Mountain Hardwear Giveaway and Brand Spotlight

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Spring is just around the corner and tents, sleeping bags, backpacks, light weight fleece, waterproof jackets and casual clothing are probably all on your wish list. Mountain Hardwear is definitely one of the top brands that should be on your mind when searching for these items. Keep reading because you’ll find information in this post that will help you save some money on these items and possibly win our Mountain Hardwear Giveaway.

History of Mountain Hardwear

In 1993, four leaders of the outdoor industry all left their jobs at other major outdoor companies to form Mountain Hardwear. Their mission was to become the number one, authentic outdoor equipment company in the world. Be focusing on intelligent designs, using the most advanced fabrics and focusing on quality, Mountain Harwear quickly gained respect with outdoor spot enthusiasts.

Mountain Hardwear Giveaway

Mountain Hardwear has pioneered cutting edge technologies like Gore® Windstopper® fleece and Gore-Tex® XCR®, incorporating them into performance gear that functions as well as it looks and fits. Their light weight tents and sub zero sleeping bags are favorites of weekend warriors and hard-core alpinists.

If staying warm, dry and comfortable in the backcountry is as important to you as looking good around town, you’ve got to check out Mountain Hardwear‘s products. Below is a sampling of top Mountain Hardwear Products available at Sierra Trading Post.

 Hot Mountain Hardwear Products

Mountain Hardwear Giveaway

1. Mountain Hardwear Pyxis Hoodie Jacket – Fleece – The luscious furry-fleece Pyxis Hoodie jacket from Mountain Hardwear keeps you toasty without weighing you down.
2. Mountain Hardwear Drifter 2 Tent with Footprint – 2-Person, 3-Season – Mountain Hardwear’s Drifter 2 tent has a simple two-pole design for easy set up, a mesh canopy and two doors and vestibules for convenient entry, exit and gear storage.
3. Mountain Hardwear Dome Perignon Beanie Hat – You’ll never want go back after “tasting” the warmth and windproof luxury of Mountain Hardwear’s Dome Perignon beanie hat, equipped with AirShield fleece.
4. Mountain Hardwear Snowtastic Dry.Q Elite Jacket – Waterproof, Soft Shell (For Women) – Mountain Hardwear’s Snowtastic soft shell jacket features a Dry.Q Elite waterproof breathable membrane that’s also ideal for backcountry climbs.
5. Mountain Hardwear Micro Grid Pullover Shirt – Zip Neck – Ideal for layering, Mountain Hardwear’s Micro Grid pullover shirt is made of an insulating, lightweight Gridlock fleece that keeps you toasty without weighing you down.
6. Mountain Hardwear 20°F Pinole Sleeping Bag – Synthetic, Mummy – Mountain Hardwear’s 20°F Pinole sleeping bag features offset quilt construction and Thermic MX insulation to maximize loft, compressibility and warmth in a lightweight package that’s fit for the backcountry.

Mountain Hardwear Giveaway

Would you like to get your hands on a new Mountain Hardwear Jacket, Tent or Sleeping Bag? Simply leave us a comment below letting us know what you plan to do with your new Mountain Hardwear Gear.

Would you like to double your odds of winning this Mountain Hardwear Giveaway? Share this link on Facebook, Twitter or other Social site then comment again to let us know where you shared it.

We will pick one winner to receive the Mountain Hardwear product of their choice. That is any Mountain Hardwear product currently available on Sierra Trading Post (Check the Giveaway Terms and Conditions for any exclusions). The winner will be contacted by email and announced on the blog on Thursday 3/7/13.

Save Some Money on Mountain Hardwear Gear

Do you have your eye on a product from Mountain Hardwear or any other brand available at Sierra Trading Post? Click on this link to save 25% off your order at Sierra Trading Post. Some restrictions apply.

Take 25% off at Sierra Trading Post

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Andy Hawbaker
Andy is a hiker, backpacker, snowboarder and outdoor fanatic. When he isn't exploring the Rocky Mountains with his wife and daughters he shares his adventures here on the Sierra SocialHub.

347 comments on “Mountain Hardwear Giveaway and Brand Spotlight

  • I would use the tent this summer with my young girls grace (soon to be 8) and Gabby (5) – they both want to start backpacking with me and camping more… however they want to sleep in a traditional backpacking tent — not a big family.. man i love them!


  • I know exactly what I’d do with any MH gear.
    Use it until it can’t be used any more. LOVE their stuff. One of the companies out there that really ‘gets’ the needs of those spending time in the backcountry. And there’s nothing like having confidence in your gear.
    Good luck to me. (Oh…and to everyone else too). :)

  • This gear would be invaluable in our endurance fundraiser to raise awareness about children’s health, education and well-being both in the U.K and Nepal.
    We’re attempting to walk the entire 860 mile Welsh Coastline in just 30 days. That’s roughly 30 miles a day, every day, for 30 days.
    We’d even wear the women’s clothing.

  • Love to get a new sleeping bag since my scouts messed mine up in the fall when I took them. Plenty more trip planned and a duct taped bag is not the best. Being a leader is a tough job but the boy have so much fun. shared on FB and tweet

  • Awesome giveaway! If I were to win I would love a sleeping bag or a tent, but it wouldn’t b for me. Honestly, i would share it with my hunting partner who has a need for both! I have a good sleeping bag and small tent, but he has none. We are looking to go hiking and hunting in the SoCal mountain backcountry this year and either one would be very valuable.

