting around a campfire involves roasting marshmallows and squishing them between two graham crackers with some chocolate. Brace yourself because you may never think of s’mores the same again after you see this s’moreo recipe. S’moreo Recipe This delicious take on the classic s’more is as easy as you see above. Simply open up an Oreo and add a roasted marshmallow, some peanut butter and/or Nutella. I personally suggest you go for both Nutella and peanut butter – it’s delicious. Want to see this […]

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Five Breakfast-On-The-Go Ideas to Fuel Your Winter Fun

Breakfast on the go

I am lucky enough to live in a state where people can enjoy outdoor activities year-round. In fact, a large percentage of the population actually looks forward to winter every year because it allows for skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing and other snow sports. I’ve found that most people who haven’t visited Colorado don’t realize that the state is basically like two different worlds. It’s common for us to have warm, spring-like weather in the foothills (areas of lower elevation) throughout the winter. In fact, the first two days of this week were in the 70s! The other “world” is the high […]

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Peanut Butter & Coconut Power Balls

PB Protein Ball Recipe

I’m not a picky eater, per se. But when it comes to food in the backcountry, I’m more particular about what I like. Traditional granola/meal bars just aren’t my jam, despite how easy they are to pack and carry. I’d rather have smaller bites of different flavors than be stuck with one bar of a single flavor. So when an instructor in my mountaineering class this spring brought these little snacks she called ‘energy balls’. They were sweet, bite-sized balls rolled in coconut and made a perfect trail snack! At 200 calories per ball, these little guys are a great way […]

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Peanut-Free Trail Mix Recipe

trail mix

Growing up I was able to eat all sorts of foods all the time. I mean I was cracking peanuts out of their shells during baseball season, fish off the grill that we caught earlier that day, and cookies between surf sessions. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve had to alter my diet. Not only because I work a desk job, but also because I’ve developed food allergies. You know what food allergy I have that worries my doctor the most? Peanuts!  That’s been killing me because I used to love eating trail mix on hikes and having it as a snack at the office when […]

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Easy, Three-Ingredient Energy Bars

Easy Energy Bar

I really enjoy fruit and nut bars from brands like KIND, but they’re also a little pricey. To save some money, I decided to try making my own, and this recipe from The Kitchn is a great starting point. With only three ingredients, these chewy, nutty and lightly sweet homemade energy bars are super-simple and pretty darn tasty. You can easily switch out the dried cherries for another fruit, like dried blueberries or cranberries. If you’re feeling more adventurous, you could also try adding other natural ingredients, like chia seeds, shredded coconut, lemon zest or crystalized ginger. Ingredients: 1 cup […]

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5 Reasons Why Coffee is Good For You

Photo chichacha

Nothing starts a morning off right like a cup of coffee. Sadly, our daily addiction has gotten a bad rap. I hear people say they are trying to cut back on their coffee intake (which in many cases is a good idea) but I’d like to point out all of the ways that coffee is good for you. Reasons Why Coffee is Good for You Coffee Helps You Lose Weight – Have you ever noticed that caffeine is a key ingredient in most fat burning supplements? There’s a good reason for that. Caffeine increases the oxidation of fat and raises […]

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Best Campsite Dessert Ever

Campsite Dessert

Last weekend I went camping with my family. We usually go with other families so the kids have friends to keep them busy. This time it was just us. I decided I’d better take the campsite dessert up one notch to ensure the kids had something to look forward to (or was it just because I have a sweet tooth?). We recently took our s’mores to a new level (as described here: Take Your S’mores Recipe to a New Level) and I’ve been known to cook a mean peach cobbler in the dutch oven. Each time we eat the cast […]

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Food for the Outdoors: #Trailtime Favorites

outdoor food

It doesn’t take long for our weekly #Trailtime Twitter Chat (Thursday 4pm MDT) to turn into a discussion on food for the outdoors. Whether it’s crazy s’mores recipes, bacon wrapped ‘you-name-it’, tacos or post adventure libations, the #Trailtime community loves talking food and drinks. Here on the Sierra Social Hub we’ve done a backpacking meal series and a homemade energy bar series but we thought it’d be fun to ask some other bloggers about their favorite outdoor recipes or tips and tricks for eating delicious meals on outdoor adventures. Follow the below links to check out all of these great […]

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Take Your S’mores Recipe to the Next Level


People often ask me how my kids do when we going camping nearly every weekend. The answer is they love it. They can’t wait to go again each weekend. Why? Because I always try to have something new and fun. This past weekend, I took a simple twist on everyone’s favorite campfire snack and it blew their minds. That’s right. I’m talking about s’mores and I have to tell you that you’ve been doing it wrong all this time. We all have memories of burning marshmallows around the campfire as a kid. So when we go camping we grab a […]

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Dehydrate Your Own Camp Meals

hot to dehydrate camp food

Wanted: Good meals on the trail. Must be hot and filling. Cannot take long to prepare because we just want to eat. Gotta include carbs, protein and fiber. Over-priced packaged meals need not apply; we’d rather spend our money on gear. Signed, -Every Outdoor Person in the World Can you relate? If you’ve ever spent time on the trail, you can. Shelling out hard-earned dollars on packaged food when you can make it yourself is a hard pill to swallow — so don’t do it. Whatever you make at home you can take on the trail for pennies on the […]

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