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Do you find yourself living a hybrid life, always switching between work and play? Keen Footwear was built on the idea that shoes should be versatile enough to take you on an adventure and nice enough to wear around town. Keep reading to find out more about Keen, learn how to save and additional 25% off Keen shoes and enter to win the pair of your choice.

Keen Footwear is celebrating their 10 year anniversary after exploding onto the outdoor footwear scene in 2003. The company quickly caught the attention of outdoor enthusiasts with their sandals that fit like a shoe. The hard rubber toe that Keen is known for provides adequate protection for playing in rivers and hiking trails and also gives their shoes a unique style.

Keen Footwear Giveaway
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Keen shoes are designed for play. From rivers, deserts or mountains, you can play anywhere in your Keen Footwear. Keen also makes socks, bags and more fashion shoes designed for playing in town. You’ll also find many great kids shoes available from Keen. Below are some of the hot Keen products available at Sierra Trading Post.

Top Keen Footwear Products

Keen Giveaway

1. Keen Targhee II Trail Shoes – Waterproof, Leather (For Men) – For everything from the rugged trail to the walk home, Keen’s Targhee II trail shoes provide a lightweight, waterproof alternative to heavy boots, and won’t scrimp on support or protection.

2. Keen Alamosa Trail Shoes (For Kids) – One quick pull of the drawcord lacing system and trail kids are on their way to a day of endless outdoor exploration in Keen’s Alamosa trail shoes, featuring a lightweight, rugged upper with a grippy rubber outsole.

3. Keen Dillon Shoes – Lace-Ups (For Men) – Keen’s Dillon lace-up shoes are versatile, durable and comfortable thanks to their removable KEEN.CUSH footbed, full-grain leather upper and breathable mesh lining.

4. Keen Sterling City Ballerina Shoes – Leather (For Women) – A little sporty a little girly, Keen’s Sterling City Ballerina shoes feature signature Keen style in a ballerina flat silhouette with an oh-so-cozy KEEN.CUSH insole.

5. Keen Newport H2 Sport Sandals (For Youth) – As comfortable in the water as they are on land, Keen’s Newport H2 sandals feature hydrophobic quick-dry polyester webbing straps with AEGIS Microbe Shield® treatment to control odor.

Keen Giveaway

Would you like to get your hands on a new product from Keen? Simply leave us a comment below letting us know where you’d go in a pair of Keen shoes.

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We will pick one winner to receive the Keen product of their choice. That is any Keen product currently available on Sierra Trading Post (Check the Giveaway Terms and Conditions for any exclusions). The winner will be contacted by email and announced on the blog on Thursday 3/21/13.

Save Some Money on Keen Footwear

Do you have your eye on a product from Keen or any other brand available at Sierra Trading Post? Click on this link to save 25% off your order at Sierra Trading Post. Some restrictions apply.

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604 comments on “Keen Giveaway and Brand Spotlight

  • I’m planning on the Monongehalia National Forest this summer in WV, specifically Seneca Rocks. Man, those Keens would work well there!

    • Where would I go? In new Keen’s I’d go anywhere my feet can carry me, but I’ll start on the NC portion of the AT.

      • My wife and daughter and myself all have Keen sandals and wear them all the time in the summer especialy when we go to the beach. We have backpacking trips (the first for us in a long time) planned for this summer and would definately like to try some other Keens for that…

    • I have 3 young boys and they wear their keens sandels all summer long…hiking, rafting, and just to the park! We love our keens…and they also wear their keen snow boots all winter long!

    • I would wear my new Keens on all my search calls (I’m a K9 handler on a search and rescue team): the Keens that I currently have had stood up to 5 years of slugging through swamps and creeks and jagger bushes and up hills and through miles and miles of mud. They deserve to retire!! But I will always wear Keens because they hold up so well, and with my wide feet the square toebox is a lifesaver!!

    • oh the places I’d go in a new pair of keens……….the west coast, the east coast, the mountains between…..
      I’d wear them to work and I’d wear them to play. I’d wear them to bed at the end of the day………..
      the market, the cleaners, the park with my friends. I’d lace them up tight and then check them again…
      I’d wear them quite proudly to town Friday nights.. and walking the trails by the full moon’s bright light……
      my keens would be kept by my door when at rest…..I’d probably make them a soft keeny nest……….
      I’d wear them while swimming…….I’d get them quite wet……
      and wear them while taking my pup to the vet…………..
      I can’t think of a time when they wouldn’t be right……though paired with a tux? a peculiar sight…….
      you asked where I’d wear them…….and now you do know………
      they are so versatile, be it rain, sleet or snow……….
      they’d be on my feet a full 24/7…
      keens are a sweet little bit of foot heaven!

    • I’ve been wearing Keen sandals and sneakers for YEARS. I wore them every time I’ve gone to Europe and found no good reason to take them off (except in airports)!!! I’ve walked and walked on cobblestone, trails, through caves, up and down hills and mountains and felt light on my feet and my toes and arches fully protected. My four pairs (two sandals and two sneakers) are starting to show a little wear and I need a shiny new pair please!!!!

    • I would go hiking (lazy mountain is my favorite hike so far) and fishing (Seward mainly) and then I think I would hit the malls. :) Im an Alaskan girl who loves versatility and this kind of shoe has it! Also I shared this on facebook.

    • Well, it may not be as exciting as all of these other responses but its the best to me…I’d be walking the beaches in Cape Cod with my 2 kiddos looking for sea glass and shells and rocks…now thats heaven in my world!!

    • The majority of shoes in my closet are Keens, and I go everywhere in them! I have hiked in the Grand Canyon, worn them on many river trips, toured the Old City in Jerusalem, and just run errands to the neighborhood grocery store! I love my Keens, All of them!!

    • I’d go back to Africa wearing my new keens. Spent 8 1/2 months there from Morrocco overland to Cape of Good Hope and North to Ethiopia in my last pair of Keens

    • Love wearing my Keen’s fishing. On the coast they allow for water and sand or mud to drain, but protect your feet from oysters.

    • Everywhere. That’s where my current pair goes. I’m actually on my second pair of regular Keens and they’re my favorite shoe hands down. My hiking boots are also Keens and my hope is that my next pair will go to Alaska with me :)

    • I wear them everywhere. Hiking boots, sandals, shoes, newports. New england home, yard, trails, mountains, beaches. Work. Play. My girls wore them growing up. Perfect for little feet – gives them protection and accessability everywhere.
      Is there word limit?

    • Hi there, I love my keen sandals so much that I bought 2 pairs. Ithought my sister would love them and I got her a pair last year for her birthday. This year on april 12 she will get a second pair and will love them too. mary riley

    • Keen sandals offer the best, most comfortable, foot protection for any terrain….even the mountains of Afghanistan. I’d keep a dry pair in my locker to wear from my CHU (containerized housing unit) to the shower and back.

    • Last year, my old pair of Targhee II took me to 8 National Parks in Arizona and Utah. I am in need of another pair to go to Custer State Park in South Dakota on the way to Glacier NP in Montana. They are the best ever for taking a hike!

    • I wore my last pair of Keen’s all over Europe. I hope to wear my next pair back to Italy and France with a stop in England. They held up really well and I did not suffer one blister on my last trip.