  • I could use any of this Mountain Hardwear gear on my next hiking/camping trip in South Missouri. I will be camping in 2 1/2 weeks and we currently have a foot of snow on the ground!

  • Heading out to Death Valley in a few weeks. I would use it there and then it would get used in late summer for field work in B.C.!

  • I would use the gear for backpacking and hunting trips. Te only thing I need is a tent, bag , and pad. Then I am ready to go

  • I would use this gear to go back packing. My gear stash is really missing a good tent and sleeping bag. I’ve been making do with hand-me-downs and they’ve got some age on them. That soft shell sure would come in handy too ;)

  • I seriously never enter contests, okay rarely. CA camping all year and camping/hiking/kayaking on Santa Cruz Island this summer. I need a backpacking tent.

  • I have to admit, I’ve been eye-balling that -20 degree Wraith Down Sleeping Bag. But I’d be in divorce court if I bought it.

    With that bag I could go out anytime of the year and feel safe and protected.

    • I’d like a Mountain Hardware hooded shell for when I run in the rain. Might have multiple posts as I don’t see it come up when i press “Post Comment”.

  • I plan to hike the Superior Hiking Trail with my new Mountain Hardwear gear. I have the Pinole and it is great. I might have to go with tent or a backpack.

  • Love MH gear! My MH Lightpath 2 has been with me through many backpacking trips last year. Of course I would love to win some MH gear!

    Let’s see, where to go? How about the Sierra’s in July/August!

  • All of the gear would be put to good use on my cross country move to Texas….and of course plenty of exploring what Texas and the surrounding states have to offer!

  • I’ll be climbing Gannett Peak and Laramie Peak in Wyoming this summer as well as doing Tour de Massive in Colorado plus working for the Wyoming Conservation Corps. I’d love the sleeping bag, but any of the items would benefit me!

    Shared on FB from Sierra Trading Post :)

  • I realized when I was hiking in Vancouver that I could seriously use a good rain gear/outdoor jacket… but I’m also in need of a ski jacket for some upcoming Killington trips!

  • I love my MH gear and yes, I would like to win some gear from MH! I have some trips planned this year to backpack in the Sierra’s…this is where the gear would be used.

  • I would to take my son on his first backpacking trip in the backcountry . The place we want to visit is the Canadian Rockies this summer. He is 9 and he is very excited about going and experience one his dad’s biggest love “the outdoors”. We need an new sleeping bag for him so we can spend the night outside looking at the stars

  • Love all my MH gear I have so far would love to add to the collection and use it on a 3 overnight stay at SHI SHI beach on the Olympic peninsula the first week of May and then take it with me to Palouse Falls in Eastern Washington state while doing night photography at Palouse Falls

    Ray Still

  • I realized while hiking in Vancouver that I really need a rain gear/breathable jacket… but I could also use a ski jacket for some upcoming trips to Killington!

  • Fishing trips in NH are perfect for Mtn Hardwear. Skiing trips are good too.
    I probably would most likely to wear a fleece to a bar and look like and outdoorsy type while i sample local micro brews.

  • All the gear would be put to good use in my move to Texas…and of course exploring all Texas and the surrounding states have to offer!

  • I would appreciate winning the tent! I’m brand new to Laramie, WY and could use a tent to go camping and get to know this country better!

  • I would choose the sleeping bag and take my eight-year-old son backpacking and bag 3 peaks from our campsite, one of them being Sharkstooth in Colorado!

  • I love my MH gear and yes, I would like to win some gear from MH!
    I have some trips planned this year to backpack in the Sierra’s…this is where the gear would be used.
    Shared on FB –

  • I love my MH gear and yes, I would like to win some gear from MH!
    I have some trips planned this year to backpack in the Sierra’s…this is where the gear would be used.

    Shared on FB:

  • Planning on a 2 week camping trip in 3 Utah National Parks this summer and would benefit greatly from some new swag. Mountain Hardware is some of the best around and would make a great addition to out kit.

  • I would really like the Snowtastic jacket for both resort and backcountry skiing! It would be a great match to my Snowpocalypse pants!

  • Hi would love to get the Pyxis fleece jacket. I live in Vermont but am located in New Zealand for a period of time. It is super windy here and a bit damp so it gets chilly for long walks along the mountain ridges or walks on the beach or sea kayaking trips…. I have a waterproof and windproof jacket but need a cozy fleece for all of NZ’s changeable weather. And of course, it would come in plenty handy back in Vermont as well! (And it looks stylish too, which is a bonus!). Cheers!

  • If I win I think I will have that little 2 man tent shipped
    to my daughter’s address on the Campus of Stanford University
    in Palo Alto ,California. I live in Virginia and hike,bike,and camp
    all over this beautiful state but I definitely want to try Northern California.
    My next trip to Stanford is in April.SURPRISE me with an email and put
    a smile on this Irish face ! Happy St Patrick’s Day !

  • I will be Backpacking over 50 miles over six days through the Sawtooth mountains in Idaho this summer and any mountain hardwear gear that win from STP will be coming with me!

  • I would use the Mountain Hardware gear in the Pittsburgh elements while I’m out documenting our great city. I’m wearing my favorite Mountain Hardware hat I got from Sierra Trading Post as I write this.:) They make excellent products.

  • I would love to say I would be taking my new Mountain Hardware gear on another PCT hike (on which my Phantom 15 kept be toasty), but this year I have to settle for only a month off:( I am thinking that month will be spent backpacking in Washington state.

