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Share real life experiences about enjoying the great outdoors on the Sierra Social Hub. You’ll gain first hand experience from real outdoor adventures and expeditions such as day hikes, backpacking trips, cycling races, rock climbing mountain biking, skiing, snowboarding and even family adventures for children. Be ready to be inspired to get outside and enjoy nature with kids or on your own.

Alpine Climbing Vs. Mountaineering

Alpine Climbing

The cold digs deep. The ice permeates so far into the skin that it feels like burning. With a heavy crunch, the ice axe pierces the slope, sending speckles of ice stabbing numb cheeks. Against the icy steeps, the wind howls and gushes, sending the rope flapping back and forth against the metallic jangle of cams and draws. Frozen hands, tucked inside a heavy glove slip into a narrow crack, as the climber begins a delicate ballet, ascending the granite face. Squeezing the body into the chute of a chimney, a frozen waterfall of gleaming, cascading ice lines the cavern-like […]

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10 Ways You’re Doing Ski Vacations Wrong

Ski Vacation

Sorry guys, you’ve been doing it wrong. It’s time you learn how to get the most out of a ski vacation. I lived in Breckenridge, Colo., for three years, working in a ski shop and at a lodge. I’ve seen people waste money and miss out on some fun opportunities just because they didn’t know how to plan or what to do. Follow these tips to save a wad of cash and have the awesome ski vacation you hoped for. 1. Buying tickets at the window. Wow, this can really cost you. With many resorts charging over $100 per day for lift tickets, […]

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7 Things You Have to See in Moab, Utah

Things to see in Moab Utah

Moab, Utah is a popular destination for outdoor adventurers, for good reason. This eastern Utah town is sandwiched between two national parks, it’s on the banks of the Colorado River and the geology of the area will blow your mind. All this and it’s easily accessible from Interstate 70. Before you plan your Moab trip, check out these 7 things you have to see in Moab. 1. Arches National Park Beyond the iconic Delicate Arch, Arches National Park has many great arches accessable for people of all abilities. From short strolls to longer hikes, there are many different natural arches […]

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Planning the Perfect Group Adventure

Group Adventures

Over the holidays we had a houseful of relatives ranging from age 65 to 8 months old. They left their warm and exotic homes in Texas and Hawaii and came to Wyoming in search of a White Christmas…and a whole lot of trail time. For my family a typical day on our local trails is pretty anticlimactic. We know what to wear, what to pack, where to go and our bodies are well adjusted to exercise above 8,000 feet. But, adding relatives with little to no cold weather experience from low altitude locations into the mix required careful and detailed […]

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Planning Your National Park Vacation

Yellowstone Vacation

The national parks are extremely popular, for good reason. You shouldn’t plan to climb Half Dome by yourself or stand alone under Delicate Arch. Likewise, don’t plan on driving to Yellowstone National Park in July without reservations. With that in mind, here are some tips for planning the ultimate Yellowstone National Park vacation. 1. Make your reservations now. The most convenient hotels and campgrounds book up early. January and February are the best time to find the right accommodations for your family this summer if you’re planning on staying in the park. There are twelve campgrounds located inside the park, […]

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No, Snowshoeing is Not Just Walking in the Snow


A few years ago, an old friend of mine rented a pair of snowshoes and met me outside of Durango, Colorado where we planned to do some exploring in the San Juan Mountains. I watched him struggle through the process of putting on snowshoes for the first time, then I laughed as he stumbled for his first steps. After four or five steps he had it figured it out. Fifteen minutes into our adventure he said, “So, it’s pretty much just walking on snow isn’t it.” “Well, yes. Only better. ” I replied. Earlier this winter another friend mentioned that […]

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Go Outside (More) as a Family This Year

Family Hiking

For some people being outdoors is an everyday reality and for others it is an occasional occurrence. Research does show that getting out in the fresh air benefits everyone, kids and adults. I simply like how I feel when I am out there and I love to share it with my children. Are you an outdoor family? Do you spend time in the wild skiing, hiking, biking or just playing together as a group? Do you have conversations or eat picnic dinners and reconnect outside? Ask yourself if you can do it more frequently. No need for perfection, but more […]

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5 Reasons Not to Hike in Kyrzbekistan


Our Twitter feed is filling up with tweets about traveling to Kyrzbekistan. After doing a little research on the destination, we have to warn our readers not to get too excited about hiking the unimaginable mountains of Kyrzbekistan. Please consider these five reasons not to travel to Kyrzbekistan. 1. Lack of Water Sources – While we hear the country is a great destination for outdoor adventure, it seems there are few or possibly no sources for water which makes hiking doable, but tedious. (Pro-tip: Bring your own camel.) 2. Flights Are Really Hard to Find – I’ve searched all over, and I can’t […]

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Hydration – Just as Important for Winter Adventures

Winter Hydration

Dehydration is commonly perceived as a heat-related illness, but it can strike under other conditions such as high altitude and cold. The problem is that we tend to forget to hydrate in cool weather. Symptoms of dehydration are miserable, including fatigue, nausea, and lightheadedness. Even as an experienced adventurer, I allowed dehydration to sneak up on me recently during a high altitude climb – it was miserable! Dehydration increases susceptibility to other conditions such as hypothermia, making it more critical as temperatures plummet. Be intentional about hydrating during cold weather by understanding the issue and planning ahead. Medical Background Good […]

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Dream It. Plan It. Do It. How to Make Adventures Happen

Planning for Adventure

It’s the beginning of a new year, which means we’re all probably staring at the guidebooks on our shelves or favorited photos on Instagram and making promises to ourselves. This is the year we hike the Grand Canyon Rim to Rim. This is the year we summit Mount Whitney. This is the year we finally book that trip to the Himalayas. How many years have you made those promises to yourself only to reach November, dig out that resolution list, and wonder where all the time went? My friend Scott rarely seems to have that problem. In 2014, he put […]

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