    • My Keen footwear always accompany me on my kayak fishing trips in the marshes and bayous of Southern Louisiana. My Keen backpack goes to work with me.

    • I would wear my Keen’s all over the beautiful city of Florence, Italy and climb to the top of the Duomo built by Brunelleschi and finished in 1436. La più bella città in Italia!

    • I would wear my Keen’s all over the beautiful city of Florence, Italy. I would wear them to climb to the top of the Duomo built by Brunelleschi and finished in 1436. La più bella città in Italia!

    • I’m graduating from Michigan State University with a degree in Fisheries and Wildlife. I would wear my keens while working in the field!

    • Now I have just been wearing Keen about 1 year, and I tell you I would go everywhere if I am permitted in my Keen Footwear. They feel like a glove on your feet, and I think my feet loves me for wearing Keen, Thank you Keen for your inginuity.

    • I live in the NC mountains and have gotten into a rut. There are hundreds of trails in my area, some just right out my back door! This is where I’d go in a pair of Keens!

    • In a new pair of Keen’s, I’d definitely explore more of Rocky Mountain NP and Keystone, CO….once the snow melts a little

    • My two precious grandchildren wear Keens and I would love a pair to hopefully keep up with them and their day to day adventures!

  • Keens are a must have for anyone needing good walking shoes. I splurged on one pair several years back and they have taken me everywhere… from fishing in our area, to hiking through the woods up north, to visiting my daughter’s future campus. I have terrible feet and am still able to walk in comfort wearing Keens. I don’t believe they are the height of fashion, but once you hit middle age, comfort and performance mean much more than fashion :)

    Tweeted it out for you too:

  • I’d take these to Australia, for my summer study abroad trip (I’m a marine biology student). Just imagine the kinds of wilderness I’d get into! So excited about the trip and the giveaway.

  • My family and I enjoy walking on trails through out the finger lakes regions. Last year my boots gave out and a new pair of keens would make these hikes fantastic.

  • Keens are my favorite, they have gone with me to Europe, Asia, and South America. I’m looking forward to wearing them on my next adventure in Iceland.

  • My family and I enjoy hiking the trails through out the finger lakes. Last year on a hike my old boots soles tore away from the boot, and a new pair of keens would really make the hikes fantastic.

  • My family and I enjoy hiking the trails through out the finger lakes, and new pair of keens would really make the hikes extra enjoyable.

    • Living in the city, I walk everywhere and understand the importance of comfortable, durable footwear. I would wear my keens on all my urban adventures, whether to the grocery store, to work, or to the park on family outings. Taking advantage of keen’s durability, I could even wear them on weekend hiking excursions in the countryside.

  • I’m a flight attendant and Keens are my go to shoes for my layovers! We stay in all kinds of places and often end up walking all over to explore a new city. My feet love when I get to take off my work heels and slip on my play Keens!

  • I will be taking a group of at risk teens down the Lower Salmon River ( Idaho) on a 5 day rafting/science adventure and will be wearing my Keens the whole time. I have had the same Keens for 12 river seasons now… Amazing and dependable! Thanks Keens..

  • I would love something like the Newport Sandals. They are perfect for hiking trails and then jumping in the river. I have an old pair like the Newports that have have served me well, great shoe for cliff jumping, hiking, kayaking, mtn biking,etc.

  • I will be taking a group of at risk teens down the Lower Salmon River ( Idaho) on a 5 day rafting/science adventure, wearing my Keens the whole time. I have had the same Keens for 12 river seasons and love them. Amazing and dependable, thanks Keens!

  • I will wear my new Keens running off trail with my German Shepherd.. Keens after the squirells, Keens chaising the armadillios, Keens running fast when the rabbits come by, Keens going faster if a gator is near… all the while my feet so comfy and safe…

  • I will wear my Keens river rafting with at risk teens this summer. We float the Lower Salmon River for 5 days exploring the river and learning science. I have been wearing my same Keens for 12 years, they are amazing and dependable. Thanks Keens.

  • I’m planning several camping and fishing adventures with my family this summer Keen’s are great for those adventures as well as adventures around my office

  • I spend my summers on a beautiful 50+ acre granite rock island on Lake Temagami, ON. As the Assistant Director of Keewaydin Camp, not only are Keens usually part of my daily wear, what I wear tends to influence the 100+ campers we have each summer. Keen shoes have been apart of Keewaydin for years, a no nonsense shoe, they are reliable and comfortable. Two essential elements for our wilderness canoe trips. We send kids all over northern Ontario, Quebec, Manitoba and Labrador; we are grateful for the quality Keen products, as there is nothing worse in the wilderness if your shoes fail you!

  • Ever since my first Keen purchase (pun intended) of my Orgon PCT hikers at REI I have been sold on the quality and durability of Keen. When it came time for my son to join Boy Scouts I knew Keen would be a reliable shoe for all his backwoods trekking. Fast forward more than a year later and we have climbed up Enchanted Rock, backpacked and hiked for untold miles and the only reason I might have to replace his Targhee’s is because he’s 12 and his feet are still growing. We are sold on Keen footware.

  • I walk everywhere living in the city. I would wear keens on all my urban adventures, whether to to grocery store or to the park with my family. They are versatile enough to even take hiking in the countryside on warm weekends.

  • A new pair of Keens would go all over the Great Smoky Mountains NP with me. I’m currently working on my “map”, hiking 900 miles of trails in the park. It’s great fun, the Keens would love it!

  • I am a flight attendant and Keens are my favorite shoes for my layovers. My feet love slipping off my work heels and putting on my play Keens to explore a new city!

  • Living in the city, I walk everywhere and understand the importance of comfortable, durable footwear. I would wear my keens on all my urban adventures, whether to the grocery store, to work, or to the park on family outings. Taking advantage of keen’s durability, I could even wear them on weekend hiking excursions in the countryside.

  • I would love to day these out on some local trails. Out camping and hiking. Maybe even out hunting. They also look like good everyday wear shoes.

    RT on twitter.

  • I would wear my Keens on a hike, maybe to work as well! They are pretty keen!
    I tweeted about this giveaway

  • I wear my Keen Newports EVERYWHERE when the temperature is warm enough for sandals! I wouldn’t mind another pair in a different color! :)

  • I wear my Keen’s EVERYWHERE, from camping, hiking, biking, zip lining to hanging out at home. I abso LOVE KEEN. So easy and convienent to slip on and go, and the durability is unbelievable. I recommend them to everyone and I AM ALWAYS GETTING COMPLIMENTS ON THEM. They are stylish and trendy and I HOPE I WIN. A girl can’t have to many outdoor everything shoe!Did I mention they are comfortable? Thanks and fingers are crossed on winning, Kim I posted to Fbook!/KimColeGondeck and

  • Funny I just bought 2 pair of Keens from u and got them yesterday. I would wear my Keens when we go camping in the summer, sometimes to the beach and sometimes to the forest. They are great for hikes, beachwalking or just going about town.

  • My father-in-law just retired and wants to do the John Muir Trail, or part of it at least, so I find myself thinking of backpacking all the time! This is an awesome giveaway, thank you for running it and, most importantly of course, CONGRATS ON THE BIG 1=0!