  • I’ll be backpacking 50 miles through the sawtooth mountains of Idaho this summer, any Mountain Hardwear gear that I win from Sierra Trading Post will come with me!

  • I would love to use the sleeping bag in Denali this summer. My boyfriends family lives in alaska, and we are planning a 5 day backpacking trip in September, and I could use something nice and toasty. Please pick me : )

  • My MH Lightpath 2 tent has been with me on many adventures. I would love to own more MH gear….who wouldn’t! If I win, the new gear will be put to good use on my backpacking trips. I have a few Sierra trips planned for this year.

    Shared on FB:

  • I love my MH gear. I have a great jacket I wear almost all the time. If I won this giveaway I would use the products this year as I lead a backpack trip for teens in the San Juan Mountains this summer.

  • My daughter is an Environmental Science major who makes treks to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area for enjoyment and for study. We are a family with multiple kids in college so our budget for camping gear for her is very very limited. This would be a huge help because I could help get her a new tent or a new winter sleeping bag. She was up there a few weeks back and it got down to -27 at night. Quality gear makes all the difference in weather like that. What better winner than a bright and beautiful young college student who wants to change the world for all of our sakes :)

  • I would replace my current Sierra Design that has begun to seep water through the floor and use it for Week of Rivers in Bryson City, NC, this summer!

  • I’d take a 2 season tent so I can go summer camping without having to haul out my only current tent, a heavy 4 season model. Shared on Facebook.

  • I’d be using my Mountain Hardwear gear when I go to New Zealand this fall!! Must have a great tent and the best waterproof gear for a trip like that!

  • I desperately need a new ski jacket – with zip pits! VT is still dishing out the snow and my jacket’s about 20 years old!

  • I have a Mountain Hardware jacket I wear all the time during winter. By far my favorite. If I won this giveaway I would use the gear during a backpack trip I am leading this summer. I will be taking a group of teens into the San Juan Mountains of Colorado.

  • I would use the gear for hiking and camping in the Yellowstone area and around Moab. I also want to try some back-packing for the first time this summer and explore some Wyoming mountains! Hopefully I’ll also be able to squeeze in some rock climbing and kayaking in there too sometime.

  • I plan on taking all my great new gear out to the wild deserts of the Colorado Plateau in Utah, Coyote Gulch, Trans-Zion trail, canyonlands maze district and across the rain forests of the pacific Northwest to the top of Mt Hood, Rainer and South Sisters. Did someone say western Colorado and Glacier NP as well? yup, there too and then off to California Yosemite to Death Valley.

  • I’m planning to climb Pico de Orizaba next Spring and am beginning to buy the gear now since it’s my first mountaineering trip.

  • I will be backpacking in the Bitterroot and Mission Ranges in Montana. I’d gladly bring some new Mountain Hardwear gear along with me. You wanna go too?

  • I will be using all my new gear in Utah’s Coyote Gulch Canyonlands Maze district, Trans zion trail and then off to the pacific northwest for a hike up Mt Rainier, Mt Hood and South Sister. Off to western Colorado then up to Glacier and Banff. Might even make it to California sierras Muir trail and Death Valley.

  • Tried to comment a second ago but the page went blank so this may or may not be a repeat:

    I am entering for my daughter. She is an Environmental Science major who goes up to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area for both enjoyment and for study. We have multiple kids in college so our budget for decent camping supplies is very very small. On a trip to the BWCA a few weeks back, the temps reached -27 at night. Quality gear makes all the difference in conditions like this. I would love to be able to have a little more peace of mind when sending my only daughter into areas like this, where there is no cell coverage and she is relying on her wits and her equipment.

    What better winner could you have for a contest than a bright and beautiful young college student who is seeking to change the world for the better. It would serve all of us to ensure that she succeeds. Thanks a million for this opportunity :)

  • I work for the Outdoor Adventure Program at Old Dominion University, where we teach fellow students how to get outside and learn the skills they need to lead their own trips. On my next trip I will be hiking over 90 miles of the Appalachian trail during spring break. Cold weather and snow almost a guarantee. A nice lightweight cold weather sleeping bag or a hard shell rain jacket would be great to have on this trip. I find the more gear I personally own, the better I can teach my participants about preparing themselves for the outdoors. Vote for the the poor college kid!!!

  • I would go with my son’s Boy Scout Troop in the tent to Glacier National Park next summer and if not the tent I’d sure love that sleeping bag and if not the sleeping bag I could use a new water/wind proof jacket, mine’s 15 years old and my son is now 16! Montana dreaming from Minneapolis.

  • I’m going to back-country ski 25K around Camel’s Hump (on Vermont’s highest mountains) this weekend and sure would love to have that soft-shell! I’d put it to good use on other adventures too!

  • I would wear that Snowtastic jacket on my hikes with the dogs as it gets mighty windy and cold out on that lake. Even in GA we have some incredibly bitter 30 days when the winds blow. It doesn’t bother my dogs and they always seem so disappointed when I cut our walks and hikes short due to improper clothing on my part. Too often I find myself wishing for warmer weather when I really prefer winter,I just don’t have any of my winter clothing since moving here from the Adirondacks.

  • I would use some gear on hiking and camping trips this summer in the Yellowstone area. It would also be great for some exploration of the Moab area and some Wyoming mountains! I might even get to squeeze in some rock-climbing and kayaking if I”m lucky.

