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And we have a winner! Joshua tells us the 2.1 tent is a perfect fit for room and weight. He’ll use it for an upcoming trip into the Golden Trout Wilderness. “A few of us will be taking water quality samples, botanical surveys, and wildlife use around the lake,” he told us in the comments. “In addition we are doing trail maintenance work and interaction with users of the trail system.” Thanks Joshua! -Juliette

Mountain Hardwear is a trusted brand for long-lasting outdoor gear. From backpacking tents, backpacks, and jackets to casual hiking clothing, Mountain Hardwear offers top gear for many uses. Keep reading to learn more about this brand and be sure to enter to win the giveaway at the bottom of this post.

Mountain Hardwear was founded in 1993 by a group of individuals who believed anything was possible and that anything worth pursuing in life required challenge. Over the years, the company has made many improvements to outdoors gear. They’ve invented new tent designs, pioneered new fabrics and pushed the limits to make the best gear possible.

Mountain Hardwear Gear

Outdoor enthusiasts know that reaching the summit, completing the thru-hike or leading a new climbing route require a lot of hard work. These challenges we choose to take for the sake of adventure are possible thanks to quality gear from reliable brands like Mountain Hardwear.

I’m heading out on my own thru-hike of the John Muir Trail and I personally chose to carry a Mountain Hardwear backpack for this adventure. The backpack is comfortable, durable and lighter in weight than others I examined. Learn more about our JMT2013 gear here: John Muir Trail Gear List.

Hot Products from Mountain Hardwear

Mountain Hardwear Giveaway

1. Mountain Hardwear Skyledge 2.1 Tent – 2-Person, 3-Season – a fantastic balance of lightweight construction and durable storm protection to the backcountry enthusiast.

2. Mountain Hardwear Molimo 70 Backpack – Incredibly light for its size, Mountain Hardwear’s Molimo 70 backpack is built to handle long tours and multi-day adventures.

3. Mountain Hardwear Tadita 50 Backpack – The stability-focused design of Mountain Hardwear’s Tadita 50 backpack is ideal for long, rugged hikes thanks to the women-specific harness, strong compression strap system and a wide, load-bearing waistbelt.

4. Mountain Hardwear Zonal Jacket – Insulated (For Women) – strategically placed insulated panels and zoning construction to keep you warm where you need it most and to reduce bulk.

5. Mountain Hardwear Lightpath 3 Tent – 3-Person, 3-Season – lightweight backcountry shelter that’s surprisingly roomy, with a roomy vestibule and guaranteed watertight construction.

Save on Mountain Hardwear

Black Diamond Equipment Giveaway

Would you like to win a free Mountain Hardwear product? Simply comment below letting us know what activities you plan to do in your Mountain Hardwear gear.

Would you like to double your odds of winning this giveaway? Share this link on Twitter, Google+ or pin it on Pinterest then comment again to let us know where you shared it.

We’ll pick one winner to receive the Mountain Hardwear product of their choice from Sierra Trading Post. The winner will be contacted by email and announced on the blog on Thursday 7/18/13. Full contest rules.


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311 comments on “Mountain Hardwear Giveaway and Brand Spotlight

  • I’ve been looking for a new lightweight backpacking tent for exploring the trails here in Vermont. The Skyledge 2.1 sounds ideal!

  • I’m looking to trail run/ fast hike from Berekley Springs WV to my home in Linden, VA. About 75 miles of trail bliss. Next adventure may be going the length of the AT across SNP. I really need to gear up!

  • I love backpacking, mountain biking, hiking, rock climbing, snowboarding, and nordic skiing, I always wear my mountain hardware monkey man jacket on chill evenings mornings and during warm ups.

  • We’d love to take our 2 yr old backpacking this summer, but our current tent is WAY too big to carry. The Lightpath 3 tent would be great for us!!

  • #3 or #4. Military just sent us to Colorado Springs, so the next few months are all about hiking!! First 14er already done!

  • I would use the Mt. Hardwear Jacket at work, where it’s really cold in the winter to keep me toasty!

  • I would love to go camping with my family. Thanks for the giveaway!! I would love a tent to use for this adventure.

