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Share real life experiences about enjoying the great outdoors on the Sierra Social Hub. You’ll gain first hand experience from real outdoor adventures and expeditions such as day hikes, backpacking trips, cycling races, rock climbing mountain biking, skiing, snowboarding and even family adventures for children. Be ready to be inspired to get outside and enjoy nature with kids or on your own.

#Trailtime Instagram Favorites

Instagram Favorites #trailtime

We’ve been using #Trailtime for our weekly twitter chat and to share amazing photos through our Instagram account for the past six months. Our favorite part about #Trailtime is the community of outdoor adventurers who are sharing such cool photos with each other. We’ve been selecting some of our favorite photos to regram. Here are a few of our Instagram favorites that we’ve shared in the last month. Use #Trailtime on Instagram for a chance to have your photos shared We love the vivid colors in this scene captured by @bernini_n. Check out this beautiful scene captured by @slcbikergirl. Beautiful landscape and lighting captured […]

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Share Your Adventure Photo Contest Winners

SYAP thumb

It’s time to announce the winners of our November Share Your Adventure Photo Contest. As you know, each month we ask you to submit your best outdoor photos. The top three winners all recieve gift cards. Click here for more details: Share Your Adventure Photos Contest. 1st Place – Lisma Harbani “Doing yoga on top of a big rock overlooking Colorado River and Canyonland National Park. This shot was taken at Dead Horse Point State Park, Utah. We went there to see this natural wonder and were captivated by its beauty. It was me in the picture.” 2nd Place – […]

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Best Outdoor Adventure Movies of All Time

best outdoor movies

When you can’t be outdoors exploring on your own, the next best thing is being curled up on the couch streaming a movie about outdoor adventures or a true story of outdoor survival. With all the hoopla going on for the release of “Wild”, the story about Cheryl Strayed’s hike of the Pacific Crest Trail, I thought I’d suggest some of my favorite outdoor adventure movies of all time. “Touching the Void” Possibly one of the best survival documentaries of all time, Touching the Void is about a 1985 near fatal attempt to climb Siula Grande in the Andres by Joe Simpson and Simon […]

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5 Reasons to Ski Utah This Winter

Ski Utah

When I go on a ski vacation, I want it all; easy flights, short drives, good snow, and brief lift lines. Oh, and I want to ski out from my hotel. Did I mention I have a budget? When I first learned to ski, I lived in Florida and had to get on a plane before I could get any turns in, so I spent a lot of time planning. One area stood out for me as a good time and money value, Utah. Eventually, I fell so in love with the state, I moved. Here’s why it should be […]

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The Joys of a Snowless Winter


**Please welcome Heidi Henry as a guest writter on the Social Hub** Growing up in the state of Ohio, I’ve experienced my fair share of frigid winters and learned to embrace the cold. As a kid I looked forward to snow days full of sledding and weekend trips to one of the two ski resorts northern Ohio had to offer.  Once I grew older, I became less tolerant of the snow and cold. Now that I live in Phoenix, Arizona, I must admit I don’t miss the snow one bit! If you’re a snow-lover and powder-seeker it may be surprising […]

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Running or Racing: Which Do You Do?


I am a runner. When I was a kid (and all the way through college), I NEVER would have imagined those words would come out of my mouth. I have always loved sports but hated running just for the sake of running. I was never fast and could never dream of having a faster time than someone, so of course running seemed unrealistic for me. When I was at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy, my friends and roommates had to literally force me to run to prepare for our twice a year 1.5 mile run that was part of our […]

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Get Out and Beat the Turkey Coma!

Beat the Turkey Coma

This is the time of the year we don’t think a second thought about loosening our belts and gorging ourselves silly, simply in the name of celebrating. While I love a good Thanksgiving dinner as much as the next person, maybe our feasts need to be re-focused away from gluttony and more on quality time with our loved ones. There is no part of me that is advocating to cut out the turkey – but there is great value in slowly working towards incorporating some active traditions in with the food. Do a Turkey Trot. Search online to find one […]

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Yoga for Beginners: Three Building Blocks to Rock Your Practice

Yoga poses

I am the first to admit that yoga can be scary. Even after practicing for essentially my entire life, sometimes I walk into the studio, look around, and mutter ‘what have I gotten myself into?!” But honestly, that is one of the reasons I love it so much- no two days are ever the same. Your practice changes if you were hiking the day before, haven’t moved in a week, or if you’ve practiced three days in a row; each time you step onto your mat (or your carpet, or your favorite trail) your body is different and the way […]

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Five Reasons I’m Grateful for the Outdoors

Thankful for the outdoors

It’s the time of year where I find myself giving up a perfectly good climbing or hiking day in favor of holiday preparations, shopping, and parties.  So when I’m frustrated that I can’t be out there climbing mountains, I try to replace that letdown with reflection on the things that make me so grateful for this deeply important part of my life. 5. Those Small Moments A quiet morning paddle. A bear wandering through camp. The view into the next valley when I crest a pass. The feeling of jumping in a high alpine lake after hiking a week with […]

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Teach Kids to Leave No Trace

Leave No Trace

Exploring and adventuring in the outdoors is one of life’s greatest joys. We gain inspiration in and from nature and to spend time together with those we love in outdoor spaces makes it all the better. One of the reasons we as parents take our children outside is to educate them on our natural world and to share with them the gift it is. Fostering a sincere love of the outdoors is the first step to make kids care about conservation. Teaching kids leave no trace principles helps promote the protection of these special places to them. Today’s educated kids […]

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