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10 Ways You’re Doing Ski Vacations Wrong

Ski Vacation

Sorry guys, you’ve been doing it wrong, it’s time you learn how to get the most out of a ski vacation. I lived in Breckenridge, Colorado for 3 years, working in a ski shop and at a lodge. I’ve seen people waste money and miss out on some fun opportunities just because they didn’t know how to plan or what to do. Follow these tips and you’ll save a wad of cash and have the awesome ski vacation you had hoped for. 1. Buying tickets at the window. Wow, this can really cost you. With many resorts charging over $100 […]

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Children Shouldn’t Stop Your Adventures – Child Carriers

Carrying kids

One thing many young families worry about when they first have children is how they going to get outside with babies or toddlers. Usually, new parents quickly discover that hitting the trail isn’t that much more difficult with babies, you just have to know how to carry them. Child Carriers or Child Backpacks Child carriers are a great way to bring your young children out for an adventure. You can strap them in safely and carry their weight more efficiently than carrying them in your arms and more comfortably than piggyback style. The child carriers fit like a backpacking backpack […]

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The One Thing Keeping You From Skiing Faster

Ski Faster

Downhill skiing and snowboarding is all about speed. Most people choose to participate in these winter sports to go fast. Surprisingly, many people aren’t skiing at full speed and it has nothing to do with their skills or lack of training. The number one thing slowing you down may be the lack of wax on your skis. Here are the reasons why you should wax your skis or snowboard more often. Why Waxing Skis is Important The base of your ski or snowboard is made of polyethylene. When your ski slides over the snow the heat and pressure of your […]

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Winter Camping Hacks

winter camping

The decision has been made: you’re going winter camping. You’re willing to lose feeling in your toes, carry an absurd amount of clothing, and hang out in your tent for an excessive period of time, all in the name of trying something new. The catch? Winter camping has a steeper learning curve when compared to the normal variety. But never fear; we’ve got a few tips and tricks that will make you a winter camping pro in no time. Keep Batteries Warm In this era of connectedness, there is a good chance you’re camping with a cell phone, digital camera, […]

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DIY Easy to Build Snowboard Rack

snowboard rack

Now that I have four snowboarders in my family, storing the boards has become a problem. Without a good way to store all of the snowboards, I usually lean them up against a wall in the garage. I don’t even want to think about how many times someone bumped into them and all four snowboards crashed into a pile on the ground. Clearly it was time for me to find an easy way to store snowboards on an inexpensive snowboard rack. I searched online for how to build a snowboard rack. I found Pinterest projects that were just too cute […]

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No, Snowshoeing is Not Just Walking in the Snow


A few years ago, an old friend of mine rented a pair of snowshoes and met me outside of Durango, Colorado where we planned to do some exploring in the San Juan Mountains. I watched him struggle through the process of putting on snowshoes for the first time, then I laughed as he stumbled for his first steps. After four or five steps he had it figured it out. Fifteen minutes into our adventure he said, “So, it’s pretty much just walking on snow isn’t it.” “Well, yes. Only better. ” I replied. Earlier this winter another friend mentioned that […]

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5 Ways A Climbing Gym Will Make You A Better Climber

climbing gym

Want to be a better rock climber this spring and summer? Sign up at your local rock gym this winter. Climbing in a gym is an obvious choice to better your rock climbing skills but let’s look at 5 reasons why indoor gym climbing will make you a better climber outside when the weather warms up. 1. Build trust. If you’re new to climbing, it can be unnerving to be 50 feet off the ground with only a rope securing you to your belay partner. Climbing in a gym is a great way to build trust in the rope system […]

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DIY: Add Traction to Your Shoes

running shoe traction

There is nothing that says you are required to make big, life changing, personal goals at the beginning of every year but there is something refreshing about trying to better yourself while you’re still trying to remember to scribble out the correct year on the very few checks you still write. New Year’s resolutions can be fun and who doesn’t want to become a better person?! There is just one catch, especially if your resolution involves running on any level… …if you live in the Northern Hemisphere the new year comes in the dead of winter. This usually involves lots of […]

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How to Make Fire Starters – Lightweight and Reliable

How to make fire starters

Successful backpacking and camping trips require a lightweight and reliable fire starter. The best fire starters light right away, burn for a long time and produce a good flame. Here is an easy way to make fire starters that are perfect for any outdoor adventure. How to Make Fire Starters What you’ll need: Cotton Balls Petroleum Jelly A bowl and spoon (to contain the mess) A plastic bag What to do: As described above, pull the cotton ball apart with your fingers. Add petroleum jelly. Work the petroleum jelly into the fibers of the cotton ball to get it fully […]

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Outdoor Hacks – One Lightweight Household Item With Many Uses

outdoor hacks

Heading into the outdoors can put you in many different scenarios. The key to a successful backpacking trip is having the right gear for the right situation. Balancing a desire for a lightweight pack with the need to bring everything you may need, leads many outdoors people to get creative. That’s where genious outdoor hacks come in. Below we’ve got 10 uses for a simple trash bag that can be extremely helpful in the outdoors. If there’s one simple household item that is lightweight, easy to pack and full of many uses, it’s a trash bag. Beyond the obvious use […]

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