  • I recently returned home to the Eastern Sierra after a very long absence. I no longer have either a sleeping bag or a tent to get out and enjoy this magical area. I could use either or both

  • As the mother of an Environmental Science major, there would be a hundred different things I could get for my daughter that would be helpful. She could use clothing for hiking, climbing, or camping. She could use camping gear for camping with the Outdoors Club that they have at her college. With kids in college, things are tight for us so this would be a really nice gift for a kid who has studied so hard in pursuit of a career in helping sustain our environment :)

  • Planning to hike the Great Traverse in the Adirondacks with a couple of friends and the Lightpath 3 Tent would be ideal for the 3 of us!

  • My multi-day pack and tent are both over a decade old (eek!) yet still get used in the Montana back-country almost every weekend. Needless to say I could put some updated gear to some serious use!

  • I would love to use the Skyledge 2.1 tent to help get my aging father out in the deep backcountry for an overnight trip. Weight is an issue for him and with a tent this light I’d be able to carry more gear!

  • I have already a great MH snowboard jacket, would be good to have new pants as well, with high waterproof and breathability level.

  • Been hiking-backpacking for years. Finally convinced my wife to try, now can’t stop her! Love it! We loves strenuous day hikes of 10 miles or more. We could use a new day pack or hydration pack

  • I just bought myself a new MH sleeping bag that I love — it’s synthetic but warm and light like down, it’s great. Now I need a big (50L+) but LIGHT women’s internal frame pack to do some backpacking. I’m small so I appreciate the light weight and female-oriented designs.

  • Geez, what am I NOT going to do in my Mountain Hardwear product-of-choice? They make so many stellar products, I can’t narrow it down! I already have Mountain Hardwear down booties, a three-season tent, shorts, t-shirts warm jackets, hats….if I were to get a sweet daypack, I’d abuse the heck out of it (because I know it’s rugged enough to take the abuse!) for years! Hunting, backpacking, ski trips, even loading it up with produce on bike trips to the grocery store, or maybe toting a puppy around when he gets tired (yes, I put my Siberian Husky in my pack when he was just a little guy, and on his first backpacking trip – it was unbearably cute!).
    I’m a huge fan of being outdoors, and therefore, I’m a huge fan of Mountain Hardwear. Their gear is dialed in for rugged use, so again, I have to answer your question with a question – what am I NOT going to do with Mountain Hardwear?

  • After using some of your gear & clothing for Phantom Ranch/Grand Canyon, Denali/Alaska, and biking routes
    I’ve lost over 50# and pants & jackets are feeling really loose. While I like hiking in somewhat larger sized
    clothing, I guess MH will be getting more or my business. Hydration packs, hiking pants, rain jacket, and thermal pants
    all toughed it out while providing good breathability & warmth. We plan on enjoying more National Parks/Forests in the future. Thank you MH.

  • There are numerous products I would want, but a new zonal jacket would suit me in the winter skiing “The Big”, or backcountry skiing the mountains around GNP, and every other season as my pack jacket for hikes above the tree line. A great jacket like the zonal would be one of the most used items on any kind of adventure :-)

  • Planning to use my Mountain hardwear wicked lite t shirts for a kayaking trip in San Diego this month! Also anxiously awaiting fall in the south to get my Mountain Hardwear hideaway 4 tent out again..

  • I love my Mountain Hardware bivy for keeping me dry and lightening the load during the summer but it would be great to be able to upgrade to a Skyledge 2.1 tent before my fall trip to the Smokies!

  • As a local scoutmaster, I am always looking for equipment for our on-going outdoor activities leading our youth in the high altitude New Mexico mountains…..some of our many activities I would plan to do in your Mountain Hardwear Gear includes backpacking, hiking, camping, and so on. Our troop just completed a high adventure trek to Philmont and having updated, good quality equipment makes it more enjoyable. I would love to try out your suggested equipment.

  • I’m gearing up for another go at Boundary Waters canoeing and portage, along the Gun Flint Trail. The Mountain Hardwear Lightpath 3 Tent (5) strikes me as offering the utmost in pack ability and comfort for an extended late Summer journey.