  • Mountain Hardwear gear is stellar for travel– doesn’t matter if it’s a climbing trip to China or a jaunt to Venice. I’m eyeing that Sarafin sweater pretty hard…

  • I have a trip plans to the Trinity River in Northern California for salmon steelhead a later this year. it would be wonderful to have the strip this merchandise on this trip with me.

  • I would wear that Snowtastic jacket on long walks and mountain/ lakeside hikes with my dogs. Since moving to GA I have come to realize that I am much less active in the colder months, when in upstate NY… the snowy months were our favorite! Apparently much of my winter attire has been lost or given away and the dogs always seen so disappointed that we don’t get to enjoy more time outside. I usually cutl our hikes short due to my being ill dressed. That jacket would be a huge plus for us all.

  • New Mountain Hardware gear? What would I not do with it!?! Camping, hiking, rock climbing or just a neighborhood jog with a new Mountain Hardware fleece. The brand is awesome! (And no, I am not just saying that so I will win. I SERIOUSLY love Mountain Hardware)

  • Well this is pretty straightforward for me … go camping, hiking and backpacking with my son who just moved up to Boy Scouts. Our first backpacking trip was in 30 degrees (down to 21) and snow! I sure could have used a Monkey Man jacket to keep me warm, or a lighter tent to haul into the back country and save my 45 yo frame!

  • I am very interested in getting into more running outside and live in MN- thusly our weather is different on a daily, of not hourly basis :) I would love to use the Mountain Hardware Hoodie Jacket as my running jacket of choice for both the spring, fall, and sometimes summer ( for running) and as a layering piece for winter cross-country skiing. The quality appears more than decent and would be a piece of equiptment that would stand our tough, outdoor weather.

  • I would strap that super fantastic gear to my salsa vi ti panniers and go where the road takes me! Yeehaw– ain’t nuttin like not knowing where your goin:)

  • We moved to Alaska last year, and we need to do some serious exploring this summer to take advantage of all that sunshine…well, light. It may be rainy, and it will probably be cool, but still.

  • This summer I could use a jacket for a trek along our local trail with The Moose (my chessie/lag mix). Walking with The Moose is always an adventure.

  • I would use the tent to camp in as many of the National Parks as I could this summer.
    Mountain Hardwear Drifter 2 Tent with Footprint – 2-Person, 3-Season

  • I would like to go the porcupine mountains in The upper peninsula of Michigan. These might not really qualify as a mountains elsewhere, but there is some awesome hiking.

  • I’ve been trying to get my wife to come backpacking in the Trinity Alps (with our fearless dog of course) to no avail. Something tells me a new Mountain Hardware tent would get her excited! :) Can’t wait for springtime! :)

  • I currently attend Virginia Tech which is surrounded by the Appalachian Trail and multiple other outdoor adventurous activities. In the coming year, I plan on making it out to Zion and will hopefully explore the canyons for a few weeks. There’s a high chance of it being cold in the canyons at night and being able to get a something as great as a new, warmer sleeping to a reliable, breathable rain shell to even just a beanie would even help. I currently have gotten some new MH apparel and love it, so receiving another MH item would just add to the collection and others would see my endorsements of the quality product!!

  • I’d like a Mountain Hardware sleeping bag because mine is almost 20 years old! I’ve always loved Mountain Hardware gear and own several pieces.

  • Love the Mountain Hardwear Drystein II Dry.Q Elite Jacket . My husband is always working outside and this would be awesome for him.

  • I plan on using it exploring my new state of Minnesota! I’ve learned that I need at least 5 different jackets for the various temperatures and weather patterns, so any of the Mountain Hardware jackets would be a welcomed addition to my outerwear collection.

  • Living down the street from STP in Laramie, I would love that yummy hoodie to go for walks with my dogs in our “lovely” windy weather.

  • My goal is to visit one national park every two months in 2013 so any additional gear would come in handy for all those hikes, trail rides, swims, kayak rides, and sleepovers under the stars.

  • I am moving to Colorado this summer and plan to take on as many 14ers as possible over the next two years…the fleece and sleeping bag would be great additions!

  • I’ve been visiting one national park every two months in 2013 so any extra gear, especially Mountain Hardware, would be beyond awesome for all those hikes, kayak rides, trail rides, swims, and horseback rides!

  • I am moving to CO this summer and could definitely use the gear! I am planning on trying to take out as many 14ers as possible!

  • I’M HIKING 1,000 MILES ON THE PACIFIC CREST TRAIL THIS SUMMER!! WOOP WOOP :) I’ve gotten most all I need from thrift shops around town when it comes to clothing and warmth, but what I am lacking is a fleece and tent. Anything light weight and durable is my go to and I’ve experienced the great quality of Mountain Hardwear before. That Snowtastic jacket would be pretty nice for some alpine adventures in the mean time before the hike too, though……

  • I’M HIKING 1,000 MILES ON THE PACIFIC CREST TRAIL STARTING IN MAY!!! WOOP WOOP :) I’ve gotten most all that I need from thrift shops around town when if comes to clothing and warmth, but what I am lacking is a fleece and tent (ours just went out of commision). My go to will be items that are durable and light weight and I’ve experienced the great quality of Mountain Hardwear before. That Snowtastic jacket would be awesome for some alpine adventures in the mean time though……..

  • This is actually pretty mundane in comparison – I plan to be comfortable in my bike commutes with a MH Jacket! Year ’round biking + Pacific Northwest = a need for sweet gear!

