Gramicci Clothing Spotlight and Giveaway!

Gramicci Clothing

Originally designed for the climbing community, Gramicci clothing is known for freedom of movement and comfort. Gramicci shorts, pants and shirts are the perfect addition to your summer wardrobe. Keep reading to learn more about this company and be sure to enter our Gramicci clothing giveaway.

gramicci clothing

Gramicci got its name from the nickname of the founder of the company. He designed his first pair of shorts to have full crotch stretch and to have a buckle that can be operated with one hand. Over the years, Gramicci has continued to make its clothing as free moving as possible to allow for a wide range of movement and comfort for any situation.

Hot Products from Gramicci

Gramicci Brand Spotlight

1. Gramicci Reese Tank Top – Organic Cotton – This tank top takes charge of comfort with pure organic cotton, cut longer in back for better coverage.

2.Gramicci Inyo Mesa Cargo Shorts – UPF 50 (For Men) – discover a new realm of comfort in lightweight Inyo Sand Canvas. Sanded for softness, this durable fabric resists wind and water, as well as shields your skin with UV-busting UPF 50 sun protection.

3. Gramicci Endurance T-Shirt – UPF 20, Hemp-Organic Cotton – The Endurance T-shirt is made for everything from hanging out to working out, and features a little UPF 20 sun protection for good measure.

4. Gramicci Free Stride Shorts – UPF 30, Quick Dry (For Women) – Free Stride shorts feature quick-dry fabric that makes moving from one summer activity to the next as smooth as can be.

5. Gramicci Belle T-Shirt – Organic Cotton – A no-fuss design in pure, lightweight organic cotton with backpack-friendly shoulder seams and a longer length in back to improve coverage.

6. Gramicci Granite Shirt – Short Sleeve – Protein-washed cotton ushers in lightweight, breathable and supersoft comfort.

Gramicci Clothing Giveaway

Would you like to win a free Gramicci product? Simply comment below letting us know what you are most looking forward to this summer.

Would you like to double your odds of winning this Gramicci Giveaway? Share this link on Twitter, Google+ or pin it on Pinterest then comment again to let us know where you shared it.

We’ll pick one winner to receive the Gramicci product of their choice from Sierra Trading Post. The winner will be contacted by email and announced on the blog on Thursday 7/11/13.

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Andy Hawbaker
Andy is a hiker, backpacker, snowboarder and outdoor fanatic. When he isn't exploring the Rocky Mountains with his wife and daughters he shares his adventures here on the Sierra SocialHub.

66 comments on “Gramicci Clothing Spotlight and Giveaway!

  1. Kenneth Burney

    It’s all about the crotch, baby! What can I say..? It’s G-Pants or shorts for me. Hiking, paddling, kicking around the yard. The comfort is unsurpassed. Was just admiring the Vintage Tapered G-Pant. Maybe in purple, to step out of my comfort-zone.

  2. Kenneth Burney

    Well, there you have it! I pinned those purple G-Pants. I believe I tweeted it as well, but who knows? Technology still frightens me. Now, I’m not sure it’s what I’m MOST looking forward to, but a nice cool float on the canal out back sounds pretty agreeable on this warm holiday…

  3. Terri V

    I would love the Free Stride Quick Dry Shorts. Great to wear while rafting and kayaking on the beautiful Idaho rivers.

  4. Marina Gray

    I’ve loved Gramicci clothing since my son discovered his favorite pants when he was in HS more than 10 years ago. We’re looking forward to visiting friends and family over the summer months.

  5. Brent S

    I’ve always thought their pants were super comfortable…

    The Gramicci Brigade Cotton Pants look great!

  6. Alexa F.

    I’m looking forward to more and more hiking! My main “office” transfers to a redwood forest all summer and I get to hike and explore all day.

  7. Laura

    Spending time outside with my kids. Biking, swimming, hiking, blowing bubbles, drawing with sidewalk chalk……

  8. Shannon Genrty

    Love all my Gramicci!!! Favorite piece has been a cotton/wool blend pullover hoodie. Not sure of the style/name. One of my favorite design elements of the hoodie, are “thumb-holes”.

  9. Carolsue

    I am most looking forward to going to the beach on weekends!
    My husband would love those Cargo Shorts!

  10. AK

    I would like to have the inyo mesa cargo shorts in Shale to wear during my shakedown hikes while I am preparing for my Appalachian Trail Thru Hike in 2014.

  11. Dan

    I’m really looking forward to a 60-mile round trip bike ride to Wisconsin. I’ve never been on a ride that long before.

  12. SteveV.

    My golden retriever is now old enough to start taking short paddles with me in my solo canoe. I’m hoping to get her used to sitting quietly in the middle, with the ultimate goal of a weekend canoeing/camping trip.


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