  • For me it’s all about running gear! I’m training for a half-marathon to celebrate my 50th birthday (half-decade = half-marathon!).

  • Love MH, probably my favorite outdoor plan. Cool nights camping, hot days of running… The list goes on and on. Love the gear!

  • My work demands good hiking/backpacking gear and I use MH all the time!
    Looking for a new winter jacket since moving back to NW Michigan!

  • We just got back from 10 days in Moab, Canyonlands and Arches. I found that my old Marine Corps ALICE pack needed to be upgraded. A nice new Mountain Hardwear Backpack would make our trip to Rocky Mountain National Park a lot more comfortable.

  • Love my MH softshell from 4-5 years back. Awesome jacket from spring showers and backcountry ski tours to some late fall golf when the chill has set in. My oldest is 3 1/2 this summer and looking forward to longer and more dedicated hikes and camping with him this summer and in the future.

  • As the knees get older I find the need for lighter equipment – especially a tent. And my wife has expressed an interest in hiking in the North Carolina mountatins now that we are empty nesters.

  • I compete in ultra races wearing Mountain Hardware running shorts but my crew, a very patient girlfriend, could often use the insulated Zonal jacket!

  • I run in a Mountain hardwear jacket made for biking, it’s perfect for keeping me warm enough with out overheating and the rain beads up and rolls off.

    • I think I did this wrong I would use the 3 person tent for backpacking with our daughter, we find our current 2 person to be a little crowded with a toddler and a husky.

  • I’ve been looking for a new pack to use as my Search and Rescue pack and I think the Molimo 70 backpack would be perfect. Live in the central mountains of Idaho next to the tallest mountain range in Idaho and this pack would be ideal for both my summits and SAR activities.

  • I would love #3 Tadita 50 Backpack! I currently carry a men’s large day pack, and would love a women’s specific pack, and one for overnighter. I live in Montana and day hike a lot and want to try overnight backpacking. We are planning a hike along the High Divide and Sol Duc river loop in the Olympics with our oldest son, so I need to get outfitted!

  • I would like to update my old Mountain Hardwear ski jacket to a new one to further enjoy Utah’s backcountry powder!

  • I would love to have a breathable, windproof Mountain Hardwear jacket for camping and day hiking in Northern New Mexico and Southern Colorado.

  • Bike Touring From Washington to Mexico with my girlfriend. Surfing and visiting family/friends along the way. We would love to climb into the Skyledge Tent at night to rest our weary bodies.

  • Any gear that gets me outside more is good gear. Better gear is better at getting me outdoors more, which is better. That means GREAT gear (Mountain Hardware) will get me going outside MOST!

  • Moving from the desert back to the Midwest this Fall. The Zonal Jacket for Women would help keep me warm while taking the dog out for early morning walks.

  • I love Mountain Hardwear! I just graduated with a two year degree in Outdoor Leadership and Recreation Technology and am finishing a second degree in Natural Resources. With these type of classes I spend a lot of time outside in the elements here in Colorado. I have been eyeing the MH Drystein II jacket for a while, seems to be a perfect jacket for my climbing, backpacking and mountaineering trips with school here in CO.

  • I would love to take the Skyledge Tent down into the Black Canyon of the Gunnison in CO, and then back through some of the trails of my beloved Pacific Northwest.

  • My family has grown and i need a new tent for the older kids. The Lightpath 3 tent would be great for them to have a tent of their own and be able to carry it.

  • I would use the mountain-hardwear-lightpath-3-tent-3-person-3-season to take my family into the Tahoe backcountry in August. We currently only have a 2 person tent so have to pack more weight or squish in the tent if the three of us want to go :)

  • I love Mountain Hardwear women’s clothing and outerwear for my work and play lifestyle here in Northern Colorado. First, I love the fit — your cut us always just right and not too bulky. Colors and styles are just right, too. We are hikers, campers and All-things- snow-lovers, and the right gear means the difference in how long we can be out there! Thanks for letting me rave @ you! <3 Susan

  • I would love a new Mountain Hardwear waterproof jacket. The one I have now has been worn to threads! Haha! I’d love it for hiking trips this Fall!