    Tweeted it, as well!

  • I am hitting some of Utah’s 13ners this summer, would love a new pair of KEENs to get me to the top! Get out and hike everyone!

  • I think a pair of Keen’s would be perfect for my first ever trip to Minnesota’s BWCAW this summer!!! Also retweeted on twitter

  • I would take my new Keens everywere,lets start with my daily walk with Sully my black lab then hiking,mountain biking,fishing,camping,climbing,backpacking,exploring,just bought a dualsport motorcycle would wear them on the bike too.

  • Where would I go in keen’s? to work! Ok I’d much rather go up to Camp LaJita in Utopia, TX for a Girl Scout camping trip :)

  • I go everywhere in my Keens, I walk in them, I work in them, I live in them. I feel like I am wearing slippers that support my feet in every way. I have been hooked since I bought my first pair.

  • Keens take me everywhere – the beach, the pool, hiking trails, or just walking around the city. love ‘em!

  • I’ve already gone hiking in them from Michigan to Maine so maybe next time I’d try Hocking Hills in Ohio or just north of the US border. Both are on my to-do list this summer!

  • I would wear them while hiking in the Emigrant Wilderness of Stanislaus National Forest with my little 6 year old hiker.

  • In a pair of keens, I’d first go to work (I work in a greenhouse), then I’d go to the lakefront (Lake Ontario) after work for frisbee and a couple of beers. Nothing beats a good day of fun work followed by an equally fun evening outside!

  • Backpacking with my boys in wemenuche wilderness. I love my keen hiking boots. Have wore them twice to the bottom of the grand canyon.

  • I’m planning on a whitewater trip down the Salmon River in August. Keen water shoes would be most beneficial when scouting rapids.

  • I would wear the Keen Dillion shoes to the nearest club because they are that sharp looking! Might even wear them to take a pretty girl on a date, providing I find one that likes camping/hiking/biking/fishing!

  • My current Keen shoes have trekked across Asia and through South America. My Keen wellies have traveled through wet weather of all types (and they look super cute at tailgate parties), and my tall Keen boots are for when I need to look stylish after a day on the mountain. Of course, I could always use a pair of the Keen ballerina flats to wear around the city!

  • Back again :) Shared this on facebook, as well. I’m sure many of my friends would love to get this kind of deal, too!

  • I shared your giveaway on Facebook!!!

    I’d love to wear my choice on this trip – I’ve been trying to get someone to go on this trek with me – it is to Machu Picchu off the beaten track! But I’m open to hiking in New England with my buds!!!!

  • If I had to pick one, it would be the ballerina Keens. Last year I put 5,200 miles on my Keen commuter bike sandals. Would be a perfect shoe for my everyday use after my rides especially when I am in Wyoming this summer.

  • I have 4 pair of Keens! I have taken my size 13 4E Big Boyz hiking and swimming and fishing and walking and running and Loving Life to too many places to count! 1st pair really worn out, but still wear. The wide front foot last allows for wide feet, so they are only sandles and 2 other styles that fit. Thanx for Keen-Ness!

  • I would hike to the confluence of the North and South forks of the Yellowstone river. I was there in ’89 on horseback but would love to hike in for a couple of weeks.

  • We’re planning on taking our 14 month old hiking throughout the Northwest. I’ve got a backpack carrier for her until she starts walking with more confidence and I need a good pair of hiking boots. I’ve had the same pair of keen sandals for 7 years that I wear every summer, I can only imagine how awesome the hiking boots would be.


  • I’d use Keen shoes for my outdoor adventures in the summer time! Hiking, biking, camping, the beach. All kinds of things!

  • I would take my Keen’s fishing on the banks of the Muddy Mississippi.

  • My 6 year old daughter (wearing her favorite pair of green Keen’s) and I would go canoeing on the Hiawassee River in east Tennessee.

  • I would love some of those Targhee II as I am planning a thru-hike of the AT starting March 30th! I have a pair of hiking boots that I am planning to take but I am afraid that I am going to need more than one pair and maybe even 3 pairs. Those Targhees look beastmode!

  • My Keens have hiked the hills around Heidelberg, walked the dusty roads of Rome, protected me from jellyfish as I swam off the coast of Cinqua Terra, walked along Florida beaches and I wore them as I swam/hiked a wadi in Oman. I need a new pair so I can continue exploring this amazing world! They are the ONLY shoes I travel with!!!

  • I would go anywhere and everywhere as I do now in my Keen’s. I am a die hard Keen Junkie! Love, Love, love them!

  • I go everywhere in my Keens. Once I got my first pair, I quickly bought four more pairs and stopped wearing all my other shoes. I used to have back problems, but I don’t anymore. Thanks to Keens, I no longer have a need to shell out $50 co-pays for a chiropractor.

  • I’ve worn my Keens hiking in the Blue Ridge Mountains, riding on airplanes, shopping, paddling, and while playing fiddle. I’ll continue to do the same – and hope to take a pair to Ireland this fall.

  • I’m a teacher and I wear Keens to school because they’re so fabulous! If I got a new pair, I’d use them on my cross-country road trip this summer, hiking in Acadia National Park, ultimately ending up on the west coast, seeing the redwoods, and the Oregon/Washington coast – and making lots of stops in between!

    I’m sharing this link on facebook so my friends can get in on the action too! :)

  • Ideally, I’d go on a bike trek around the Faroe Islands in my Keens. For the time being I will continue to slog thru the slushy streets of Saint Paul, MN for the rest of our never ending winter in my Keen Winthrop boots. I LOVE these boots.

  • I love Keen shoes and sandals. I must have at least 10 pair! I have plantar fasciitis, and Keen shoes are the only ones I don’t need a special insert in! I LIVE in them year ’round! I’d love to wear a pair hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park!

  • I’d wear them to work. I’m on my feet all day in the theatre … and Keen’s are the only shoe I can wear comfortably all day !

  • Bought my first pair of Keens (H2’s) when I had a chance to teach in the Galapagos in 2005. Downside was I bought them in January, no chance to break in the BRIGHT blue shoes until I arrived in the land of the blue-footed boobie! My new nick name? Piquerio De Patas Azul! I reccomend KEEN to everyone who will listen, they suit my current teaching position too- running an outdoor classroom in Indiana. More than 7,000 students a year through my programs and Keens are there every step of the way!

  • I am planning to cross the West Elk Wilderness outside of Gunnison, Colorado on foot. I feel Keen makes some of the perfect boots for the two week traverse across the ancient Volcanic mountain formation which in 13,000+ ft. elevation but once stood more than 19,000 ft. high and sent lahars and lava flows out of it for further than 50 miles.

  • I wear my Keen’s everywhere but I need a new pair for my coming trip to Yellowstone National Park. Love them!

  • I LOVE my Keens. I have at LEAST 10 pair! I have plantar fasciitis, and Keens are the only shoes I do not have to wear a special insert. I would love to wear them hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park!

  • I am planning a thru-hike of the AT starting March 30th! I have a pair of hiking boots but I am concerned that they will not last the entire trip and I have not come up with my second pair yet. The Targhee II look as though I could finish out my trip in beastmode all the way to Katahdin, ME!

