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****Congratulations to Stephen B who was selected as the winner. If you didn’t win, we’ve got another great giveaway going on this week.*****

Marker was establish in 1952 when skiing pioneer, Hannes Marker produced the first commercially marketed releasable ski binding. With over 60 years of innovative designs, Marker Ski Wear has been a leader in snow sport products from skis and bindings to ski jackets, waterproof snow pants, goggles, and ski helmets. Keep reading to learn how you could win a free Marker product at the end of this post.

Marker’s mission is “to design and build superior quality technical outerwear that will improve our customer’s skiing experience”. The Marker brand name is synonymous with quality and value. Skiers and snowboarders can expect high quality and performance from every product Marker manufactures. If your goal is to stay warm and dry during a full day on the slopes, you can’t go wrong with Marker.

Marker Ski Giveaway

Outside of the traditional ski jackets that Marker is known for, you can now find down jackets, mid-layer fleece jackets, ski wear and more. They also make some great high quality ski jackets for kids. Sierra Trading Post recently received a large shipment of Marker apparel and you’ll find great deals on this great brand at the Sierra Trading Post website. Check out some of our favorite new products.

Hot New Products from MarkerMarker Giveaway

1. Marker Journey Ski Pants – Waterproof, Insulated – If your mountain journeys include cold chairlift rides, deep powder descents and high-speed groomers, take Marker Journey ski pants along for the trip. They feature waterproof breathable shell fabric and 60g synthetic insulation.
2. Marker Ramp Ski Jacket – Waterproof, Insulated (For Men) – Ramp up your weather defense system with Marker’s Ramp ski jacket. Waterproof breathable polyester oxford stretch shell fabric and targeted insulation keep you playing comfortably through cold and wet winter days.
3. Marker Aurora Gore-Tex® Jacket – Waterproof, Insulated (For Women) – Marker’s Aurora jacket combines Gore-Tex® waterproof breathable protection and targeted insulation, so you get heavenly warmth for those stormy days in the mountains.
4. Marker Ariel Jacket – Insulated (Little Girls) – A little girl’s winter-style dream, Marker’s Ariel jacket features a toasty-warm insulation and adorable, colorful print of hearts and stripes, complete with internal grow cuffs to keep her warm and stylin’ for several winters in a row.
5. Marker Meteorite Gore-Tex® Ski Pants – Waterproof, Insulated (For Women) – Marker Meteorite ski pants let you move as fast as a shooting star, regardless of the weather. The Gore-Tex® Performance Shell delivers waterproof breathable protection on cold and wet descents, and 60g polyester insulation keeps legs warm on cold chairlift rides.
6. Marker Jr. B. Spade Ski Jacket (For Boys) – Constructed with water-resistant, breathable twill fabric and variable insulation, Marker Jr. B. Spade ski jacket lets them conquer slaloms and snow forts while staying completely dry and warm.

 The Marker Giveaway!

Would you like to get your hands on a new product from Marker? Simply leave us a comment below letting us know what you love about Skiing or Snowboarding.

Would you like to double your odds of winning this Marker Giveaway? Share this link on Facebook, Twitter or other Social site then comment again to let us know where you shared it.

We will pick one winner to receive the product of their choice from Marker. That is any Marker product currently available on Sierra Trading Post. The winner will be contacted by email and announced on Thursday 2/28/12.

Save Some Money on Marker Ski Gear

Do you have your eye on a product from Marker? Or any other brand available at Sierra Trading Post? Click on this link to save 25% off your order at Sierra Trading Post. Some restrictions apply.

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Andy Hawbaker
Andy is a hiker, backpacker, snowboarder and outdoor fanatic. When he isn't exploring the Rocky Mountains with his wife and daughters he shares his adventures here on the Sierra SocialHub.

41 comments on “Marker Brand Spotlight and Giveaway

  1. TJ

    For me, skiing is all about the Three F’s.
    Fun – Freedom – Flow
    And Marker makes some great stuff the lends itself to all three.

  2. Ryan

    I love skiing as family bonding time. Now that my kids are old enough to get out on the hill, my wife and I don’t have to fight about who gets to take the big one skiing. We can all go!

  3. David Macpherson

    The Marker Ski Jacket with attached hood is my go to whenever the tempatures drop below 20 degrees. It has all the correct details without being fussy.

  4. Michael Matus

    I have only skied , mostly because I can not afford another expensive sport. But just getting to the out doors is enough for me.

  5. Jennifer Fossen

    I LOVE being in the gorgeous, rugged Colorado mountains, especially in the woods…
    Add snow and proper gear, and I’m in heaven!

  6. Terri V

    I snowboard because I get to get to play on the mountain with my husband and grandson. It keeps me young and in shape. I love the comfy Marker jacket I have. :-)

  7. Jim Bayer

    What I love about skiing is the varied challenges. You can ski the same Mt a 100 times and the same trail dozens of times per trip and you always have the potential of it being a totally different ride. Some of my best runs were not on the perfect powder, empty trail, great visibility days, but on the nastiest crud, flat light and crowded slopes.

  8. Christine

    I love being outdoors. i love snow. The freedom to be on skis and skiing down slopes or in the back country exploring is like nothing else, it feels like flying! Skiing is my favorite outdoor sport!

  9. Joe

    Since the upper Midwest is basically 2 seasons (winter and mosquito), getting outside is essential. Skiing is the ideal winter recreation to keep active. As long as you are dressed for the weather, being outside and going downhill is a great experience.

  10. Stacey

    What do I love about skiing? EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!! (What’s not to love?)
    p.s. I do appreciate wearing the right gear for being out in all conditions… like my Marker “Betty” snow pants :P

  11. Alexa F.

    I’m not a huge skier or snowboarder, but I love hiking and the great views of a snow-surrounded Lake Tahoe. The Marker Aurora in green looks pretty awesome, too.

  12. Stephen B

    Marker is my go to product for helmets and bindings. Would love a garment to round things out.
    Shared here:

  13. Stephen B

    Would love a garment to round out my helmet and bindings from Marker.

  14. Stella T.

    I have never been snowboarding, but I love skiing. It’s a way for me to get away from it all and also face my fears. I have a crazy fear of heights, but with my skiis strapped on, I have taken to some pretty high heights! I’ve been able to see some beautiful scenery. Nothing makes me happier than fresh fallen snow! Well, maybe winning a Marker jacket :)

  15. Brian swank

    Skiing combing many elements of the sporting
    Life-fitness, rugged outdoors, nordic traditions.

    Many are drawn to trendy resorts yet some prefer smaller reasorts. Just as a reliable jacket or warm pair of gloves, there is nothing more
    Familiar than the smiling faces of friends, first tracks, beautiful scenery, and endless traditions!

  16. Nina Suetake

    Snowboarding for me is all about the feel of the turns and of flying through powder while enjoying the gorgeous scenery


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