Merrell Giveaway and Brand Spotlight


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Do you love the outdoors? If you hike, trail run, or even enjoy urban pursuits, chances are you’ve heard of Merrell. Keep reading because I’ll tell you about Merrell’s history, tell you how to save some money on their products and even give you a chance to win the product of your choice in our Merrell Giveaway.

merrell giveaway

In 1981, Randy Merrell establish the company to make what his early customers called the most comfortable boots ever. In that same year, Backpacker Magazine named his boots “the most comfortable and functional boots in North America”. Over the years many other awards have followed for Merrell’s comfortable and functional hiking boots, trail runners and minimalist running shoes.

Merrell is still primarily known for their excellent footwear but they introduced an outdoor adventure clothing line in 2006. You’ll find light-weight, packable and quick drying shorts, pants and shirts. Merrell’s clothing goes from active workout wear to comfortable travel clothing. Check out a few of our favorites below and keep reading to enter the Merrell Giveaway.

Merrell Giveaway and Brand Spotlight

1. Merrell Chameleon 4 Mid Hiking Boots – Waterproof (For Men) – These boots boast lightweight support, waterproof breathable protection and outdoors-inspired style, so you’re equipped for off-road activities in all types of terrain and weather.

2. Merrell Lenticular Adventure Rest Jacket (For Men) – This wind-resistant breathable jacket packs into an interior pocket and transforms into a soft neck pillow when you need to catch some Zzs.

3. Merrell Pace Glove Trail Running Shoes – Minimalist (For Women) – Merrell’ Pace Glove trail running shoes feature a gender-specific minimalist design with a secure Omni-Fit lacing System and VibramĀ® Trail Glove outsole to promote a more natural running experience.

4. Merrell Chameleon Arc 2 Shoes – Waterproof (For Women) – High-intensity hikes that lead through creek beds and mud puddles call for Merrell’s Chameleon Arc 2 shoes.

5. Merrell Ellsworth Pants – UPF 50+ (For Women) – Merrell Ellsworth pants are so comfortable, you’ll find yourself wearing them for weekend walks, early morning hikes or just lounging around.

6. Merrell Barefoot Road Glove Running Shoes – Minimalist (For Men) – Merrell’s Road Glove running shoes come from the exclusive Barefoot Road collection and are designed to enhance your natural stride, connect you to the earth as you run, and naturally align your body and muscles while you move.

Merrell Giveaway

Would you like to get your hands on a new product from Merrell? Simply leave us a comment below letting us know where you are planning to explore this summer.

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We will pick one winner to receive the Merrell product of their choice. That is any Merrell product currently available on Sierra Trading Post (Check the Giveaway Terms and Conditions for any exclusions). The winner will be contacted by email and announced on the blog on Thursday 4/25/13.

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Andy Hawbaker
Andy is a hiker, backpacker, snowboarder and outdoor fanatic. When he isn't exploring the Rocky Mountains with his wife and daughters he shares his adventures here on the Sierra SocialHub.

116 comments on “Merrell Giveaway and Brand Spotlight

  • I’ll be out exploring the beautiful Wasatch Mountains just like I do every summer!… Probably already wearing my Merrill shoes.

  • Planning to explore the mountains of Colorado as our family’s baby-steps-toward-bigger-adventures process (my kids are 3 and 6 right now). We have Estes Park down, the train from Durango to Silverton, and coming back through Angel Fire.

  • I’ll be staying close to home this summer (unemployment does that), but doing plenty of hiking and nature photography, and getting dragged by our outsize puppy, Frankie!

  • My family and I are moving to Singapore this summer – I would love some comfy, breathable shoes to wear as we explore southeast Asia.

  • Plan on being gone for a month in total, exploring the Salmon area of Idaho, as well as SouthWest Colorado.

  • I’ll be exploring the Colville River Delta on the Northslope of Alaksa! I’ll be working with the USGS surveying shorebirds.

  • I’ll be exploring all the mountains around South Lake Tahoe with my wife, we like to hike all the peaks around the area, plus we explore Nevada in our Jeep and hike from the end of the road.

  • I’m going to explore and camp throughout Wyoming and Montana this summer with my dog. Wayne, the dog, wears a shirt I retro-fit from an old Merrell shirt I had to keep him cool and dry, and I have my beloved eagle perf shoes that I just cannot live without. Yay!

  • I’ll be in the SF Bay area hills during the week….and somewhere within a 5 hour drive of the Bay Area on weekends!

