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Find out how to choose the right outdoor gear based on expert advice on the Sierra Social Hub. We offer tips on choosing the best backpack, hiking gear and outdoor products including hiking boots, trekking poles, day packs, backpacks, tents, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, waterproof jackets, layering and more. You’ll learn how to choose the best gear and how to improve your outdoor skills. Our gear tips and advice will prepare you for all of your outdoor adventures. You can hit the gym, trail or back country with confidence after reading our outdoor gear how-to tips and advice.

Yoga Stretches for Runners


“Oh you run? I bet you have terrible knees and joints.” Something along those lines is what someone’s going to say to you when they find out your run, I can almost guarantee that. Give them a smart aleck answer because recent studies have been showing that runner’s knee is just a myth. There are numerous variables that go into saying why runners actually have better knees than non-runners and one of those variables is keeping the hinges greased through stretching. These are some of my favorite yoga stretches to do AFTER a run, so I can loosen my tightening […]

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How to Coil a Climbing Rope

climbing rope maintenance

Climbers know how important it is to take good care of a climbing rope. One way to prolong the life of a rope is to properly coil it for storage and transportation. Watch the video or follow the easy tips below on how to coil a climbing rope. Tips for Coiling a Climbing Rope 1. Grab both ends of your climbing rope with one hand. Pull it over your head and drape it across your shoulders. 2. Lightly grab the rope between your thumb and index finger and pull the rope back across your shoulders the other way. 3. Continue […]

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Being a Girl in the Backcountry

a girl in the backcountry

This post is for the ladies…or the few guys out there willing to take a few minutes to read it just for a better understanding of the women in their life! I won’t go all “girl power” on you, but there are a few things that women get to deal with in the backcountry that men would never consider…so let’s address those issues! Pretty Faces: Is it okay to wear make-up in the backcountry? I swear there are usually only two takes on this: heck yes and absolutely not! Personally I’d like to add the “do whatever you want” option. Because, […]

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How to Repair a Ripped Tent

how to repair a tent

Let’s face it, accidents happen in the backcountry. Gear sometimes is torn or broken while out on a camping trip. No sweat. Watch this quick video or follow the three steps below to learn how to fix a ripped tent. How to Repair a Tent Repairing a tear in tent mesh is easy. Simply grab a pair of scissors and some repair tape. Step 1 – Trim the loose threads around the tear. Step 2 – Cut out a patch the size of the tear. Be sure to make sure there is at least a one inch overlap and round […]

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How Well Does Your Ski Gear Fit? Ski Gear Sizing Tips

hot to fit ski gear

The first snow has fallen on the mountains and ski areas are breaking out the snow making equipment. Now’s the perfect time to break out your ski gear and make sure it all fits properly. You’ll stay warm and your ski equipment will perform better if it’s the right size. How to Fit Ski Boots Nothing is worse than a day on the slopes with the wrong sized ski boots. If your ski boots are a little too big your feet will get cold and your feet will move around within the boots. Tight ski boots will cause unnecessary pain. […]

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Which Hydration Pack is Right For You?

hydration on the trails

Everyone has some sort of routine before they arrive at a trailhead for some quality #trailtime. It usually involves checking the weather, adding/removing layers and packing along some snacks and water. The weather is pretty self-explanatory and the layering is a little different for every person, but what about how you pack along food + water? How do you do it? There are a few ways to carry nutrition and hydration with you on a hike or trail run. This post is going to touch on all the options…then you can decide which is best for you on any given […]

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The Evolution of the Sleeping Bag

sleeping bag

  Do you ever think about where your outdoor gear comes from? I mean, truly think about it?! I spent this past weekend holed up in a tent on Kebler Pass outside of Crested Butte, Colorado. We traversed the state for one simple reason: we wanted to see the fall colors of one of the largest aspen groves in the country. Fortunately, we nailed it: the quaking leaves were fiery yellow and hillsides were absolutely covered in autumnal glory. It was breathtaking. Unfortunately, the sunny days led into chilly evenings, and overnight temps dropped well into the mid-20s. We awoke […]

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Prolong The Life of Your Sleeping Bag With These 6 Tips

care for sleeping bag

A quality sleeping bag is a great investment for years worth of adventures. To get the most out of your sleeping bag you’ve got to take good care of it. Keeping it clean, washing it carefully and storing it correctly can help prolong its useful life. How to Care For Your Sleeping Bag 1. Keep it clean – While in the backcountry keep your sleeping bag clean by never placing it on the ground, avoid eating and drinking in your bag and try to wear clean clothes to bed to avoid making the bag smell too bad. 2. Air it […]

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How Not to Prepare for a Successful Overnight Backpacking Trip


This spring, I teamed up with nine other bloggers to talk about mistakes we’ve made outdoors. I’ve made my fair share and had trouble narrowing it down to the five I covered on Adventure-Inspired. To be fair, there’s a significant learning curve with pursuits like rock climbing, backpacking, hiking, skiing, biking, and all of our other outdoor favorites. I’ve learned from my mistakes, for the most part, but there are anecdotes attached to each of these tips because I still make mistakes on a regular basis. Hopefully, you can learn from them and avoid them on your next backpacking trip! […]

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Preparing for the Worst Case Scenario


Most of us spend hours planning for our adventures but that doesn’t mean everything is going to go perfectly. Things get forgotten, Mother Nature rebels and wild animals get a little too friendly. We cannot prepare for every aspect of any given worst case scenario, but you can be prepared to survive any worst case scenario that comes your way. Here are a few tips to ensure you don’t make any of these deadly backpacking mistakes and make it back to your car, safely. 1. Read Trip Reports + Ask Questions You’ll know where you’re headed long before the day […]

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