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5 Reasons to Go Trail Running

Trail Running - Park City, UT

**This is the first post in a short series about why to run trails, how to survive your first trail run and picking out the proper gear to keep your trail time fun. If you have any specific questions or curiosities about trail running, let us know, we’ll work them into this series!** The snow is melting, the mud is slowly drying up and the trails are out there, just waiting for you and your running shoes! If you have never gone trail running you should really give it a try and we have a few great reasons for you […]

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4 Aspects of Good Running Form

Good Running Form

Do you have good running form? Good running posture, proper cadence, accurate foot strike and proper lean all play into a good running form. Watch the video or keep reading to learn how to improve your running form. Good Running Form Improve your running form by examining each of these factors. Posture – For good running posture you’ll want to keep your spine straight and your shoulders back. Don’t slouch over. Keep your head up with your chin parallel to the ground. Foot Strike – The ideal strike of the foot for running is a mid-foot strike. That means the […]

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How to Measure Fuel Canisters

How much Gas?

**Editors note: We partnered up with John from Intense Angler to share this Tip of the Week on how to Measure Fuel Canisters. For more great outdoor tips check out John’s YouTube Channel: Intense Angler. ** Have you ever been in the backcountry and wondered how much fuel you have left? You don’t want to waste your last bit of fuel heating some luxury tea if you won’t be able to cook dinner. We’re taking the guess work out of it with this great idea to help you learn how to measure fuel canisters. Check out this video or keep […]

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How to Fix a Flat Bike Tire

fix a flat

Nothing can slow down a great bike ride more than a flat tire. The good news is that once you know how to fix a flat bike tire, it’s easy. So pay attention. We’re going to hook you up with the details you need to know to get out there cycling again. Just watch this video or follow the directions below and you’ll be back on the bike in no time. What You’ll Need: A Replacement Bike Tube Two Tire Levers Bike Pump Get Started: 1. Remove the wheel with the flat tire. Open the brake, flip the bike over […]

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How to Make Touchscreen Gloves

Touchscreen gloves

Cold weather requires bundling up but wearing gloves takes away the use of your touchscreen device. Don’t freeze your hands just to send out a text message. Follow these simple instructions to make touchscreen gloves.   What you’ll need: A pair of gloves. Works best with thin gloves. Don’t use waterproof gloves as the needle will damage the waterproof characteristics of the gloves. Conductive thread. You can purchase conductive thread at many online retailers. The thread is somewhat expensive. You may want to make multiple pairs of gloves or the cost of the thread may prohibit the cost effectiveness of […]

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Animal Encounters: 5 Quick Tips

Animal Encounters - Bear

We hike. We bike. We ski. And we’re thrilled when we get to experience wildlife. It’s a real privilege to see a bald eagle soar through the sky, watch a black bear pick berries on the other side of the meadow or spy a moose munch soft willows on the riverbank. Those encounters are great reminders of why we got out in the first place. We’ve all heard of horror stories and seen people take unreasonable risk to get “just a little closer” to a bison in Yellowstone National Park or moose spotted on a popular loop hike. Jeff Obrecht […]

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A First Hike With Kids

first hike with kids

I often receive comments from friends, family and passersby about having such a young child in the outdoors hiking and camping, and I find it strange that people think it’s strange. Considering the passion we have for our outdoor lifestyle, I can’t imagine it any other way.  Now that J-Man, my son, isn’t an infant those comments have fallen to the wayside but when he was younger I felt like we were aliens from the looks and comments we would receive. I’m hoping with the exposure of our adventures with J-Man and others who are venturing out with their young […]

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Mistakes in the Outdoors: We’ve All Done it

Photo by Max Kaufman

Outdoor adventures rule. Getting away from the stress of your job for a few hours on the trail, some time on a climbing route or submersed in the backcountry is good for the soul but you’ve got to have the right outdoor skills or be with the right people to stay safe. Once in a while we all make mistakes in the backcountry. Maybe we get lost, forget to bring water, or put ourselves in danger, whatever it is we can all learn from others’ mistakes. Even seasoned outdoors people have stories about their biggest mistakes in the outdoors. Just […]

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Lessons Learned: 3 Nights Without A Sleeping Bag

Lessons from backpacking

***We’ve all made mistakes in the outdoors. Sometimes those mistakes lead to an uncomfortable night, a little hunger pain and sometimes it puts us in actual danger. Chris shares the below story of 3 nights he’s slept without a sleeping bag. Check back on Monday when other bloggers will share their outdoor mistakes. Hopefully we can all learn from each others mistakes and stay safe in the outdoors.*** Out of all the outdoor activities I participated in as a child, backpacking never came up. However, I was beyond excited when a few of my college buddies asked if I wanted […]

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Hiking Boots vs. Trail Runners

Hiking Boots vs. Trail Runners

Whether you are a short day-hiker, overnight backpacker or long distance thru-hiker, the appropriate hiking footwear will make a big difference in your comfort on the trail. Many hikers have abandoned the big heavy hiking boots in favor of lighter weight trail running shoes. When you decide which type of hiking shoe is right for you it’s important to weigh the advantages of each. Hiking Boots Hiking boots come in a few different types. You’ll find light hikers, midweight hiking boots and mountaineering boots. Hiking boots have the following advantages: High ankle support Harder more durable rubber tread Stiffer sole […]

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