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5 Things To Do In Yellowstone: A Local’s Guide

Guide to Yellowstone National Park

When people start planning a trip to Yellowstone, they’re often focused on the big attractions that get the most publicity and attention. However, there’s so much more to the Park than Old Faithful. As we head into spring break, I’ve chosen a few of my favorite places that are particularly in the Mammoth Hot Springs area or within reasonable driving distance. I also feel strongly that way too many people only see Yellowstone from the window of their car or through the lens of their camera. It’s worth it to step out and hike or bike or just walk and […]

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5 Reasons to Visit Orange County, CA (Disney Not Included)

Orange County Vacation

Orange County sits between Los Angeles and San Diego counties and is the smallest county, land mass, in California. Orange County may be slight size wise, but it offers wide-ranging outdoor activities. Amusement parks are only a tiny piece of what the OC has to offer. With fair weather all year Southern California is an ideal utopia for those of us who like to play outside and Orange County has many options. With beaches, canyons, and wilderness areas there are outdoor opportunities for everyone. With more than forty miles of coastline, it offers plenty of space for water sports. Moreover, […]

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How to Call in Sick for a Ski Day

ski on a sick day

Finally some measurable amounts of snow are falling on the resorts but you’re running low on vacation days. It’d be nice to just call in sick and ski some powder but you’ve got to be super careful, there’s so many ways to get busted for that. Don’t worry, we’ve got the perfect plan for your *cough* ski/sick day. Step 1: Watch the forecast- You’ve got to know when the big storms are coming to lay some ground work. The day before, you should start coughing uncontrollably at work. Maybe at the water cooler ask some people if they’ve heard about […]

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How to Leave No Trace While Winter Backpacking

Winter LNT

With a few more months of winter ahead for much of the country, many backpackers who haven’t ventured out since the fall might be getting the itch for a few good nights out on the trail, even if the temps are pretty chilly. To be full prepared for the winter trips, a little additional planning and preparation should take place to account for the colder temps and shorter days. One important piece of planning that also needs to be considered is how to adapt to the Leave No Trace Principles in winter. Since they take on a little different twist […]

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Why It’s Never Too Late to Start Downhill Skiing


As kids we’re fearless, learning as we make mistakes. The older we get, emotions like fear and doubt creep in, making it more difficult to learn new skills like language, playing an instrument, or taking on a new sport. Although I have decades of outdoor experience under my belt, I only recently (after a few rough starts) discovered the fun of downhill skiing. I’m excited to have overcome a weak spot in my outdoor skills, and to have also learned a few reasons why it’s never too late to pick up a new sport. Remember what it’s like to be […]

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Work it Out: Eight Exercises for Stronger, More Stable Hiking

better hiking exercises

Feeling the burn earlier in your hike than you’d like? Having trouble staying balanced while rock hopping during stream crossings, despite having trekking poles handy? There are a variety of variables that play into how strong and stable we feel when we’re on the trail, but in general, the better shape you’re in, the faster, longer, and more comfortably you’ll be able to hike. Of course, the best training for any pursuit is sport-specific training. The more time you spend hiking and backpacking, the better prepared you’ll be for hiking and backpacking. But it never hurts to supplement your outdoor […]

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Sweat with Your Sweetheart: 5 Date Ideas for a Fit Valentine’s Day

Date Ideas

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and maybe you have reservations at your favorite restaurant. Or perhaps you planned a date night in, complete with a movie, a box of chocolates, and the couch. How about trying something different this year? If you’re reading this, I have a sneaking suspicious that you love to be active and you love adventure. While having a partner who’s as active as you are doesn’t always make or break a relationship, being active together can be a total bonding experience. Instead of planning a typical Valentine’s Day date this year with your love, […]

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Forget Skiing, Try These 5 Lesser-Known Winter Sports

things to try this winter

So winter is here and all of our friends keep talking about heading to the slopes to ski or board, right? Ok, maybe “all” is a bit of an overshoot but skiing and snowboarding are by all accounts highly popular outdoor activities during the winter months. Why not try something a little more unique and a little less populated by the masses? If you are up for trying something new this winter, here are five new things you could give a whirl! Ice climbing: Gaining in relative popularity in the recent years, ice climbing can seem a bit daunting to […]

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7 Things To See In Rocky Mountain National Park

Rocky Mountain National Park

Rocky Mountain National Park is an awesome place to visit for your summer vacation or for a quick hiking trip. I’ve hiked to peaks, lakes, waterfalls and other attractions within the national park boundaries. From those experiences, I’ll offer up these 7 things you have to see in Rocky Mountain National Park. 1. Trail Ridge Road – Drive to an elevation of 12,183 feet above sea level and take in the views. With over 11 miles of the road at an elevation above 11,500 feet you’ll have an amazing view of the Rocky Mountains. 2. The Alluvial Fan – This amazing […]

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5 Fun Ways to Increase Your Outdoor Knowledge

Outdoor Education

Learning. The more time I spend outside the more I want to learn. I want to be able to identify the plants that I’m looking at as I scamper down the trails. I want to know what kind of geologic wonders formed the mountains that I love to climb. I want to know how to use all the features of my GPS and how to safely remove a tick should one ever become embedded in my belly button. Recently I took a NOLS Wilderness First Responder (WFR) course. For 10 days my mind was enlightened as practical first-aid scenarios were […]

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