  • I plan on taking my Mountain Hard Wear Lightpath 3 tent to Costa Rica where my husband and I are going on a belated honeymoon . We are white water rafting and jungle exploring . I am a chef and he is an electrician we are going to explore buying a small family owned resort to live a better more natural lifestyle in a beautiful environment. Happy tent camping to us!

  • I just purchased a pair of Mountain Hardwear Dry Q pants for hiking. Now I kind of hope it would rain so that I can try them out. Kind of ironic since I live in the Puget Sound region…..

  • I would head out more and further into the backcountry! My current pack is 12+ yrs old, heavy and outdated. Still functional but as I get older, I need to go lighter!

  • Mountain Hardware products really hold up in every situation. I love hiking with my kids in the GA mountains. My next trip will be in August… exciting.

  • Heading out to the Olympic Peninsula soon with my Mountain Hardwear shorts, pack and tent (love them all). Can’t wait!

  • I am just starting to plan my oldest daughter’s (who is now 9) first backpacking trip near lake Tahoe up into the Desolation Wilderness to one of the myriad of high alpine lakes that cover that area. Some new Mountain Hardware gear would really help in making that trip more comfortable whether it’s a new tent, clothes, bag, or pack.

  • Been looking for a 3 person tent to do a up coming backpacking trip on cloud peak. Would be great to get the Mountain Hardwear Lightpath 3 Tent and be able to have room for a kid plus dog. Been held back on the cost of it.

  • I will be hiking the Appalachian trail! I am in desperate need of a backpack big enough to hold all my gear!

  • What doesn’t our family do in Mountain Hardwear. My Ampato for hiking and winter steelheading and all around daily use. We all have Fluid 26’s for day hikes, my daughter skis in Snowtastics and her agama pack takes her everywhere from Mexico to YMCA youth camp to across the college campus. My son loves his Drifter 2 for Boy Scout adventures. Mountain Hardwear rocks!!! I could seriously use a Monkey Man fleece!!

  • A couple friends and I are going an a 10 day hike of the southern most portion of the Appalachian Trail It is the first section on our way to hiking the whole trail. I am in need of a light weight backpack tent for this great adventure. The light path 3 tent may be just what we need.

  • Our family loves to go camping at the lakes in Oklahoma.The Mountain Hardwear Skyledge 2.1 Tent – 2-Person, 3-Season would such a good thing to take with us!! We could really use this to make fun memories with our children and grandchildren!

  • I section hike the A.T. & am in need of a good, very lightweight sleeping bag that will keep me warm, but compress down to a tiny size.

  • I wear Mountain Hardwear in every weather condition! Extreme cold requires my SubZero parka, but in the summer, I am content in my convertible pants/shorts and active wear top. Excellent products, quality construction, with the outdoor enthusiast in mind! I love Mountain Hardwear!

  • My backpacking tent has a tear in it and the zipper just stopped working, so I’m in need of a new tent for the camping trips I have planned in WI state parks this summer/fall.

  • I’m on the lookout for a good pack that I can take backpacking in Colorado. I would also take a tent, warm jacket, new sleeping bag…..

  • Camping and hiking, all summer long! We live in the Sierra foothills in California, so high country outings are real close. Our favorite spot is the Lakes Basin Area just north of Sierra City, but I just started exploring Lassen NP too. Tahoe and Desolation Wilderness are always spectacular. Sure would love a new tent!

  • I’d be using my new Mountain Hardware gear on my various hiking and biking trips all over the northeast, from western MA and Central NY to Bar Harbor, ME.

  • Love MH light shell jackets and hiking pants.tehy last forever and tehy are super comfortable. Not buying any other brand for my hiking and outdoor activities!

  • I have finally gotten my husband interested in hiking and camping. I would love to plan a three day hike into the Wasatch Mountains to watch the sunrise over a cup of hot cocoa.

  • Since we had our first baby, there’s a lot of extra stuff to pack around and my old, small external frame isn’t getting it done! The 70L look perfect for the extra gear required to backpack with a baby!

  • I have just been getting active again in the past year. Having dropped 37 pounds so far, I am LOVING hiking and mountain biking. Getting the right gear is a slow process. I would love to be able to do some backpacking by this time next year.