  • After missing out on last summer due to a broken ankle, I look forward to excursions around central and northern Arizona this summer!

  • I plan with my son to camp in the Sierras near Downieville Ca. as soon as his classes are finished for the semester. Hi will bike the single the single track trails there. I will hike, take photographs, and maybe canoe some of the beautiful lakes up there.

  • I’ll be out with my kids hiking, biking, and running mainly around Seward, Alaska. Merrells are a staple for our family especially living up here.

  • My wife and I fulfilling a lifelong dream with a trip to the United Kingdom this summer, with both sightseeing and hiking activities planned. I’ve had my eye on those Merrell mids for a solid hiking boot for the trip, it would be amazing to win them!

  • I’ll be using my Merrell boots to explore New Hampshire’s White Mountains this summer. I will also be wearing them this weekend to keep-up with my three boys at a soccer tournament. It’s supposed to rain before and the park will be muddy. These are my favorite waterproof shoes!

  • I’ll be wearing my Merrell shoes I’ve had for 3 years exploring my backyard, aka Glacier National Park!

  • Back to tromping through Western NC and some of the foothills this spring, summer, and fall. Merrells have served me well over the years and my flat feet!

  • Oh boy, it’s really not just one place this summer. Let’s see…more backpacking around Angeles National Forest, Sespe Wilderness…and a scheduled trip to Jennie Lakes Wilderness this July!

  • Love my Merrill Ventilators! The normal and Gore-Tex Ventilators have supported my feet on all my long distance treks, including Nepal, Patagonia, Sierras, Cascades, Rockies, etc… This summer I’ll be putting them to use again in the Sierras, Canadian Rockies, and Glacier NP.

  • From local hiking trails in NY to Assateague Island to Indiia, hoping my Merrell hiking shoes will take me to lots of new places this year!

  • My Merrill Pace Glove shoes allow me to walk with less pressure on my knees. I just purchased my 3rd pair since knee replacement 1 1/2 years ago. So you can tell I’m happy with them … and will be walking a lot all summer.

  • I wear my Merrells while competing on my horse in 50-mile endurance rides. When we’re in the mountains, sometimes I get off and run or climb with him, and they keep my feet comfortable when we’re out there for 9 or 10 hours. He loves splashing in rivers, so I love that the Gore-Tex lining keeps my feet dry. This summer, my Merrells will be coming with me and my horse to Virginia, Vermont, and lots of places in between.

  • I will be hiking on the rhyolitic glades of the Missouri Ozarks, the Black Canyon of the Gunnison River in Colorado, and wherever I can get to in Washington and Oregon.

  • Will be in the GSMNP as well as traveling down to Guatemala two separate times. Probably even going to Brazil as well. Could really use some great shoes for these excursions!!!

  • I’ll be hiking and fly fishing in Missouri, Colorado, Washington and Oregon. I shared this on Facebook.

  • I don’t know about summer, but Morel season is right around the corner here in Northern Indiana. After hiking hours in a cold, water-logged woods, my feet are dry and happy in my Merrell Boots.

  • I’ll be exploring Eastern Oregon near Sisters this summer. We’re planning on heading out towards the Metolious River area to camp with my elderly 15 year old dog and her 12 year old doggy buddy. It will be pretty chill since, at 15, her hiking days are behind her. She still loves to go, though, so we’ll head out, camp, walk by the river, and sit by the fire!

  • I love my Merrell trail running shoes and plan to take them hiking/running throughout Pennsylvania this summer. Also trying to work out details for Colorado and upstate New York trips. It’s going to be a fabulous summer!!

  • I am a youth group leader and besides camping in the spring snow this weekend, I plan on introducing the young men to canoe camping in the wilderness of northern WI. I did a 65 mile trip with another group down the St Croix river in MN, which involved some cliff jumping, rock climbing and portaging. I love my merrell shoes, high quality with amazing customer service.

  • I will never buy another shoe brand again. Up to 15 pair and have to say my yeti mocs are the oldest and the best of them all. These shoes just won’t fall apart . Hiking in midatlantic this summer.

  • At age 63, I may have to give up the goal to climb the 46 high peaks in the Adirondacks, but we will still be in the high peaks area to hike this summer. It’s where my heart is and I will be hiking there until I can’t physically do it any longer. Would love some light weight hiking shoes for the trails that are not as strenuous!

  • Daily hiking with work (overseeing 3 camps in the woods) means any Merrell items will get a lot of use. My main boots are a Merrell pair and I’ve had them… 5-6 years now? Love them! I’d love to check out Merrell clothing!