  • I hike on the AT every day (it’s right across the street!) and use my MH hat (#3 in the pic), MH Petra pants, and MH rain pants often. This year I plan to do a seven-day backcountry in Banff, so any new MH would get a great workout there. Last year was five days backcountry in Glacier…who knows what next year might bring!

  • My husband and I would use a new tent to backpack into the Wind River Range. We had to barrow a big heavy tent last year. Send it our way we will love it to death.

  • Living in Western Montana Our weather is mostly unpredictable, for example I woke up to a blizzard and not even a hour later the snow was all melted. This is the story of my life, every MT adventure is truly epic in one way or another but weather makes it more ‘fun.’ With my new gear I hope to bag some peaks in the Bitteroot National forest that I have been eyeing for some time. I have always used Mountain Hardware as my go to brand and it has never failed me. That being said I can wait for my new fleece wear to come so I can climb outside and be warm and protected from the elements, but just in case the storms roll in Ill bring my new snow shell. Much love to Mountain Hardware from the Big Sky Country!

  • I have worn my Mountain Hardwear gear for everything from going to the office, a trek to Machu Picchu, travels through Southeast Asia, and soon Antarctica!

  • I love mountain hardwear – I have some great winter pants I’ve been winterbiking in this year (I’ve had them for over a decade!). If I won I’d use my gear/clothing this summer in June on a backpacking trip to Sequoia and Yosemite! It’ll be my first time at both of them and I’m really looking forward to it!

  • Would use gear to go hiking and camping with my wonderful husband of 27 years. After spending most of our time over the last twenty years raising our 3 wonderful children, we are starting doing more together. Getting out enjoying nature and getting healthier in the process!

  • I have some of the MH hiking pants they fit like a dream. I have never been backpacking so I think I would take the ultra light tent on my very first ever backpacking trip of an unknown destination in the wilderness :)

  • I would complete my equipment list so that I can go on my first ever backpacking trip. The plan? From the East to the West of the Olympic Peninsula in Washington.

  • I have a few of Mountain Hardware hiking pants, they fit like a dream. I would take the ultra light tent for my very first ever backpacking trip to an unknown destination in the wilderness : )

  • I would use the tent to take my son camping A LOT. We LOVE camping and I took him for the first time when he was about 6 months old. We were going to the New River Gorge, WV quite often. We would camp for about a week and climb the whole time we were there. Unfortunately, our tent was lost in a move about 2 years ago. I’m a single parent and struggle even as many traditional families do. Camping provides us with a wonderful experience at very little cost. Thankfully we have been able to borrow one over the past couple of years but it would be so nice to have our own once again. This would be such an awesome gift for my son!!

  • I need a new synthetic sleeping back for big walling in yosemite. I’d rather not spend hanging bivies in a soaked down bag.

  • I would take a MH jacket skiing, XC skiing, on Search and Rescue missions, backpacking, camping, mountain climbing, you name it! Ditto for a tent. I need a better one of them both! Would love to have one :)

  • I think if I were to win some new mtn. hardware gear I would do the 100 mile wilderness at the north end of the at!

  • I love going to the mountains, hiking camping, fishing, & rafting. Mountain Hardware make great quality lasting products that anyone would be proud to have. I have a couple myself and would always love to have more. My advice, “get outside, it will do the mind body and spirit good”.

  • Better then ever. I’m going to do the simple stuff, stay warm and sleep and do it all better than ever with mountain hardwear!

  • I’ve had my eye on the Mountain Hardwear Drifter tent for the last 3 months. I’ve been saving my pennies and will be buying it for my 5 day raft trip on the Owyhee River in April. I already own and LOVE the jacket and the beanie.

  • If I won new Mountain Hardwear gear I would use it on treks into the BWCA when I escape to heaven on earth just minutes from home. I would use it cross country skiing, snowshoeing, camping in all four seasons, kayaking, fishing, hiking, climbing, bicycling, and maybe in between at school when I have classes amidst these activities. And then I would tell people how durable and wearable and usable the gear is and that the nice people at Mountain Hardwear gave it to me to facilitate “connecting to nature” exploratory expeditions. Cheers, adventurers.

  • I plan to bike across Colorado and Utah and be comfortable and protected in my Mountain Hardwear gear! Love it!!

  • I would love a new MH tent as im starting to camp more with my 5 yr old son and my current Mountain Hardwear tent is cramped quarters.