  • I intend to don my Mountain Hardwear gear and roll myself off the side of a sharp cliff at the local canyon near my house. From there, it’s a short hop into the Los Angeles River, where the gear will be well-tested in water, concrete and plutonium. Then I will run 113 miles in my newest gear out to Palm Springs for a nice break in the desert. Then I’ll hang-glide back to the city. I’ll take pictures and send in any comments after the trek is complete

  • I would use a new mountain hardware backpack for crack climbing, single. Day and overnight backpacking, and even for carrying my textbooks to medical school classes

  • Hike! I have Moutain Hardware Yuma and Petralla shorts, Petralla pants, petralla bermudas, nitro down jacket, and a 25L pack that I use all the time. I also have five microfiber hoodies! I use the down jacket in the summer as a portable cooler – I wrap the cold water bottles and snacks in it and stow it in my pack. It weighs almost nothing and keeps the water cold for hours. It has come in handy during high altitude hikes, even in the middle of the summer!

  • We are planning to hike the PCT from Elk Lake Oregon to Cascade locks, Have some other Mountain Hardwear gear and will be adding additional gear soon. Winning this contest would sure make it more pleasurable.

  • This is an easy one for me. The Skyledge 2.1 will be JUST what the doctor ordered so I can cut some weight and still enjoy some big vestibule space. That baby would be in my pack every weekend as well as my week long trip in Sequoia Natl. Forest this September.

  • we use mountain hardware gear for kayaking, mountain biking, camping, and mountaineering and any outdoor activity we can think of here in the great northwest! We would love some gear!

  • I love hiking in the Adirondacks and with a new Mountain Hardware pack, I’d be all set. Oops! Need a bear canister, too.

  • Hiking the John Muir Trail is definitely an item in my bucket list, but I’m more likely to hike the Foothills Trail right here in the Carolinas. Would love to take along the Skyledge tent – It would be perfect for my daughter and I.

  • I just got a Mountain Hardware Hammerhead 2 tent the other day through Sierra Trading, and it was exactly what I was looking for. Next I would love a new pack for that fishing trip we’re taking up to Nebraska in a few weeks…

  • I have a Mountain Hardware rain jacket that I wear year round. I especially like it for running because it is lightweight and in the winter I use it as an extra layer to block the wind when I ski and snow shoe. I am looking for another heavier jacket for cold weather use

  • I could use a good Mountain Hardwear jacket or backpack for outdoor hiking / camping adventures!
    Always good to have durable, practical items that will hold up to any adventure…

  • I’d go with the Women’s Nambia™ Printed Dress Style #OL5212.

    I’my dying, so I would like to get something somebody else could use.

  • I would use my Mountain Hardwear gear while at summer camp in the Rocky mountains hanging out and having fun with little kids and people my age too. And that includes everything from sitting at a campfire to white water rafting to backpacking to even just playing games or hiking. It’s great to have quality gear when at camp so I’m protected and I usually bring a few extra things to make sure everyone else is too. ;)

  • I am going camping on Assateague in a few weeks. I would definitely like to use Mountain Hardwear’s Skyledge 2.1 Tent there.

  • shared on twitter and google + we love to hike the trails when fishing that are in the area too. Love Nature!

  • I would use my Mountain Hardwear gear at summer camp in the Rocky Mountains hanging out and having fun with little kids and people my age too. That includes everything from sitting at a campfire to white water rafting to backpacking or even just playing games and hiking. Its great to have quality gear when at camp so that I am protected. And I usually bring some extra things to make sure everyone else is too. ;) A canmode backpack would be great for carrying supplies around camp like first aid kits, warm layers, water, and everything else that you have to have on you 24/7 at summer camp!!!

  • Backpacking of course, hitting the trails a bit lighter weight not the back with some new gear. Functional and feature rich products never go out of style.

  • I just returned from a summit trip of Mt. Rainier – where I wore my Mountain Hardwear wicked light shirt and Ramesa pants on the snowfield, and slept in my MHW Phantom 0 degree bag. It kept me toasty warm at Camp Muir and Ingraham Flats!