  • I’d take the new Keen hiking shoes right out my front door and down the street. I wear my Keens everywhere!

  • I wear my Keens everywhere. They carried me lightly through Germany last fall and here at home, I wear them on trecks through our property and on the kayak. I could sure use a new pair of hikers for our fall Colorado trip!

  • I would love a pair of Keens. This summer I’m going to be embarking on three 4 day photography workshops. I know we will be on our feet for a good portion of the day. We’ll be hiking to find spots for the perfect photos, and we’ll be standing a lot while taking photos. I need a pair of shoes that will be comfortable for walking and standing for long periods of time. I’d love a pair of Keens!

  • I’ve lost 125 pounds, and I can actually hike now. WOO HOO. I would go waterfall hiking up the McKenzie river in Oregon in my new pair of Keens I love them! :-)

  • I LOVE my Keens. I have at LEAST 10 pair! I have plantar fasciitis, and Keens are the only shoes I do not have to wear a special insert. I would love to wear them hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park!

  • I will wear my Keens as I walk the streets of Berlin this fall–it’s museums, galleries, gardens and sites– and feel 61-years-young because my feet won’t hurt.

  • I’d bum around India for a while, and if I don’t make it there, I’d have some fun with my kids prancing around the woods.

  • I would take these babies to Yosemite and hike the John Muir trail. I have been wanting to do that ever since I fell in love with Yosemite as a child when my parents would take us camping mulitple times a year. All I need is a sturdy, comfy and reliable pair of hiking boots and Keen has just the ones for me! Not only are the Sierra Nevada mountains a majestic and awe-inspiring, but they also hold many secrets and trials and have taken the lives of those who did not respect the beautiful dangers of the range. John Muir has gifted us all through his hard work and dedication to the beautiful places around us and I do consider him to be one of my lifetime role models. I’d be fulfilled to walk where he walked and absorb the natural energy of the sun, trees, mountains and sky.

  • If I had new Keen shoes, I would love to take them on a trek across New Zeland. One pair of hiking boots and one pair of City Ballarina Shoes and I could be prepared for watever my trip would entail.

  • I’d hike the Squaw Valley in the summer. There are lots of trails and lots of little streams running down the hill. And the is Shirley Lake at the top. Plenty of opportunity to go from land to water and back again. The Newports would be perfect!

  • I am going on three 4 day photography workshops this summer. We’ll be hiking to places where we will be photographing and we’ll be on our feet for long periods of the day. I’d love a pair of Keens as the most important thing about the shoes I will need is that they are very comfortable and sturdy, and ones that I will be able to walk and stand in for long periods of time.

  • Over the years, I’ve owned no fewer than 6 pairs of Keen shoes. I still have most of them, and I love them. But I also have two young, VERY active kids. So, where would I go in a new pair of Keens? Honestly, I’d probably use ‘em to try keeping up with those kids!

  • I’ll wear my Keens on the dusty roads I walk to work in Eldoret, Kenya. And, after work (where I’ve fooled the office into thinking I’m wearing business casual), up to road to the Iten, to watch Olympic runners race by while I consider trekking down the steep Kerio Valley to greet the subsistence farmers below. Same shoes, all day!

  • my husband and I both love Keens and have in the past worn them to canoe the back country in Algonquin Provincial Park in Canada. which we plan on doing again soon.

  • My husband lives in Keen Sandals. This is the only shoe he wears, when he is not at the office. We probably buy a pair every year.

  • I would go hiking in the Great Smokey Mountains in a pair of Keens. They help you walk for miles comfortably.

  • my husband and I love to go to Canada to Algonquin and hope to do some more back country canoeing with our keens on our feet. they are great because they have good support for hiking and yet hold up to water wear and dry quickly.

  • I would go on a bike trip around the Faroe Islands! Until then I will continue to slog around slushy St Paul, MN in our never ending winter in my Keen Winthrop boots. I love love love these boots.

  • Where wouldn’t I wear my keens??? I wear them everywhere! Work, school, play, traveling. I guess this summer I will war my keens to all my flyball tournaments with my dogs! LOVE my keens~ boots, shoes, sandles, hiking shoes~ ALL of them!

  • Keen’s are the shoe of choice among all the animal keepers here in Washington DC. I would wear them while training tigers!

  • I’d take them with me for my 3 months of studying abroad in Fez, Morocco! I’ve heard the streets can get really muddy and hard to navigate, but I’m confident that a new pair of Keens will get me to Arabic classes on time!

  • I wear my Keens everywhere! They are my favorite shoes for every occasion. In our house, we have over 10 pairs!

    • I bought a pair of Keen sandals and they are the best for being on your feet doing a lot of walking! Heading to Europe for 2 weeks in November and would LOVE a new pair!!! :)

  • Well I’m not going to do anything lofty or heroic in mine, but I’ll walk in the beautiful city park near my house.
    That’s enough, right?

  • I’d continue the journey I started last year to become a 46’r by climbing all 46 of the high peaks in NY’s Adirondack mountains.

  • My husband’s favorites are Keen’s slip on leather shoes from Sierra Trading Post. We are retired and our health s a key, but we do love to get out to parks and to pay with the grand kids . Comfy shoes are a big deal!
    MC Sims

  • On my daily walk in my new retirement. I wear youth Keen’s not only for the bargain of it, but because they come in fun colors as well. People always ask me where I get mine because they look different then the adult versions.

  • I’d wear my Keen’s hiking Smoky Mountain National Park on my next break from school! Good quality shoes built for living life well!!!

  • I will wear keens this spring and summer in the Olympic Mts and Cascade Mts in Washington State – hoping for the enchantments. VAnd Mt. St. Helen’s in the fall. Help me get accomplish these adventures with the most comfortable gear possible!

  • I will hike the Ice Age National Trail right here in Lodi, WI wearing my Keen shoes and boots and sandals, depending on the season. Keen is the way to GO!

  • I always dreamed oh visiting Iceland. I look inking to make that dream come true. A new pair of Keen boots sure would come in handy.

  • So hard to decide! I’m loving the outdoor ballerina shoes these days so I’d either go with the Sterling City or maybe grab a pair of sandals for my son:0)

  • I would trek all over the sawtooth mountains in a new pair of boots :) maybe get to drag them to Nepal and someday Manchu P!

  • I’d go back to Thailand! I brought a pair of sandals last time but it would be awesome to have some proper shoes for when the mosquitoes get vicious…or if I want to try riding an elephant! Thanks for the giveaway :)

  • I would and do wear my Keens everywhere. I wear them to work, I wear them to play, I wear them to walk, I wear them all day. Since the first day I put on a pair of Keens I have been a convert, it is like wearing a super supportive pair of slippers that let you walk, run, jump, hike, work and play and they look great.

  • I’d enjoy walking through Capri Italy and Paris France as well as Tucson AZ and Captiva FL in a pair of Keen Sandles…Oh Yea

  • I will be going on a few boy scout adventures with my son this summer, of course wearing my favorite pair of Keen shoes! Not sure my back will be comfortable while sleeping out, but my feet certainly will be-love my shoes!!