  • My name is Jaclyn Marston. I’m 15 years old and have fallen in love. With the outdoors. I always have, but lately, it’s been calling. When I was younger my dad and grandpa always took me fishing and camping in the Portland area. Up and around Mt. Hood and the Columbia River gorge. For the last 3 years my uncle has introduced me to new, beautiful, outrageous things I never thought I would try. We traveled to Smith Rock, in Central Oregon last spring and did rock climbing, which I now have interest in pursuing. Rock climbing is different than anything else I’ve ever done. It’s quiet, peaceful, and your mind completely relaxes. You look up to find that next foot hold, or that precise crack you have to wiggle into. And that is filled with the back drop of a beautiful color blue sky that expands in every direction.
    After rock climbing, I started looking up more. Literally. Mountains, actual peaks that rise above the clouds and become beautiful natural skyscrapers that stand so effortlessly. I started to look at mountains, and the outdoors differently. But now I don’t look at things like I have to conquer the world, I just want to reach the top. Not Everest or K2, but my goal. Everyone’s goals are different, some are to become a doctor, or famous, or raft the Rouge river. But mine, is to climb Mt. Hood
    People always ask “Why do you climb mountains, when you don’t have too?” I find this question very appealing, because people find that they can ask it so openly. I am always tempted to ask, well why do you have to get married? Or have to buy the new IPhone 5? Or get the best seats to a Justin Bieber concert? I don’t ask because it’s a silly question, because they’re answer is going to be “Why not?” Because they can do what they want to do, and I can do what I want to do. I just need some stuff to help me get there. There as in, up.
    My first goal was to climb South Sister. It’s a 10,300 ft peak in the Cascade Mt. Range. It’s not technical, but a very grueling, engine grinding climb. You gain 4900 feet in elevation from Devil Lake, in 5.5 miles from top to bottom. The view was impeccable and beautiful, with Middle and North Sister standing side by side you could literally shout to each mountain top. When we got to the car, about 3 hours later, we were exhausted. And yet, I could only keep thinking “Could I do it again?” And I could, and I wanted to. And I will.
    The outdoors have always been my passion, from fishing, hiking, camping, skiing, and rock climbing but now I have found my new interest in Mountain Climbing. My uncle loves to climb and has a dedication to the outdoors since his was 15 too, and his has acquired skills by doing so. He has offered me up the chance to go and climb Mt. Hood with him this summer. So I would have to start training now. In this process I have climbed South Sister and my next goal is St. Helens or Mt. Adam before I challenge the all mighty Mt hood. The only problem is I do not have any hard core gear to help me there and will last me for the rest of my outdoor life span.

    • Right on Jaclyn. While I’m entered in to this contest and would like to win, I think I’d rather see you get the prize.
      Good luck and hike on.

  • I stopped going outdoors since moving to the big city, Chicago. This would be my opportunity to start camping again.

  • I live in MO, and work as a nurse practitioner in a rural community. I’d use my gear when I am doing home visits in weather (like this crazy snow storm that’s left most of the community without power- some of whom are living in tents), when I’m with my parents in Oregon crabbing, when visiting my brother in the Olympic forest helping him timber cruise, when home with my husband’s family farming and moving cattle, and when exploring the ozark trail near home while backpacking!

  • I live in MO, and work as a nurse practitioner in a rural community. I’d use my gear when I am doing home visits in weather (like this crazy snow storm that’s left most of the community without power- some of whom are living in tents), when I’m with my parents in Oregon crabbing, when visiting my brother in the Olympic forest helping him timber cruise, when home with my husband’s family farming and moving cattle, and when exploring the ozark trail near home while backpacking!

  • The jacket would be great for hiking and the tent looks like it would be a great addition to ou camping supplies!

  • And if I get this sleeping bag… it will help subside a little bit of my spring fever while I plan camping trips.

  • If I had a Monkey jacket I’d be out on my backcountry ski touring setup with my dog and be as warm as he is with all his fur!

    Also, link shared on facebook already. :)

  • I’d go camping with my new sleeping bag. My old one is from when I was a kid and that was 40 plus years ago. I have a new tent but would love to snuggle in a new Mountain Hardware sleeping bag. Cozy, cozy.

  • I would love a new Mountain Hardware Sleeping bag to go camping with friends at the river. My old one is from when I was a kid and that was 40 plus years ago. It would be so cozy to have a new bag.

  • What I would do? My 10 year old daughter loves to fish. Camping in high, Rocky Mountain lakes in Montana during the summer with mountain Hardwear gear may actually enhance the experience and get her hooked on the outdoors for life!

  • I would use the gear all summer long up here in Coeur d’Alene Idaho, because thats just what us CDA’ers do:) With all of our lakes, rivers and mountains you can never have much fun or be too prepared for the change in weather!

  • A year ago I took a bunch of MH gear on a 2 month trip to Patagonia to volunteer doing ecosystem restoration at Estancia Valle Chacabuco and do some epic trekking. The -15 Lamina bag was the best possible choice, my MH puffy kept me plenty warm, and the Pyxis hoody is snuggly and makes a great pillow, too. If I had new Mountain Hardwear gear, I would take it back to Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego to trek the Dientes Circuit and revisit Mt. Fitzroy!

  • l could finally fully participate in Washington Rain Festival, Jan 1st – Dec 31! Missed few months last year:-(

  • I would use any and all mountain hardwear gear or clothing for multi-day kayak camping on the spring fed Jacks Fork river in Southeastern Missouri.

  • I found a link to this entry on facebook. I would love to win something from Mountain Hardware, I own lots of gear from MH and really love the company they take care of there customers and have good durable gear. I just recently got a matching had and scarf on sale and tottaly love them, I did not know that they had a matching jacket (( the sky blue fleece )) I would just love to have that . and I would also (( if the jacket is not available )) would like to have a sleeping bag, I already have 6 MH sleeping bags for our self’s that cover all seasons but I just cant seem to lend out one of mine when we have a friend join us backpacking so I would love to have one that I can use a a loaner to my friends and family members that like to come with us that don’t have all there own gear.

  • I would do some backpacking on the Florida Trail with that Drifter 2 tent. Gonna go anyway but a new tent would be nice.

  • Man i need this tent! Because i’t my favorite colour and lookung good for trip to rainforest (i’ll be invisible and dry). And because i’m still don’t have my own tent. :(

  • Presidential Traverse is on my list. It can get pretty nasty up there, so quality gear would be nice!

  • New outerwear or clothing would be very much appreciated and useful for work as a Naturalist teaching others about the great wonders and making connections with the natural world.

