“High One”: Name this Mountain and National Park

Mountain Peak

Can you name this high mountain peak and the surrounding national park from the clues below? Each week we play this Mystery Destination Game. We give you a couple clues and a photo and see if you can name the mystery outdoor destination that we are talking about. In weeks past the answer has been a river, a reservoir and outdoor communities. This week the correct answer is the name of a high mountain peak and the surrounding national park – a two part answer.

High One Peak

Photo by Skip Via

  • Measured from the 2,000 foot lowlands to its snowy summit, the mountain’s vertical relief is greater than that of Mount Everest.
  • This national park provides a special opportunity to study a large, intact and naturally-functioning ecosystem. Researchers can monitor climate change and contribute to larger-scale climate monitoring and management efforts.
  • The mountain that is the focal point of this park was named a word that means “High One” in the local native language but has officially been named after a U.S. President who was assassinated. While the name of the mountain has changed, the name of the national park still means “High One”.
  • Recognized as one of the final frontiers, the national park is largely untouched by humans and offers a huge diversity of animal populations.

Do you know the answer to this mystery destination game? Enter your guess in the comments below then forward this link on to your friends to see if they also know the answer. Did you enjoy this little game? Check out a few of our other recent destinations:

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Andy Hawbaker
Andy is a hiker, backpacker, snowboarder and outdoor fanatic. When he isn't exploring the Rocky Mountains with his wife and daughters he shares his adventures here on the Sierra SocialHub.

23 comments on ““High One”: Name this Mountain and National Park

  1. Stephen Meier

    The high one, rarely is it completely visible as in this photo. You must endure a long bus ride in school bus to get to Wonder Lake and be lucky to get a view.

  2. wade

    Mt. McKinley in Denali….didn’t know McKinley was assassinated… what is the Indian (dot, not feather) of Mt. Everest?

  3. John Pfluecke

    Denali, the high One in Denali National Park. http://WWW.NPS.GOV says that the former name is Mt. McKinley National Park.

  4. Eileen hamiltn

    Just returned from a trip to Denali National Park where we did actually get to see Mount McKinley

  5. M.R. Mittelstadt

    Mt. Mckinley in Denali National Park! I’ve been there!! And while the park is Denali, the mountain name is still officially McKinley!


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