  • Where would I take my Keens? Well, I would take my keens with me on my honeymoon to the oregon coast on a hike and get them muddy, wet and sandy! I can’t wait..

  • My Keen lace-up shoes are coming to the end of their life… I have called Keen and checked with the cobbler in Juneau, there is nothing I can do to keep them going. I guess it is time for a new pair. I have loved these shoes! I take them on the rocky beach, the trails, on the boat and then clean them up and take them to town! Great Southeast Alaska shoes. A new pair will pick-up where the well-loved, retired pair left off…

  • Wear my Keen shoes to work and my Keen sandals every day it’s over 50° out. Love ‘em! Plus they support Disc Golf… best shoe company ever?

  • i would wear those ballerinas for a hike with my dawgs in my beautiful desert mountains here in el paso, texas. especially now with the weather changing. the beautiful flowers are ready to pop atop all the desert plants. you have never been here? you have no idea the magic that is the desert during spring. yay.

  • Spring, summer, fall, I go everywhere in my Keen H2 sandals.
    Well almost everywhere – not in the shower or in bed. But everywhere else!

  • Where would I go in my Keens? To the Adirondacks’ Saranac Lakes for a week of hiking and kayaking. Keens are so versatile and so comfortable to be able to go from summit to sea without ever needing to change your shoes!

  • I will walk the dog in my Keens. Just as I have been doing for the last 9 months. Time for a new pair — I’m wearing through the soles.

  • Where would I go in my Keen’s? The question is where wouldn’t I go! I have several pairs of Keens and wear them daily to do everything, my favorite shoes!

  • Keen sandals once saved my life. Riding my bike a little to close to traffic down a hill on a wet day and needing to stop suddenly by dragging my toe. I truly believe I’d have been dead in anything else. I’d go anywhere in them.

  • I’ll be taking them out to go hiking in all the mountains behind my house!
    Would love to take them to Yosemite and Sequoia National Park as well!

  • I would go straight from work to the Boise foothills with my dog for a long hike while she looks for birds. Being able to bring my dog to work, I could take her straight to the foothills without having to go home or bring hiking shoes to change into….if only I had a pair of Keen shoes!

  • LOVE my Keens! I’d wear a new pair of Whisper Sport sandals everywhere this summer — hiking the kettle moraine, exploring Lake Michigan beaches, from the office to the outdoors and everywhere in between!

  • I am addicted to Keen footware. Since I bought my first pair of Newport sandals, I have loved the form, fit, feel and functionality of Keen shoes. I have Keen Newports (2), H2s, Boston IIs, Targhee IIs, Targhee II Mids, and Portsmouths. Love them all. I would take my new Keens to either the mountains (perhaps Glacier or Alpine Lakes) or the slot canyons of Escalante.

  • I would take my new Keens to Europe and hike the trails, specially in Garmisch/Munich or the Alps. Perfect place!!

  • Where would I go in my Keens? To work, to play, to the park, to the grocery store, to the water, to the rocks, to paths known and paths yet to be discovered.

  • Simply everywhere! I live in my keens, I wear them to the office, to the mountain where I ski patrol, around my firehouse, around the house, camping, hiking, walking… simply everywhere. I am in keens nearly 300 days a year, a new pair would be wonderful and might help me reach the 365 day/year mark!

  • Keen me,
    and the Pacific Crest Trail will lean into the sea.
    A climb into the leaves,
    doubling back to kiss nature thieves.
    With a pocket of grasses, soil and tree,
    there is no more passionate gift to thee.

    <3 and thank you for offering a chance to take things higher.

  • I would go everywhere in a new pair of Keens! I love them! Bought a pair when I took a trip to Boston “The Walking City” and they were great!

  • I would wear them in the shower at the YMCA when I forgot my flip flops. Since they are tough enough for trail running, they are certainly tough enough for the Y showers.

  • Since the weather is finally getting warmer in Ohio, I’m looking forward to getting out in the gorgeous Hocking Hills parks!

  • I wear mine everywhere! I have been a loyal fan since the start. Living in the the Adirondacks, where I grew up, they were ideal for hiking the mountains, traipsing in and out of the rivers and lakes, squishing around in mud season, and even wearing to work… and pretty much everywhere! We now live on the far east Maine coast and they are perfect on our rocky shores as well! Love, love, love Keens!

  • I would wear my keens everywhere from hiking in Vedauwoo, WY to working for the Wyoming Conservation Corps to around Fine Arts where my major is centered.


  • I would wear them on our Scandinavian Cruise this July! We’ll be exploring Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Estonia and Russia. My Keen’s would definitely put on some mileage!!

  • I’d take my new Keens to the El Junque rainforest in Puerto Rico during the day and kayaking in Puerto Rico’s bioluminescent bays at night!

  • I’ve already been to so many amazing places with my current pair of Keens, which are over 7 years old and still haging in there: Costa Rica, Trinidad, throughout the SW US, Africa… I could use a new pair for my upcoming adventures in wildlife research around the globe!

  • I’d be wearing my keens on the beach on the Cape with my 2 kiddos looking for shells and sea glass…Now thats heaven to me!!

  • I’ve worn my Keens for the function of working with solid waste and the form of looking nice enough for talking to the public.

  • I have been a die hard keen shoe person for years.. love the product. they make my tired feet happy. I use many of their shoes from the sandals to the outdoor shoes for barn work. I also love the line of twisted x that took off from the keen company thanks for producing quality foot ware

  • I have several pair of Keens and absolutely love every one of them! I live in Colorado, so will wear them hiking all over the state this summer!

  • I would wear my Keens everywhere because they are solid and functional for walking hills, but look good enough to wear with a skirt

  • My current pair of Keen’s has seen so much action over the last 7 years: Costa Rica, Africa, Trinidad, and throughout the US, and they’re still hanging in there! I could use a new pair for all my future adventures in wildlife research!

  • My current pair of Keen’s has seen so much action over the last 7 years: Costa Rica, Africa, Trinidad, and throughout the US, and they’re still hanging in there! I could use a new pair for all my future adventures in wildlife research!

  • I shared this link on my facebook page because so many of my friends love Keen as much as I do. They have to know about this giveaway!

  • I would go walking on the new trail here in Fredericksburg, VA that wends it’s way along the Rappahannock River.

  • Keen Newport H2 (Women) are my favorites! From the first warm day here in Pennsylvania to the last, I wear them everywhere, hiking on the Appalachain trail, going to a PTO meeting, work… everywhere. I even wore them to Kathmandu Nepal on my two trips to adopt my son. His first shoes… Keen Newport H2 (Kids) in bright green.

  • I would start with taking the kids on a hike around our favorite little lake. With the weather starting to warm up, it is tough to stay indoors for long!

  • Keen Targhee IIs helped alleviate my foot condition so that I could continue to venture out into places I thought I’d never go. I’ve hiked near Denali & in the wet wild forests of Southeast Alaska. There’s so much more to explore in Alaska. Everyone should go at least once in their lifetime. Now, I’m headed to the desert Southwest to explore the Magdalenas. From one of the wettest places in North America to one of the driest, my Keens take me down the trails on my own personal journeys.

