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In the outdoor adventure section of the Sierra SocialHub we share real life experiences about enjoying the great outdoors. You’ll gain first hand experience from real outdoor adventures and expeditions such as day hikes, backpacking trips, cycling races, rock climbing mountain biking, skiing, snowboarding and even family adventures for children. Be ready to be inspired to get outside and enjoy nature with kids or on your own.

5 Lesser Known National Parks Worth a Visit

Lesser Known National Parks

We all love visiting national parks. Each year when national parks week rolls around we hear about all of the best-known national parks like Yellowstone National Park, Arches National Park, Yosemite National Park, Rocky Mountain National Park or Grand Canyon National Park. Those are all amazing parks but check out these lesser known national parks worth a visit. Guadalupe Mountains National Park Guadalupe Mountains National Park, located east of El Paso, Texas offers hiking and recreational opportunities as well as many historical sites. The park is home to Guadalupe Peak, the highest point in Texas, as well as restored ranches […]

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Growing Family Equals More Family Adventures

Tales of a Mountain Mama

**Editor’s note: TeamSierra Blog Contributor, Amelia Mayer, recently gave birth to her third child. In this post she explains why a growing family equals more adventure, and she encourages new mothers and young families to get outside.** One of the most intimidating things about having a family, and specifically a new baby, is managing to get out of the house and continue your life as it was before (in some form or fashion).  It is the most talked-about reason I hear from people for putting off having kids, either for a while or indefinitely. I am not going to lie […]

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Hiking Mailbox Peak – How Bad Could It Be?

Mailbox Peak Washington

Hiking Mailbox Peak has been on my bucket list for years. It’s one of the toughest trails in the Snoqualmie National Forest in Washington and got its name because there is a mailbox at the top containing the registry. Originally, I’d planned to hike this with some new friends, but after a challenging snowshoe one day, we weren’t up for the challenge of Mailbox Peak the next. So it stayed on my bucket list. Mailbox Peak – Photo by Pig Monkey (Flickr Creative Commons) This week, I decided to tackle it on my own. The forecast was for sun and […]

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Animal Encounters: 5 Quick Tips

Animal Encounters - Bear

We hike. We bike. We ski. And we’re thrilled when we get to experience wildlife. It’s a real privilege to see a bald eagle soar through the sky, watch a black bear pick berries on the other side of the meadow or spy a moose munch soft willows on the riverbank. Those encounters are great reminders of why we got out in the first place. We’ve all heard of horror stories and seen people take unreasonable risk to get “just a little closer” to a bison in Yellowstone National Park or moose spotted on a popular loop hike. Jeff Obrecht […]

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Share Your Adventure Photo Contest: March Winners

SYAP thumb

At Sierra Trading Post, we know that sharing your photos from a big adventure is often the best part, that’s why we created the Share Your Adventure Photo Contest. It’s easy to enter this monthly contest and three winners take home a Sierra Trading Post eGift Card valued at $200, $150 or $100. Each month, we pick the finalists then we have our Facebook Fans pick the winner. What a great opportunity to show off that amazing backpacking trip, climbing trip or visit to the desert. You can enter your photo here: Share Your Adventure Photo Contest. Check out the […]

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Hiking in the Mud: Great Spring Hiking

Mud Hiking

Ahhh spring. You’ve got to love spring hiking. As the snow disappears and the daytime temperatures finally reach levels comfortable enough to show a little skin, we all catch the urge to head out to the trails. If you’re hitting the hiking trails this spring, keep these three things in mind. Mud is your friend: The biggest thing people complain about with spring hiking is hiking in the mud. It’s dirty. It’s messy. It sticks to your boots. So what, isn’t getting dirty part of the fun of experiencing the outdoors? Remember, It’s best to walk right through the middle […]

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A Chilly Water Experience: My Biggest Outdoor Mistake

Chilly Water : Outdoor Mistakes

Growing up in an active outdoor family, moving to Colorado as a teenager and being willing to try new things has put me in many different situations. Sometimes everything goes smooth and other times we make mistakes in the outdoors. We can learn from these mistakes and help others to enjoy the outdoors in a safe way by sharing our stories. We’ve asked our #STPLive Twitter Chat Community to share their outdoor mistakes, check out their posts here: Mistakes in the Outdoors. Join the #STPLive Twitter Chat 6pm EDT/3pm PDT Thursday 3/27 when we will talk about mistakes in the […]

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How to Make an Awesome Bucket List

Photo by Michael Mezher

As Ferris Bueller said, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” He’s right. Life goes fast and it seems to go faster and faster the older you get. A full-time job, family responsibilities and an addiction to the TV can suck up all of your time and you can miss out on the adventures you’d really like to experience. Don’t wake up one day and feel like you’ve wasted your life. Plan now. Make a bucket list and do the things you really want to do. Paul Osborn’s […]

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10 Tips for Adventure Road Tripping With Your Dog

Road tripping with dogs

I love road trips. I love my dogs. I love road trips with my dogs. I have been taking my dogs on car trips with me for years. I’ve taken them on a 4-day trip to a cattle ranch in Montana. Last year, my hubby and I drove to Bend, OR and spent 5 days camping and hiking with them. I’ve taken them on a 3-day tour around the Olympic Peninsula. We’ve been on many more trips ranging from a few days to a week. I am currently planning a road trip from Seattle to Las Vegas with the dogs. […]

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Fill Your Life With Outdoor Adventure, Not Dreams

Planning for outdoor adventure

Last year I hiked the John Muir Trail in 16 days, backpacked on the Olympic Peninsula with my wife and four kids (all of whom are under 7 years of age), canoed the Bowron Lakes with my wife and two youngest kids (both under 3),  and filled in the gaps with countless fishing, hiking and other outdoor adventures. Let’s be clear, we’re an average family. I work a typical job, we live on a single income and I suffer severely from procrastination. The kids still complain when they are hungry/tired/grumpy… and so do I for that matter.  And yet, somehow […]

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