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Find out how to choose the right outdoor gear based on expert advice on the Sierra Social Hub. We offer tips on choosing the best backpack, hiking gear and outdoor products including hiking boots, trekking poles, day packs, backpacks, tents, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, waterproof jackets, layering and more. You’ll learn how to choose the best gear and how to improve your outdoor skills. Our gear tips and advice will prepare you for all of your outdoor adventures. You can hit the gym, trail or back country with confidence after reading our outdoor gear how-to tips and advice.

Great Outdoor Gift Ideas

great outdoor gifts

Check out these great gift ideas for the hikers, campers and outdoorsmen and women on your holiday shopping list. Grab these deals at Sierra Trading Post because all of these items are alread 25 to 55% off the compared at prices plus every link in this post includes an additional 30% off discount. The Gift of Winter Adventure A few months after dating a girl, she bought me a pair of snowshoes for Christmas. Now she’s my wife. I can’t guarentee this will work for you but it’s worth a try. Who wouldn’t want an excuse to advance their winter time […]

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DIY Compass – Just Add Water

Emergency Compass

A compass is listed as one of the 10 essentials for survival and for good reason. If you have no other options for navigation and visibility is poor, a magnetic compass can be the key to pointing you home. However, even reliable tools can break sometimes. If you’re out on a trip with a broken compass, simply look in your repair kit; you may be able to repurpose some items you already have and create a DIY compass to guide you home. To make a do-it-yourself emergency compass, you’ll need a magnet, needle, cookware, water, and something for the needle […]

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6 Incredible Uses For Drinking Straws in the Backcountry

uses for drinking straws

Lightweight backpacking and camping often requires a bit of ingenuity to bring everything you need without breaking your back. That’s why we’re a big fan of outdoor hacks and DIY outdoor ideas. Here are 6 incredible uses for drinking straws in the backcountry from our buddy John at IntenseAngler Outdoors. Backpacking Uses For Drinking Straws Fire Starter – A drinking straw can provide an easy way to store your fire starter to keep it dry. Stuff a drinking straw full of a cotton ball soaked in petroleum jelly and it will light right away when you get to the campsite. […]

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Stay Warm With The Right Base Layer

Base layers

A good base layer might be the most overlooked piece of gear for cold weather adventures. Experienced skiers, snowboarders, hikers and winter campers will tell you the right base layer can make the difference between a great day in the outdoors and a day you’d rather forget. Here’s what you need to know about choosing a base layer. Key Factors For Choosing a Base Layer Comfort – It’s right next to your skin. It should feel comfortable and not itchy. Moisture Wicking – A base layer needs to be able to pull moisture away from your skin to keep you […]

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How to Maximize Camp Stove Efficiency

Backpacking stove efficiency

There’s nothing like a hot meal after a full day of hiking. Cooking on a lightweight backpacking stove is the perfect way to refuel your body on a camping or backpacking trip. Follow these tips to maximize the fuel efficiency of your camp stove. Tips for Best Camp Stove Performance Cook Site Selection – Increase your stove’s performance by selecting a cook site that is completely level and one that provides some protection from the wind. Keep Your Fuel Canisters Warm – A warm fuel canister burns more efficiently. In cool weather place the canister under your jacket to warm […]

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Don’t Ruin Your Adventure Plans: 7 Tips to Prevent Altitude Sickness

altitude sickness

Many outdoor adventures involve heading to the mountains to hike, backpack or to go skiing. If you aren’t careful your entire adventure plan can be ruined by an unexpected case of altitude sickness. It’s important to know how to limit the risk of getting altitude sickness, also known as acute mountain sickness (AMS) . Watch the video or read the tips below on how to avoid altitude sickness. How to lower your risk of getting altitude sickness 1. Hydration – Drink plenty of water and stay well hydrated whenever you gain elevation. 2. Avoid Alcohol – Alcohol slows your body […]

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Rock It! An Upper Body Workout to Step Up Your Climbing Game

Climbers Workout

The first 1.5 years I lived in Colorado, I worked as a fitness professional in a premiere rock climbing gym in Boulder. My main goal when I worked with these clients was to help them get in the best climbing shape possible. These weren’t just your general population gym-goers; these were folks with competitive spirits, persistence, and disciplined training. They were rock climbers. Rock climbing – whether indoor or outdoor – is an incredible physical feat. It builds strength, endurance, and power. Rock climbing requires upper body power and strength, core strength, and both cardiovascular endurance and muscular endurance. In […]

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Get a Better Backcountry Sleep with the Right Sleeping Pad

sleeping pads

Every backpacker has his or her own favorite type of sleeping pad. Some prefer foam pads while others prefer inflatable and self-inflating air pads. In this post I will be going over the major differences and some pros and cons of each. First lets take a look why you should even be buying a pad at all. Pads no matter what they are filled with provide two major important factors while backpacking and or camping. The first thing they provide is comfort. They keep you off the hard ground allowing you a better night sleep. The second thing is that […]

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Yoga Stretches for Runners


“Oh you run? I bet you have terrible knees and joints.” Something along those lines is what someone’s going to say to you when they find out your run, I can almost guarantee that. Give them a smart aleck answer because recent studies have been showing that runner’s knee is just a myth. There are numerous variables that go into saying why runners actually have better knees than non-runners and one of those variables is keeping the hinges greased through stretching. These are some of my favorite yoga stretches to do AFTER a run, so I can loosen my tightening […]

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How to Coil a Climbing Rope

climbing rope maintenance

Climbers know how important it is to take good care of a climbing rope. One way to prolong the life of a rope is to properly coil it for storage and transportation. Watch the video or follow the easy tips below on how to coil a climbing rope. Tips for Coiling a Climbing Rope 1. Grab both ends of your climbing rope with one hand. Pull it over your head and drape it across your shoulders. 2. Lightly grab the rope between your thumb and index finger and pull the rope back across your shoulders the other way. 3. Continue […]

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