  • On the multiple multi-day rafting trips we are going to take this summer!! Perfect for water and land, and they don’t fall off.

  • The real question is: Where WOULDN”T I go in Keens? I wear them to work on a regular basis, hiking, outdoor music events, walking in the McKenzie River, to the swimming pool… My 6 yr old son won’t take his off. His idea of dressing up for a family wedding last weekend was to pull out the new, clean pair of Keens that have been waiting in the wings.

  • If you haven’t worn a pair of Keen’s then you have not tuely lived a “soleful bliss of awesomeness” to put it bluntly. I even have 2 pair of Keen boots that I absolutely love. Trails, water, sandles, what can’t you do in them…….you can do anything!
    I shared on Facebook…check it out!

  • I would wear my new Keens all over Ireland. Hiking, walking the old streets, shopping in Dublin, on the beaches of the Dingle Peninsula, and of course…the pubs! Slainte!

  • I am in Florida so wear my Keens all the time but a new pair I would take to my upcoming trip to Nova Scotia. A great fit for hiking hours on the Moose laden trails and then off styling to find a great cafe to replenish.

  • My new pair of Keens and I would be headed off to hike the Weiser River Trail in southwest Idaho. Then on to the Lolo Trail in Northern Idaho to check out part of Lewis and Clark’s route.

  • I sorta stumbled into my first pair of Keens by buying a pair at garage sale. I noticed they had a wider than normal toe box, which caught my attention. I hike predominately in the West and the Southwest. The only thing flat is the parking lot of the trailhead. Keen’s large toebox is a definite must to keep my toes from getting blistered. I have three major hikes coming up in the next few hikes. I am hiking the Grand Canyon, taking a three day backpacking trip in Colorado followed by 14’er. A new pair of Keen’s would make the adventures just that much more enjoyable because I have worn out my current pair. Happy adventuring…

  • I’ve been wearing KEENS for almost 10 years now. I have pairs for all occasions. I get picked on at work for having only one pair of shoes. It doesn’t help when I try to explain that I have 3 pair exactly the same color and style.

    I would wear my new KEENS to the MOON if I could get there. They are my GO TO shoe at all times. I wear them when I kayak, hike, camp!!! All people need to experience these perfect shoes!! I would wear them OUT if it were possible.

    I would wear my KEENS OUTSIDE!!! Forget the BOX! Please pick me!! I will tell the UNIVERSE about my new KEENS :)

  • Where wouldn’t I go in a new pair of KEENS! I’d go for a walk with my dogs. To the park. To the game. To the pool. To the mountains. I’d even go to the backyard for a nice relaxing evening! I’d go everywhere in a new pair of KEENS!

  • Wherever my feet would carry me! I’m going for another 30 pound loss after working at keeping 50 pounds off for a year and 5 months! Time to get moving and comfortable Keens would be AWESOME!!!!!

  • I would take my Keens hiking up the Narrows in Zion NP Utah. Perfect footwear to protect your feet while walking up the rocky bottom of the Virgin River neath the gorgeous sandstone cliffs.

  • I love my Keen sandals and wear them all summer, and I have a winter/insulated pair, too! They last forever. This summer I will wear them on the West Coast, along all the beaches near Highway 1!

  • I’m heading back to Havasu Falls & would love to have some new Keens to do it in..& in the meantime they’d be getting broken in on my hikes around San Diego…<3 my Keens!

  • I wear Keen’s everywhere. Trail boots, shoes, sandals and water shoes! To NH mountains and trails, Connecticut woods and yard, Virginia and New England beaches, Work, to the gym….is there a limit on words?

  • My Keens would take me to work, to the park, to the market, to a music festival, to the lake…..Keen’s can take you anywhere!

  • I wear my Keens everywhere! Hiking boots, shoes, sandals, Newports. Connecticut yard and woods, NH mountains and trails, New England and Virginia beaches, work, gym. Is there a limit on words? My girls both wore them growing up. Perfect for little feet running around – gives them protection and accessibility. Love those toe bumpers. They are my life saver.

  • I shared on face book . I would wear my Keen alaska womens boot in the snow storm we will have next year,Last year i wore my betty keen boots. I Love All Keen products!! Thank you for making great sturdy yet comfortable shoes,boots & sandels!! Jennifer Coombes

  • My Keens go everywhere I go! From hiking in East Africa to kayaking the mangroves in the Florida keys, from camping in the Shenandoah to attending international conferences on bear conservation! Since I first discovered Keens I’ve never lived without them. They’ve proven to be the best footwear for my job as a zookeeper as well and I’m on my feet at least 12 hrs a day traversing all kinds of terrain. I can’t thank Keen enough for the comfort they’ve provided me in all facets of my active life! LOVE KEENS!!!!

  • Love my KEENs! My river shoes have covered many miles for me, my work hikers get the job done, and my newest addition winter pac boots have kept me warm in the worst of conditions!

  • I have 3 pairs of Keens and can wear them anywhere, my light hikers are perfect for walks when there is still snow on the ground and looking forward to breaking out my sandals for a spring walk around our local lake.

  • I just picked up the Keen Targhee II shoes Wednesday from STP. I’ll be using them on Missouri’s Katy Trail this spring and summer!

  • My 2 boys and I all wear Keen boots. My pair is ready to be replaced and I plan to this Spring, just in time for a trek with the Boy Scouts at Philmont Scout Ranch in NM. I’ve worn other brands, but Keen fits my feet the best. The durability is outstanding! Other than Philmont, our Keens take us all over the GA AT in all kinds of weather. Keen is the only boot for my family.

  • I wear my Keen hiking boots everywhere – to church, to play in the snow, into town, and for backpacking & hiking, of course! I love the new & dressy styles of ladies shoes that are out now. Keens have just the right touch of “pretty” with practical, so the more in my closet, the better!

    I’ll share this giveaway on Facebook.

  • Oh the places I’d go! I try to actively commute with my kiddos to school each day, sprint home and dash off to work… need some shoes that will eliminate the sneaker to work shoe change!

  • I have always wanted a pair of the Sport Sandals! I have water sandals but stub my toe, I admire my kayaking friends with their Keens. I would wear them to out lake church and then to paddle my kayak or run errands in town. Great looks and design.

  • I can go anywhere in my Keens but first would be to the top of Harney Peak in the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota!

  • I go EVERYWHERE in my Keen’s–and that is why I love them! Even the ballet flats are comfy enough to walk several miles in :)

  • I’d go to work in them..I’m a chemo nurse..I’d go fishing in them..just got back from WWB in Riggins, ID..I’d go hiking in them at Mccall, ID..I’d run Robbie Creek in them..I’d travel with them and love them in the great outdoors:)

  • My Keens have carried me to the top of Devil’s Peak on Hunter Mountain in upstate NY. A new pair would carry me all the way around the escarpment trail on Hunter and Black Dome.

  • I’d wear a new pair of Keens to my job as a motorcycle instructor. I stand on a blacktop parking lot in all kinds of conditions while teaching people how to ride. I need a pair of boots that cover my ankles for safety, but are still flexible, waterproof, and have decent arch support. Keen fits the bill!