    Plus a backpacking trips or two and lots of landscaping work.

  • I have recently started Backpacking in addition to Dayhiking and plan on enjoying many of the wonders of the Southwest this summer, including a 6 day Backpack in Grand Gulch, Utah in May!!! Really stoked!!!!

  • You don’t have to be running to enjoy Murrell running shoes. I’ve worn the light weight, breathable running shoes for years working pounding concrete in the Emergency Room. Then when I head for the trails in the Smokies where I live my Murrell high tops keep my weak ankles supported. Last week the hiking was Sedona, Taos, and the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, no slipping climbing the butes, at almost 65 I will stay with Murrell, and Sierra Trading Post.

  • When it comes to boots, Merrel has the best! I have pairs I hike in and pairs I can put on with a dress for work or date night. This summer I can’t wait to get out hiking in spain in my Merrel boots. I’ll bring along my dressy ones to for nights out on the town!

  • We’re going to be hiking in the Sierras, especially around Lake Tahoe. I really really need new hiking boots!!

  • Colorado’s full of awesome places to explore. I hope to get over to the Maroon Bells this summer.

    I love my Merrell mocs! I have a green pair I wish I could find again. They’re a smooth leather, not suede, and I have never seen another pair like them.

  • i’ll be running in the great smokyh mountains in my new mix master 2s …… i love the bare access 2 for the roads but can’t wait to try the off road equivalent….. keep up the great work merrell

  • I was going to say “are they hiking boots or are they slippers?” Then I read the history and totally understand! I love my merrell hiking boots! I bet the other merrell goods are just as good and would love to try!

  • Hope to explore Norway and Tenerife in Spain. Some good equipment are required) Like Merrell Chameleon 4 Mid Hiking Boots e.g.

  • This summer I plan on exploring some Appalachian mountain streams. Maybe some fly fishing, or just browsing around for salamanders. I could really use a new pair of Merrell water shoes!

  • Used to have my trusted Ventilators everywhere I go but worn them out :( Planning to explore Mt. Whitney, Yosemite and Shasta this summer.

  • My best and favorite shoes are the Merrell Chanmeleon 2 , I have 4 pairs of them and I’m absalutly obsessed with them . Iv shared this contest on my Facebook wall . Thanks for the opportunity to win .

  • We live in New England. We look forward to hiking the trails in the beautiful White Mtns of New Hampshire in the summer.

  • My awesome son is doing the Tough Mudder in Tampa FL in the Fall. I’m so proud of him and I want to help him win some minimalist shoes for the event!

  • My daughter will, once again, be exploring the BWCA. It is extra special now that we are learning that a copper mine has been proposed in the Superior National Forest. Hoping the plans get thwarted because it could lead to the destruction of this pristine area.

  • Merrell shoes are my favorites for work. I am on my feet all day at a Doctor’s office. I have several different styles of Merrells in different colors. Several of my coworkers are also now wearing Merrells. We have patients commenting on how nice our shoes look too. Not only are they super comfortable for all day wear but they also look great !!!!
    Thanks for creating such a great product.

  • I’ll be exploring the Smoky Mountains, Cherokee Nat’l Forest and many other spots close to East Tennessee. Get outside and play!

  • This summer will be a follow-up of last summer and, hopefully next summer. Miles of mountain, desert and coastline trails with a sweet two week stretch spent in Kings Canyon and Sequoia NP’s. Some of the best hiking in CA.

  • This is a major outdoor summer for me! I’ll be hiking in Peru, Spain, Sweden, Scotland, California, and Hawaii! Woohoo! Would love to add some Merrell’s to my backpack!

  • I am a 50+ young lady, who just went on my first backpacking trip with three of my adult children! I loved it! I was wearing my new Merrell hiking shoes, which were wonderful! Now we are planning a mother daughter backpacking trip with a few other mothers and daughters. I need to get my own equipment and I am pretty much starting from scratch! I’m eager to check out what other great products Merrell has to offer!

  • I shared the link on Facebook and also told how much I loved my Merrell hiking shoes! I was looking over the products and I’m super excited about what you carry! I’m pretty sure we’re going to do a trip up by Lake Superior! If not, we’ll be looking at Colorado and one of the easier hike up 14ers. It will be my first 14er too! So many firsts!

  • I would LOVE to win a pair of Merrell’s to wear while hiking around Wayne National Forest, in the heart of Appalachia! I have a new little one, and I LOVE strapping him into his carrier and taking off hiking into the woods, and sure footing is always a good thing!!

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