  • What would I do in Mountain Hardware gear: Paddle the Chesapeake bay and camp out over night along the shore. Sail the Eastern sea board with the Hobie Cat and camp out every night. Hike the White Mountains, Hike the 10th Mountain Division trails and Huttes in Summer (I’ve only seen them in the winter on skis). Just Mountain bike as well. You can camp somewhere!

  • I’d love to carry my very own Mountain Hardware backpack on hikes in the Great Smoky Mountains this late summer and fall! We’re planning an overnight to Mt. LeConte and several day hikes.

  • As a longtime backpackers, we’ve had to take a hiatus the last 8 years as our children grew. We own Moutain hardwear tents and sleeping bags already and love the products. Unfortunately our backs have grown older with our children and some gear is just outdated and heavy. We’ve taken the kids on plenty of car camping trips and our 6 and 8 year olds have even completed 2 of the 46 high peaks in NY. I’d love to have some up to date gear that’s lightweight and durable so that we can once again venture into the woods as a family with our weekend on our back. Cheers!

  • I love my Mountian Harware jacket and camping supplies and it performs better than my Nortface and Patagonia

    Love Mountizn Hardware

  • I haven’t been on a vacation in 10 years, but plan to head to Missoula next week for some camping, hiking and kayaking. I’m so excited, I can hardly stand it!

  • I need a lightweight tent to take on the yak to the small islands off the NC coast. The Skyledge should be great!

  • I will wear it (parka?) as needed while I deliver groceries to stores in the eastern part of the US. great quality equipment that I have depended on to meet my needs for years. never been let down on the job or personal pleasure trips.

  • I take Mountain Hardwear with me on every trip to Yellowstone – heading there in a week. From a new sunshirt from STP to my daypack to my 40-degree summer bag for Roosevelt Roughrider cabins … Can’t wait to put some more miles on the trail and browns on the line!

  • I wear my Hardwear everywhere! I love their casual dresses as much as I love their technical gear. This summer I’ll be hiking, biking, running, playing at the beach…I’m not a lounger by nature. I love that the casual items dry quickly and are cut to allow movement for active relaxation ;)

  • Mountain Hardwear has quality unmatched. Leaving for a float down Flint River, longest unimpeded flowing river east of Mississippi next week. Most of my great is MH.

  • Love Mountain Hardware! Living on a farm is an adventure every day: I could use a new jacket when wrangling cattle, pigs, chickens and kids.

  • Well, I have been looking at new smaller tent for easier up and down, but I have also been looking for Back pack for my son as he needs one for his Scout activities. I have heard great things about the Mountain Hardwear and would love to give them a try.

  • I could use new gear to help my ventures through the Cascades next summer! Sure would’ve been nice to have a lighter weight tent on the JMT last week..30 miles in two days is killer with all that weight.

  • I’d like the ladies jacket so I could ski and walk downtown when it’s cold outside. Love the color too.

  • Waiting not very paitiently to get on the road to find a good place for camping and fishing . I think with alot of your stuff I will be shoping for camping .

  • Heading over to the Enchantment Lakes in the central Cascades in Washington and need a new 2 person lightweight tent and ipso facto that nice little Skyledge 2.1 tent seems to workout swimmingly. Probably need to cop it.

  • The one piece of Mountain Hardwear gear I have my eye on is the Via Rapida 35 pack as it looks like it may just be the perfect SAR 24-hour pack. I like the versatility that the pack allows – just strip off the waist belt and framesheet for hasty searches and crawling through thick brush. Speaking of which, why does my crew always have to go where there is thick thorn encrusted brambles? Heck, if I wasn’t having fun -I’d complain. Of course, if you are looking at a late night bivy, just add the components back and you have a load carrying pack. Best of all it comes in red! Sweet set up…

  • Ooooh, that lightpath 3 would be great for taking the Mrs. on some good ok’ backpacking on the AT. Looks roomy enough I bet I’d still sleep comfortably after she pushes me off my pad in the middle of the night.

  • I’ve taking neice and nephew out camping to teach them about life outdoors. A pack or tent would be so useful for overnight hike in….making the nephew carry his

  • Bike trip through Finland still stay on top in ‘to do this summer’ list. Hey, vacation! Hurry up!