  • I’m a Scoutmaster for a Boy Scout Troop going to the 2013 National Jamboree. Lots of great activities with many different requirements, so I’m recommending each boy get a pair of Keens! The closed toe bumpers are perfect for us.

  • If I was able to win a pair of Keen hiking boots, I’d have the last piece of gear I need to start hiking the Ice Age Trail in northern Wisconsin.

  • Small creek fishing in the Smoky Mountains in June……and a hike or two, and hunting salamanders, and relaxing at the tent.

  • I’d love to wear a pair of Keen Newports while rafting the San Juan River. My old ones wore out after 10 years of many river adventures.

  • I would take them back to our honeymoon spot: a garlic farm in Dixon, NM! A creek runs right by it and Keens would be perfect to go in and out.

  • My Keens have taken me from the cobbled streets of Europe to the Andean peaks of Peru. I always travel with a couple pairs in my backpack, and a pair on my feet because, without them, my adventures wouldn’t be as enjoyable. Currently, I am planning a trip to Central America and my Keens are at the top of the packing list.

  • Would love to have a pair of Keens. I would wear them to climb up the boulder strewn path to Ramapo Mountain in my area, then take a long walk around the wooded lake. Hike up Pyramid Mountain to see the tripod rock, or climb up the trails at the Delaware Water Gap, knowing I have good footing.

    • A pair of Keens will take you anywhere your feet desire! The most durable, longlasting , comfortable brand out there! Keen will take you miles and miles! Keen makes your feet happy!

  • I would take my Keens out on the upper Hudson River in my kayak, and then wear them to the canyons of Manhattan for a little gelato in Little Italy. I’ve done it before! :)

  • I would wear my Keens on the upper Hudson River in my kayak, then to the canyons of Manhattan for a little gelato. I’ve done it before! :)

  • I would walk all over St Louis with my Keens. I do not have a car, so I do a lot of walking. I also have a dog, so he would very much enjoy my happiness or walking on Keens while walking him.

  • I’d love to have Keens to bike past the WVU kids on my way to work. I’d also love some Keens to take my wife and kids up to challenge Dolly Sods and its boggy Beaver Grade trail to get to the good patch of wild blueberries.

  • Ohhhh…the places I’d go! I would wear my Keens anywhere the journey takes me….mountains, mesas, woods and lakes. It’s a great big wonderful and amazing world out there and I want to see as much of it as possible!

  • I would wear them hiking through the Rocky Mountain National Park. Haven’t been able to hike for 3 years since a severe knee injury but am gearing up for it!

  • I wore my Keens everywhere when I visited Vietnam with my husband (a Vietnam vet) in 2010. This year, we’re returning to Vietnam with our daughters. I need a new pair of Keens for this trip.

  • ANTWHERE and everywhere! I just came back from a trip to Las Vegas, what did I pack, 3 pair of Keens out of 4 pairs of shoes. I love them, nothing beats them in comfort and casual style. Converted so many people!

  • I would love a new pair of Keen’s for our upcoming trip to Rome. A pair of Keen’s would come in handy on the Spanish Steps, or tossing a coin into the Trevi Fointain.

  • I am relearning to walk after medical problems and would like to use KEEN shoes to walk on walking tracks then to hike in trails on smokey mtns when stronger

  • We’re retiring in May and plan on camping, hiking, biking and kayaking in our Keens full time. I have lots of waterproof sandals but I wear my ten year old Keen sandals in my kayak every time. I must have been one of the first people to buy a pair. They are still in great shape, but I’d love to have a new pair!

  • I’m going to Europe in June–6 countries in 17 days. Keens are the best walking sandals I’ve found–I’m going to need at least one new pair for this trip!

  • Going to Utah in May to visit my two sons and one daughter-in-law and each year we go to southern Utah for a weekend of ultimate hiking. They’d be great for the trip!

  • I have 5 pairs of Keens already! I haven’t been able to wear my new Betty Boots yet, but I wear all the others all the time! Hmm let’s see, I’d love a pair of Newport H2 Sport sandals! I’d wear them all over my backyard (Olympic National Park in Washington State!) plus the Kenai Peninsula in AK where we have a cabin. Tons of uses for them and all the other Keen styles, you just can’t miss with Keens!

  • I am a big fan of Birkenstocks, I own 6 pair. I have been thinking of trying Keens since they also look very comfortable and I am on my feet every day all day despite having Fibromyalgia. What better way to try out Keens than to get them for free!!

  • I go everywhere in Keens.
    I work in Keens, I play in Keens, I go to concerts in Keens,
    I fish in Keens, I hike in Keens, I hunt in Keens,
    I go out in Keens, I hang out in Keens, Hell I wrote this in Keens!
    I’d go anywhere in Keens !

  • I wear them everywhere….and although I vowed never to be one of those people who wore socks with sandals in cold weather, I have become one, just to wear my Keens for a bit longer every year!

  • Love Keen’s! Have a few pair. The new ones would be going to the Allegheny River in PA for some kayaking and hiking this summer.

  • Love Keens! Ready to head to the Allegheny River for some kayaking and hiking. New Keens would make it all the more special.

  • I currently wear my Keens while standing in the Klamath River when I take my nightly river bath. I know my wife would sure appreciate a pair so she does have to wear mine. Thx.

  • EVERYWHERE! Work with 0-3 yr olds in NJ. To Texas to greet my fiancé when he returns from deployment. To MD to visit family & friends. To DISNEY with not-quite-family(yet) to visit family. To THE OUTER BANKS for a vacation retreat. On my trips through various airports this summer. Out walking the dog at all the nearby parks! New Mexico out breathing the ponderosa pine mountain air finding myself again!

  • I will wear them immediately to hike the mountains around Phoenix and then hike the Rocky Mountains on vacation. I love Keens shoes, they make my feet happy!

  • I would wear my Keens in Tx rivers, trout fishing in Nm, Co, Nc, Wv, Ar or anywhete else I find myself this summer. Possibly in tide pools in northern Ca.

  • I’m a teacher. I would wear them to school, plan a class hike down to the creek, and do some water sampling.

  • Everyday and everywhere! Keens are my choice for comfort, durability and versatility. Took five years to wear out one pair I wore everyday to work. I have 6 differant styles now and enjoy each one. Can always use another pair. Love em!!!

    Love my Keen Hikers but would love to have a pair of sandals so when I reach base camp I can swap them out

  • I’m taking a group of 17 undergraduate students on a field course this summer. We begin in the Andes Mountains in Peru at Machu Picchu and will make our way down into the Amazonian lowland rainforests. A new pair of Keel’s would be perfect! :)

  • My Keens have already taken me so many places, the desert in southern California, Upper Peninsula of Michigan, mountains of West Virgina, and Bassano Del Grappa Italy. This year they plan on taking me to the mountains in Norther New York and Leadville, Colorado. These are ablsolutly the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn for hiking, keep up the good work Keen!

  • I have no particular place that I would wear my Keen shoes because I woulod wear them everywhere. I have foot problems and am not able to wear many brands of shoes so when I find a pair that I can wear all day with no pain, then I am all in. I walk my dogs 2 miles a day and sometimes by the time I get home my feet feel bruised on the soles, not so with my Keen’s. The City Ballerina shoes could go from work to a brisk walk with my husband without a problem.

