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Share real life experiences about enjoying the great outdoors on the Sierra Social Hub. You’ll gain first hand experience from real outdoor adventures and expeditions such as day hikes, backpacking trips, cycling races, rock climbing mountain biking, skiing, snowboarding and even family adventures for children. Be ready to be inspired to get outside and enjoy nature with kids or on your own.

Summer’s Not Over: 7 Ways to Squeeze in A Bit More Fun

summer fun

As Labor Day Weekend approaches, marking the unofficial end of summer, days will continue to shorten, temperatures will continue to drop, and we’re all faced with the prospect of saying a temporary farewell to our favorite summer activities. But don’t despair; there’s still enough time for some serious summer fun. Use these suggestions to take advantage of the last bit of the season. Play a game. The phrase “play outside” means different things to different folks, but I’ve found it difficult to find anyone who doesn’t enjoy playing games outside. And there are some traditionally warm-weather games that are just […]

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Colorado Here We Come!

Colorado Store

What is green and orange, loves the outdoors and is opening a new store in Colorado? Yes. Sierra Trading Post. You’ve probably noticed that we talk a lot about Colorado adventures here on the Sierra Social Hub. We love hiking the 14ers, camping in the mountains and rafting the rivers. That is why we are so excited to announce that we’re opening our first Colorado store this week in South Denver. The new store will be located at the Cherry Hills Marketplace, 5910 S. University Boulevard in Greenwood Village near TJ Maxx and Homegoods. Colorado shoppers can expect over 20,000 […]

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How to Juggle Family Adventures with Back to School

get outside

This is the time of the year when, for families in particular, the focus shifts to school and schedules and away from the trail.  It’s easy to set aside outdoor adventures for the summer months and give them little thought throughout the late summer/fall, especially as our commitments ramp up. However, the benefits of outdoor family time aren’t limited to just when we can make them happen.  Ideally, they are an integrated part of our daily life, and break up the monotony of “desk time” while relieving stress. It can be quite a shock for kids especially to go from […]

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How to Ultralight Backpack With All of the Comforts of Home

backpacking without the pain

Backpacking would be awesome if you didn’t have to carry a bunch of weight, could sleep in a bed, take a shower and have someone cook you a big breakfast, am I right? What if you could have all the comforts of home and carry an ultralight backpack for two days of exploring the backcountry? Listen up, we’ve got the perfect solution. A couple of weeks ago while backpacking in Rocky Mountain National Park, my shoulders were beginning to get sore from my heavy backpack when two girls passed me on the trail. They had tiny little day packs with […]

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Where Would You Most Like to Hike?

hiking trails

Hiking is fun. Whether you’re climbing mountains, searching for waterfalls, trekking in the desert or exploring canyons, nothing is better than a good hike. Everyone has their favorite trail or favorite place to hike. So we want to know, where would you most like to hike? Here are three popular choices for hikes. Which one would you most like to hike? Hiking into the Grand Canyon What’s more iconic than the Grand Canyon? You aren’t the type to just look over the rim, you want to make it an adventure. Choose any one of the 15 official trails that take […]

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I Hate Backpacking But Will Never Stop


Backpacking isn’t fun. You spend all day hiking with a heavy load on your back. Your feet hurt, the backpack hurts your shoulders, the mosquitoes bite you, the sun burns your neck, the rain always seems to drench you at the wrong time and after all of that you’ve got to dig a hole when you need to go to the bathroom. Jeez, that doesn’t sound like any fun does it? I’ll be the first to admit that backpacking isn’t always fun. It really doesn’t make any sense. I’ve got a nice comfortable home. I’ve got a huge tent suitable […]

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How to Rock a Staycation

sailing staycation

It’s the end of summer and you want to go out with a bang before the kids are back in school and don’t have a lot of time or money to take an ultra-planned getaway? Well, knock it out in your hometown and have an awesome end of summer staycation you won’t soon forget or regret. With long, warm days still a plenty spend as much time outdoors as you can. Stop dreaming about your next BIG trip and live like it’s that BIG trip now, at home. Many of us love planning our getaway to travel and escape our […]

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Hiking Safely in the Heat with Kids

Summer hiking with kids

Hiking in the summer months is beautiful, epic, and something I recommend for everyone.  However, the heat of the summer is also nothing to be taken lightly, especially with kids.  They’re less able to be aware of what their body needs, are more susceptible to heat problems, and seldom have the capacity to let someone else know if there is an issue. Children’s smaller bodies generate more heat for the same amount of activity and they sweat less. Most important to note – the younger the child, the less developed the internal heat-regulating system. Just like adults, children need to […]

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Injury Recovery: Tips for Coming Back From Injury

ACL Injury Recovery

**Please welcome our friend and injury recovery expert, Lauren Martin, to the Sierra Social Hub.** I am lucky enough to live in Colorado. Being active and going hiking, rock climbing, kayaking, skiing (etc.) isn’t just a hobby around here- it’s a way of life. In just over an hour, I can drive to over 10,000′ elevation and stand knee-deep in snow during most months of the year. By the time I get back home, I can change into sandals and enjoy warm sunshine. Yup… it’s pretty perfect here. I first visited Colorado on a trip with my husband (then boyfriend), […]

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Where Do You Prefer to Spend Your #TrailTime?

Where to adventure

Sure, we all love the outdoors. We spend all week looking forward to camping trips, hikes, an afternoon on the lake or whatever you’re into. We’ve found that our fans are into a lot of different activities and come from all over the country. With that in mind, it’s time to ask you all an important question…. Where is the best place to take an adventure? Seriously, where to you prefer to go when you have the option: Mountains, Ocean or Plains? Do you head to the mountains to climb some peaks, see the wildflowers and gain some elevation? Do […]

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