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Find out how to choose the right outdoor gear based on expert advice on the Sierra Social Hub. We offer tips on choosing the best backpack, hiking gear and outdoor products including hiking boots, trekking poles, day packs, backpacks, tents, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, waterproof jackets, layering and more. You’ll learn how to choose the best gear and how to improve your outdoor skills. Our gear tips and advice will prepare you for all of your outdoor adventures. You can hit the gym, trail or back country with confidence after reading our outdoor gear how-to tips and advice.

What to Pack for Safer Family Adventures

Family Survival Kit

Benjamin Franklin said that, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”, well, a few pounds of gear in your day pack are worth hundreds of pounds of cure. Even on simple hikes, or picnics in the backcountry, a well-organized day pack can make your family adventures fun, happy and safe… and who doesn’t want that? A good day pack will prepare you for the unknown. Here’s a list of needs that a good day pack for family adventures should provide for: Warmth Shelter Food/water First Aid Navigation What to Pack It’s worth having a dedicated set of […]

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Water Collection for Winter Hiking

Winter Water Collection

During winter backpacking trips, gathering water is a completely different story than during 3-season trips. We’re kind of spoiled most of the year really. If there’s a water source we can fill a bottle and use a filter or use a quick working chemical treatment that makes the water safe to drink in 15-20 minutes. But those methods are not the best options in winter. With water frozen over and snow covering much of the ground, now is a good time to review why filters and chemical treatments are not as effective during winter trips and run through a few […]

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9 Ways to Maximize a Ski Day

Maximize a ski day

Skiing and snowboarding can be so much fun. A day on the mountain is exhilarating but for many of us, it’s hard to find the time and money to go as often as we’d like. Here are some ideas to help you get the most out of a ski day. Ways to Maximize Your Ski Day 1. Rent your gear the night before. Don’t waste your precious time getting fitted at the ski shop. You can avoid lines at the rental shop by going in during the late evening the night before you plan to ski. They’ll still only charge […]

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The Right Clothes for Your Kids – Safer Family Adventures

Family Adventures

The most dangerous thing outdoors isn’t the wildlife, it’s the elements, so be sure to have all the gear necessary for the changes. In our area, it’s been known to snow in August on days that started with sunshine. When you go out into the backcountry with your kids, choose carefully what type of clothes and fabrics you pack with you. Cotton Kills You may have heard this mantra, but if not, it’s a good one to remember. Cotton is good for warm, dry weather, but when it’s wet, it’s a useless insulator. Cotton holds in moisture which will bring your body […]

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How To Choose Downhill Ski Boots

how to choose ski boots

The right pair of ski boots unlocks the athletic potential in your skiing. Choosing a boot is a process that involves a number of factors in selecting one that matches ability and ambition. Foot shape, prior injuries, stiffness of the shell, and intended use, all come into play, and blindly selecting a pair will inhibit the ability of a beginner or advanced skier. This guide explains the details that go into choosing the perfect pair of downhill ski boots. Construction Ski boots have a two-layer construction: An outer hard shell, and a softer inner liner. Depending on how aggressively the […]

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Great Outdoor Gift Ideas

great outdoor gifts

Check out these great gift ideas for the hikers, campers and outdoorsmen and women on your holiday shopping list. Grab these deals at Sierra Trading Post because all of these items are alread 25 to 55% off the compared at prices plus every link in this post includes an additional 30% off discount. The Gift of Winter Adventure A few months after dating a girl, she bought me a pair of snowshoes for Christmas. Now she’s my wife. I can’t guarentee this will work for you but it’s worth a try. Who wouldn’t want an excuse to advance their winter time […]

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DIY Compass – Just Add Water

Emergency Compass

A compass is listed as one of the 10 essentials for survival and for good reason. If you have no other options for navigation and visibility is poor, a magnetic compass can be the key to pointing you home. However, even reliable tools can break sometimes. If you’re out on a trip with a broken compass, simply look in your repair kit; you may be able to repurpose some items you already have and create a DIY compass to guide you home. To make a do-it-yourself emergency compass, you’ll need a magnet, needle, cookware, water, and something for the needle […]

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6 Incredible Uses For Drinking Straws in the Backcountry

uses for drinking straws

Lightweight backpacking and camping often requires a bit of ingenuity to bring everything you need without breaking your back. That’s why we’re a big fan of outdoor hacks and DIY outdoor ideas. Here are 6 incredible uses for drinking straws in the backcountry from our buddy John at IntenseAngler Outdoors. Backpacking Uses For Drinking Straws Fire Starter – A drinking straw can provide an easy way to store your fire starter to keep it dry. Stuff a drinking straw full of a cotton ball soaked in petroleum jelly and it will light right away when you get to the campsite. […]

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Stay Warm With The Right Base Layer

Base layers

A good base layer might be the most overlooked piece of gear for cold weather adventures. Experienced skiers, snowboarders, hikers and winter campers will tell you the right base layer can make the difference between a great day in the outdoors and a day you’d rather forget. Here’s what you need to know about choosing a base layer. Key Factors For Choosing a Base Layer Comfort – It’s right next to your skin. It should feel comfortable and not itchy. Moisture Wicking – A base layer needs to be able to pull moisture away from your skin to keep you […]

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How to Maximize Camp Stove Efficiency

Backpacking stove efficiency

There’s nothing like a hot meal after a full day of hiking. Cooking on a lightweight backpacking stove is the perfect way to refuel your body on a camping or backpacking trip. Follow these tips to maximize the fuel efficiency of your camp stove. Tips for Best Camp Stove Performance Cook Site Selection – Increase your stove’s performance by selecting a cook site that is completely level and one that provides some protection from the wind. Keep Your Fuel Canisters Warm – A warm fuel canister burns more efficiently. In cool weather place the canister under your jacket to warm […]

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