  • My husband has a 10 year old pair that has seen better days. We’ll be heading in the river as soon as things thaw out here.

  • My feet feel better at the end of the day when I’ve worn my Keens than any other shoes I’ve tried so……..I would wear them to work. I work at a reptile park. You never really know what the day will bring. I spend most of my time on cement and rock floors feeding and cleaning up after crazy critters but, I might need to help wrangle a gator, nudge a giant tortoise in at night or hike around looking for a good basking branch! My feet get wet and. dirty! Keens hold up through the day and are great for days off when I head to the hills for fun!

  • I wear my keens everywhere… ceramics studio, hiking, walking the dog. but those ballerina shoes are going to be perfect for traveling abroad. finally, a versatile, cute and comfortable shoe!

  • I would wear my new keens tramping all over the woods and pond and meadows of our Wisconsin farm and down the dusty road to the neighbors and back again.

  • My first pair of Keen Briggs took me all over the country, big cities to backwoods. They were so versatile, I never needed to pack more than one pair of shoes. I would love to take my next Keens back to Channel Islands National Park.

  • How wonderful to have a pair of new Keen’s as I enjoy the summer with my two children and husband! Hiking, camping, and canoeing! I can just smell the fresh summer air!

  • I’m planning to hike across some lava fields in Hawaii’s Volcano National Park. Last time, the sharp lava edges cut my non Keen shoes to ribbons!

  • I love my keens! I wear them to work as a teacher and a small business owner. I can stand in them all day and my body doesn’t hurt like with other shoes. I would love a new pair to take hiking this summer!

  • I would love a new pair of Keens for my kayaking, hiking and camping trips to the Adirondacks in NY State this year. I currently have 8 different weekend and week long trips scheduled.

  • I wear my Keens monday-friday. Most comfortable steel toes I have ever walked in. Could wear them everyday without a problem. Great shoes.

  • In my new Keens I would… hike in the Jewel, hike in Glacier, hike where my husband takes me (places with no names), and camp, camp, camp (hopefully that many times).

  • My daughter Sarah and I both wear our Keens EVERYWHERE! From summer sandals, to casual dress, to hiking shoes, we LOVE them all! I would love a new pair of dress casuals!

  • I bike commute to work everyday on the Springwater Corridor trail from Portland to Gresham, OR. So, that is where I’ll be wearing my Keen Springwater Cycling shoes ;)

  • I would (and do) go everywhere in Keens! I have four pairs including the elusive hurraches and I wear them all the time. Best footwear there is!!!

  • I would go to Costco in my Keens! (And hopefully other exciting places too, but I have three kids, so let’s face it – I go to Costco all the time!)

  • I own a dog walking company located in the beautiful emerald city of Seattle – so it goes without saying that Keens are my “go to” shoes when walking the pups all day! I would wear my Keens walking along the puget sound with Ms. Chloe the french bulldog by my side, then Luke, then Sammi, then Abby, then Tilly, then Bambam, then…..

  • I would wear my keens to support my local state parks, planning to use my annual pass all over the beautiful state of Indiana!!

  • I’d wear my Keens everywhere from my backyard in the NW to the water and trails in Glacier National Park.

  • I would wear my Keens anywhere
    I wear my Keens to work
    I wear my Keens to play
    I wear my keens to hunt
    I wear my Keens to hike
    I wear my keens to fish
    I wear my Keens to bike
    I wear my Keens to go out
    I wear my Keens to stay in
    I wear my Keens to just hang out
    I’m wearing my Keens to type this
    to win a new pair of Keens so I don’t run out!
    I would wear my Keens anywhere

  • In the summer, I wear Keen hiking shoes for off-trail scrambling up Chugach peaks. In the fall, I’m caribou hunting in pouring rain/snow in Interior Alaska. In the winter, bike commuting in Anchorage, Keen boots keep my feet warm and still look stylish (for Anchorage, ha!) at the office.

  • I’d wear my new Keen’s on the shores of Lake Superior and northern Wisconsin and every place between here and there. Sierra Trading Post has been my supplier of tons of bargains for many years.

  • I would go backpacking on Isle Royale in Lake Superior. Rocky Climbs and miles of pristine natural areas. My husband and I are planning our first “Empty nest” vacation this summer: 23 years of marriage, 2 sons grown and gone. It is time to get back to “us”, and we plan to start doing that in one of the most natural and beautiful areas in the United States.

  • I would wear my Keens to every possible National and State Park across the lower 48 and all over Hawaii and Alaska. Knowing that Keens are built to last, the shoes would be a dear friend during a lifetime adventure.

  • I wear Keen’s in water, at the beach, hiking, walking around town, in the snow — everywhere. They are always comfortable, well-made, and durable. My favorite brand.

  • I’d take my Keens on a long walk on the Oregon Coast, along with my dogs, my husband and my kids. I’d probably kick them off just for a bit to run in the surf.

  • Keens are my favorite footwear for the past ten years. I bought a baby blue pair the first year they came out and still have them! I would wear my Keens on a three month trip walking around France, Italy, and Austria: through meadows of red poppies in the South of France in May to strolling through Italian villages eating gelato in June and dancing Austrian folk dances in July.

  • I plan on wearing my Keens to all my summer adventures. Having recently had both knees replaced, Keens are a must. The keep me steady and they look so good. So look out world … this grandma is ready to rock.

  • My son (13) and I will be hiking parts of the AT together this summer. Both in our Keens! I wouldn’t even attempt it without him or my Keens :-)

  • I love Keens! I must have 20 pair between shoes, sandals, slip-ons. I didn’t realize they are only 10 years old! I would love another pair like the H2 so i could wear to the beach – they are so wonderful. I’m looking forward to summer when I can go to the Delaware beaches and walk all day in my Keens!

  • It’s time to replace my trusted pair of H2 sport sandals. They have been with me hiking the AT, Fishing in the Northwoods of MN, they are the best boundary waters shoes bar none, perfect for lazy days tubing down rivers or a day sailing. Looking forward to using a new pair for portage trail and campground maintenance this fall in the boundary waters.

  • My husband and I have a wonderful anniversary camping, hiking and beach trip planned for Cape Disappointment, WA this summer. Hiking trails and playing in the ocean, perfect activities for KEENS!

  • With my current pair of Keens, I go to work at my job at the regional trauma center. But!!! I’m planning a trip in April to Turkey and am looking for a pair of Keens to buy for that. I think Keens would be perfect because they are lightweight, comfortable, airy, great looking and have great support! And if I could win a pair, that would be even better!

  • I’m looking forward to wearing Keens on our family camping trip on the North Shore of Lake Superior this summer– our first with the youngest, who’ll be 18 months, and probably riding on my back, so a comfy set of Keens will be necessary equipment!

  • I am going to use the 25% code to buy a pair of Keen’s to wear at work. I work 12 hour overnight shifts in a busy ER and I am always on the lookout for comfy shoes w/ good arch support. I have only heard great things about your shoes!

  • I would wear Keen’s to hike to see Feather Falls. Snow melt spring waterfall season!

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