  • Mountain Hardwear for my upcoming master’s research field season. Three months of tracking migrating and breeding birds!

  • We plan on taking our 5 year old son horse packing into the Gros Ventre mountains in Wyoming.
    Hopefully with a new Mountain Hardware tent!

  • I use my MH pants for winter running and cross country skiing teaching hundreds of inner-city kids to enjoy the snow in our Muskegon Winter Sports Complex. Could use a jacket to keep me dry in these long volunteer hours.

  • I would love to win the Mountain Gear for someone’s birthday. This person is always helping others and she loves adventure and nature.

  • I lead a small hiking group in CT and if I won this gear I would share it among the group. We are mostly moms and we all struggle to afford the gear we need to do what we love…hiking, backpacking and being outside with our families. Mountain Hardwear rocks, so I would love to share it with the group so everyone is able to go on adventures with the best gear!

  • I would pick a jacket for sure to go along with the alpine touring setup I’ll be getting (hopefully) next season. Then I’ll take it out with me for some backcountry goodness!

  • Would take my kids camping, as in the real thing, not this so-called camping bit where parents rent little cabins. Real camping is an experience hard to replicate.

  • A new sleeping bag would help me fulfill my 2013 goal of more wilderness camping – and maybe convince my wife to tag along. :o)

  • I’d love a new tent! I’ve got a five person family tent, but it’d be nice to have a little guy for backpacking trips! Not to mention my current tent is almost as old as I am…

  • I have a house and closet-full of Mountain Hardwear gear. I’d love either a new tent or a replacement for my MH sleeping bag that dates back to the late nineties. What would I do? Hit the Sierras this summer.

  • I haven’t run “hard” in at least 3 years…due to having 2 kids over the past 3 years. I’m about to being training to a fall half marathon and would LOVE to wear the MH Trinity while doing so. I’m easily discouraged by rain, so I’m looking for something to leave me void of excuses when the weather challenges my training schedule. No doubt the Trinity will do that. Aside from training, I do “Run” around seemingly all day with my toddler and pre-schooler, and as overkill as it sounds, prefer to wear performance materials that breathe well so I’m not wasting time changing, dealing with discomfort, etc. This is a performance jacket for sure, but perfect for all-around every day wear if you’re always moving. Winning such a thing would be great….kind of out of budget for us. Paycheck for staying home with kids? :)

  • I’d like the tent, because I keep putting off getting a 3-season – and really need one to make week long hikes possible! I’m 23, it’s time.

  • I would use the Mountain Hardwear Snowtastic Dry.Q Elite Jacket to stay warm and dry in our stormy weather right now!

  • I’d love to get a good sleeping bag for my wife so we can start camping together. Or a nice waterproof shell so she isn’t so cold in the winter/spring snow and rain!

  • I’m hiking the JMT this summer and need reliable lightweight gear that I can trust to keep me warm, dry and happy. I also would hope this gear would last me beyond the JMT and extend to all my future expeditions. Having owned many MH pieces, I trust their durability. Wish I could own more (wink, wink) :)

  • I’m going on a thru hike of the Appalachian trail on April 15th this year! First time trying it out and I plan on finishing it! Would def love to have and use some great gear along the way!

  • I would wear the women’s Emporia Gore Tex® Pro Shell Jacket for cross-country skiing in the winnter and hiking in the warmer weather.

  • I just got a soft shell jacket. I plan to wear it until it falls apart! That will include hiking in the Adirondacks and wearing it to the store. It is replacing a fleece jacket that I had for almost ten years, and I hope this one lasts longer.

  • after more than 30 years since my last backpack trip, mountain hardware gear will help get back into the wilderness.

  • I’m in desperate need for a new tent for camping this spring/summer! One of the 3 person, 3 seasons. First place I’d take it, Joshua Tree for some climbing!

  • I plan on visiting some national parks in the west, Zion, Bryce, Grand Canyon and doing some camping with my recently retired husband of 32 years. We’ll finally have the time and some new gear would be great.

  • I plan on chasing my Unicorn this year….I want to backpack New Zealand. Several years ago I had a major car accident that sidelined me for a long time and left permanent and long-term injuries that will worsen over time and as I age. I’ve met some wonderful outdoor friends from around the country this year and I want to chase my dream with them – and do it before my body deteriorates to the point that I can no longer achieve it :).

  • I shared your link on Facebook and Twitter: I can let you know how many click on it if you like. Also, I tagged both Mountain Hardwear and Sierra Trading Post on Facebook and Twitter.

  • I would love having Mountain Hardware clothing to help me deal with the changing climate of the Western North Carolina mountains. Being a wife and a mother of 4, one of whom has disabilities, I am trying to get outdoors more! If mama is happy outdoors, the kids are happy outdoors! ;-)

  • I would like some mountain hardwear gear so that no matter where in the world I am, whether backpacking in Bolivia, driving cross country in the USA, or hiking half dome, I’m warm and dry.

  • Would love me some new outdoor gear! My kids have been BEGGING for a camping trip and a second tent would mean my husband and I wouldn’t have to share!!! Also that pink fleece hoody looks mighty toasty warm and comfy……

  • My daughter is a college student, enrolled in an environmental science program. She recently went on a winter camping trip and we had to go to the local university to rent a Mountain Hardwear tent so she would be protected from the elements. She also had to borrow a -20 sleeping bag from the local boy scout troop. It would be really nice if she could have some gear of her own so she doesn’t have to scramble just to ensure that she will be safe and warm. She is an incredible kid and a great student and I would love to reward her for all of her hard work over the past several years. Her ultimate goal is to change the world and you guys could go far in assisting her to reach this goal. Thank you!

