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Share real life experiences about enjoying the great outdoors on the Sierra Social Hub. You’ll gain first hand experience from real outdoor adventures and expeditions such as day hikes, backpacking trips, cycling races, rock climbing mountain biking, skiing, snowboarding and even family adventures for children. Be ready to be inspired to get outside and enjoy nature with kids or on your own.

Tips for Living a Balanced Life

balanced life

Life is busy, not easy at times, and working 24/7 is not good for anyone. One of life’s greatest challenges is finding a perfect balance of work to play ratio. We have heard how time spent outdoors contributes to a healthy well-being and the positive impact nature and fitness have on our lives. Disconnecting, taking a walk outside, trail running, skiing, hiking, and any other outdoor pursuit can be good for you: mind, body, and soul. The point is that you just need to get out there and do the activity that works for you, alleviates your stress, exercises your […]

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#TrailTime Hike Report: Emerald Lake, RMNP


Since both my wife and I had Columbus Day off this year, we decided to take the day and head up to Rocky Mountain National Park. With clear skies and chilly conditions (about 50 degrees with moderate wind), we didn’t want to do anything too strenuous, so we opted to check out Emerald Lake, one of the more popular hikes in the park. At just over 3.5 miles out and back, this hike passes by Nymph Lake and Dream Lake and has an elevation gain of 650 feet. Although it’s a very easy and accessible trail, the views along the […]

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3 Unique Ways to Hike Further With Toddlers

hike further with toddlers

I love putting the miles in on mountain trails and that’s why I remember the day when my son didn’t want to be strapped to my chest on hikes anymore…It was a hard day. I had to sacrifice miles in the beginning, but I quickly discovered some ways to get my son to go further than I ever believed possible. The number one rule for getting kids to do anything is to keep it fun for them. While I’d love to say that every kid has a blast trying to be a world-class hiker, that isn’t true. They want to […]

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Exploring New Trails: The Do’s + Don’ts

trail running

  Give familiar trails a break from your footprints + explore some new surroundings. But first, there are some things to consider: Don’t: Be a lone wolf Do: Take a trail buddy Take it easy Miss (Or Mr.) Independent — I’m all for one on one time with nature. But, going at it alone on a brand new trail can be dangerous if you are unfamiliar with the area. Talk (or bribe) a friend into exploring with you — I hear Swedish Fish are good bargaining material! Don’t: Just wing it. Don’t go play Hansel & Gretel with breadcrumbs and […]

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5 Great Northern Colorado Hikes

Great Fort Collins Hikes

Fort Collins, Loveland, Greeley, Longmont, Lyons, Boulder and Estes Park; there are so many great communities along the foothills north of Denver. What makes these communities so great to live in or visit? They’re so close to the mountains for short adventures. Don’t believe me? Try any one of these five great Northern Colorado Day Hikes. Horsetooth Rock Horsetooth Mountain Park is a Larimer County Open Space located just four miles west of Fort Collins.The mountain park offers many trails and loops perfect for trail runners, mountain bikers and hikers. Follow the signs to Horsetooth Rock for a panoramic view […]

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How to Bring Your Not-So-Outdoorsy Family on an Adventure

outdoorsy family

The morning had started out with a downpour, and as my father pushed our rickety rental car up a dirt road in the middle of Ibiza, I silently hoped there wouldn’t be any more storms until we completed our misadventure. Here’s the thing about my family: they created the adventurous foundation upon which my entire life has been built. My parents used to call off work, pack a suitcase, buy random plane tickets at the airport, and head off for unknown adventures. My favorite photo in our house is the one where my mother is hiking up a mountain with […]

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3 Fun Activities You Can Enjoy With Your Dog This Fall

Fall dog adventures

Summer is short. In many cases, the best season for summer sports like hiking, paddleboarding and biking may only be a few months long. Before you know it, fall has arrived and you feel like you didn’t have as much outdoor fun as you wanted. Fall is sometimes seen as a “throwaway season” between summer and winter. Summer activities aren’t as easy and comfortable to do and the time for winter sports is not yet here. However, with a little extra preparation, you and your dog can enjoy some of your favorite summer activities well into fall. 1) Hiking Hiking […]

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Try Multigenerational Hiking for a Fun Adventure the Entire Family Will Love

hiking with family

Spending time together outside strengthens family bonds, promotes a healthy lifestyle, and can be an outing that is good for the pocket book. If you love the outdoors and you love your family, it only makes sense to enjoy each other’s company in nature. Hiking together is one such way to bond outdoors. Bring all generations together and go take a hike. Hiking is highly subjective and each person should “hike their own hike.” The same goes with your family. Some of you may be seasoned backpackers and plan a multi-day trip as a family and others just want to […]

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Fears of Hiking: Avoid These Excuses

common fears of hiking

When I first started hiking and the question, “So what’d you do this weekend?” came up from co-workers, the answer was inevitably met with a series of concerned follow-up questions implying my sanity was not up to snuff. “Aren’t you worried about getting lost?” they’d ask. Or “What happens if you break your leg out there?” or “What about the grizzly bears that ride mountain lions and throw rattlesnakes at people?” I asked some of my outdoorsy friends – from novices to experts – which mental blocks most often keep new hikers from hitting the trail … and why they’re […]

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4 Reasons to Love Hiking in the Fall

hiking in fall

This past weekend, I hiked into Rocky Mountain National Park to climb some peaks. I was surprised to find the hillsides covered in yellow and orange leaves. That’s when I realized something amazing, autumn had arrived in the mountains. Fall hiking is my favorite – here’s a few reasons why. 1. Fall Colors – This is kind of obvious but nothing is as beautiful as the yellow, orange and red colors on the mountains. Grab your camera and go check out the beautiful fall colors. 2. Cool Weather – Sometimes you just don’t want to sweat. Cool fall days allow […]

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