    I also shared this on my facebook page:

  • A group of 4 old friends who haven’t all been together in 7 years is planning a “reunion tour” near/on the AT (southwestern VA/western NC) this summer that will include taking our daughters (ages 3-4) hiking & camping. Given that we all work in education our “spare income” is a bit tight after fuel, food, etc.

    I’d love to be able to “hand out” Mountain Hardwear gear to everyone going and be able to share the giveaway story along with our trip highlights! All that to say we could use any 3 Season camping gear you see fit to offer (1 of the guys has no camping gear at all). Thanks!!

  • We just joined a Nordic club that has a yurt in the Unitas. My girlfriends and I are going to hike/snowshoe in for a night with our kids. So many MH items would be great for this! You guys do great gear and all….but my favorite summer dress is Mountain Hardwear. Nice Work!

  • I can’t wait to get outside again! Northeastern Utah still has so much snow! We are going to do camping and hiking here in the Uintah Mountains, and we are also going to hike Goblin Valley and Red Castle this summer. Very excited!

  • I’ve stepped away from the work force in order to go back to school. To some extent, life is on hold, but it’s very hard to put my love of the outdoors on hold–especially since I have got my family hooked on the backcountry too.

    Mountain Hardwear is one of my favorite manufacturers of outdoor gear. Every product is top-notch, and their lineup can outfit those summiting Denali just as comfortably as those–like me–simply sneaking away from the urban bustle for the weekend.

    Beyond merely cherishing my outdoor gear, I would love me some Mountain Hardwear to round out the family’s kit. I wonder what Mountain Hardwear has for newborns…

  • I actually don’t own any mountain hardware, but I would absolutely wear the crap out of it if I won. I like #1 and #4. I would use both for the outdoor activities that I’m obsessed with. They are: cross country skiing, snowshoeing, hiking, and biking (both road and mountain biking.)
    I promise that if I win this I would be awesome advertisement for your product. Pick me pretty please!
    And I’m going to share this giveaway on Facebook now.

  • I plan to use Mountain Hardware while backpacking in the Sawtooths or Frank Church Wilderness this summer. We usually spend three days & two nights each trip.

  • Mountain Hardwear rocks the billy! Keeps me ward with my Trango 3.1 and easy on my back with my Lightpath 2 and dry with my paclite jacket…

  • I’m looking to run on, over, and around the Blue Ridge Mountains here in Virginia. Mountain Hardwear will help keep me warm and confident in the process!

  • Awesome way to culminate a long hard strenuous week of work and responsibilities. I know the kids would love the outdoors this gear would really make a great addition to our family.

  • I would get outside and do some backpacking with my oldest daughter with some new MH gear. I love MH gear. So well made and with smart features.

  • If I won some Mountain Hardwear gear, I would use it while I was hiking the entirety of the Appalachian Trail in a year’s time, and also throughout the many hikes I would do in preparation for the AT. Not to mention every other day of the year where the weather would call for it!

  • My parents entered this contest, trying to win some gear for me and I hope it’s ok that I enter too. I am an 18 year old senior in high school and am enrolled at one of the greenest colleges in the nation beginning fall 2013. I will be pursuing an environmental science degree because my life is centered around the outdoors. From fishing and trap shooting in the spring, to running and climbing in the summer, to cross country in the fall, to Nordic skiing and ice camping in the winter, I like to do it all. Every activity requires special gear and, coming from a large family, I have had to work hard to get the small amount of gear that I have.

    I learned the importance of good quality gear on a February trip to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area. For those who haven’t been there, it is an incredibly beautiful place where no motorized vehicles are allowed. Rangers patrol on dogsled and Nordic skis. Wildlife is abundant and the stars light up the sky for miles. Our campsite was a 3 mile trek on snowshoes, each of us pulling sleds holding a week’s worth of food and gear. It was a week none of us will ever forget. The temps at night got down to 27 below zero and, thankfully, I was able to borrow decent gear so I stayed warm inside 2 mummy bags. On Saturday night, we sat outside around the campfire and realized not only the beauty of this place but also the potential danger of temps so low.

    If I was lucky enough to win a piece of Mountain Hardwear gear, I would use it one of my return trips to the BWCA. That way, I won’t have to scramble to find something to give me adequate protection from the elements. At this point, I have two future trips planned… one in June before all of my friends leave for college or the military and one in August with a group from the local community college. I am also hoping to squeeze in a trip on winter break because nothing beats camping on a frozen lake with your ice fishing hole within walking distance. Nothing.

    Thank you guys so much for holding this contest. If nothing else, it has helped those who have entered to think about the outdoors and why it is so important to all of us. I hope whoever wins truly enjoys their gear or uses it to help pass on their love of the outdoors to their children. The environment is a resource that we can’t afford to destroy and maybe if more of us are out there enjoying it’s beauty, we can band together and keep that from happening.

    As soon as I post this, I will share it on my facebook page. I don’t want to share that link in public, but if you email me, I can send you the link. Thank you (:

  • I will use my Mountain Hardware gear to camp at the Boulder Field on Long’s Peak in August and then summit the next day. Good gear is gear that you don’t have to think about…leaving your focus for what’s important. To summit all up…Mountain Hardware rocks ;)!

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