  • I wear my mountain hardwear tonga skirt just about everywhere. love it for hiking, easy to change in and out of my whitewater kayaking gear. I have it in black, but would love the magenta one too.
    PS: Sierra Trading Post I <3 U ;)

  • My son and I are section hiking the Long Trail in Vermont. We’ve been at it for the last five years. This year we climbed Mt. Abraham and finished in the Appalachian Gap. The Mountain Hardware gear will get a great work-out next spring when we plan on doing the Camel’s Hump section. I presently have Mountain Hardwear overboots for winter backpacking which I love! Great, quality products. I hope I am lucky enough to win some more Mountain Hardwear gear!

  • Rocky Mountain high!!! I’m lusting after that skyledge 2.1 tent. This would be a huge weight saver in my pack.

  • The Lightpath 3 tent would be perfect for my wife and two small dogs on our outings. Great products, fingers crossed!

  • I would take my two daughters camping for the first time. They are just dying to sleep in a tent and the one I have is so old, bulky and heavy. Thanks!

  • we do a long list of outdoor activities, hicking and camping are some of my favorites. We do a lot of trail riding with our horses and the equipment is perfect for lightweight rides.

  • Would I like to win a free Mountain Hardwear product? No, I would not like to win a free Mountain Hardwear product, I would LOVE to win! And winning would enable me to love more! I’m travelling to Spain this Fall on a 500 mile pilgrimage, am a missionary and could put new gear to good use! Thanks Sierra for great products and excellent service!

  • Trinity Alps in Northern California is my next destination. Time to retire my old Mountain Hardware tent and take the Skyledge 2.1 with me!

  • These look fantastic! I’m going to visit my sons who both moved to Utah and Colorado and we all love to go hiking. The Mountain Hardwear brand looks so well thought out. I can’t wait to use them on my trip!

  • Would love to win, I choose the Mountain Hardwear Zonal Jacket. My current jacket is bulky and heavy. A newer,lighter model would really energize me!

  • I shared on Facebook(meredlp),Twitter(meredlp) and Pinterest (pemaquid13).
    Great quality!You can always rely on Mountain Hardwear

  • The Skyledge 2.1 would be perfect for taking my son on the Cumberland Trail, and later to the Boundary Waters.

  • Mountain Hardwear, which I wear for everything from hiking to church, is one of the few brands which fit well over my shoulders.

  • Use the Seta Gaiter’s multiple times a week on my runs. They are light, water resistant and very useful for keeping debris out of my shoes. Bonus, if shoe-sucking mud, they keep my shoes on my feet!

    They were with me for my first 100 mile race finish (really 103.3 miles) and have been with me for every one of my ultras (and more than one ultra pacing effort).

  • My current jacket is getting a bit worn around the edges and doesn’t seem to be as study as I’d like, therefore I’d love to own Item #4486J
    Mountain Hardwear Jovian Jacket – Waterproof (For Men), which would be perfect for day hikes in the mountains or as a great go to jacket for cold days in LA.

  • Plan on backpacking the Lewis & Clark trail from Yellowstone to Seaside, OR. Your products would be great for different parts of the trip. Thanks for the offer!

  • Here in Montana I live in a great spot, just minutes away from glacier park. With Hundreds of small lakes nearby and a view of mountains on all sides of the Flathead valley, there is an unlimited range of places to explore. I have 4 sons that I take out adventuring and we are always looking to replace something. A nice ultralight tent or light weight waterproof jacket could come in handy. New sets of hiking / outdoor pants are also on our agenda. Mountain hardware looks like it has a nice list to choose from

  • Would love to win a backpack. My goal is to climb all of the 48 4k footers here in New Hampshire. I’ve traversed two with 46 more to go!

  • winner winner chicken dinner.

    Adding this equpment to my planned trip to destinations unknown this September would be great. Hopping in the car from the East Coast to places I have not decided. Will drive till I find someplace I find interesting. Black Hills, somewhere in Wyoming or Colorado.

  • I am heading out on the trails of 5 National Parks and National Monuments later this Summer, and would love to have a new Mountain Hardwear jacket with me at : Craters of the Moon, Colorado National Monument, Dinosaur National Monument, Timpanogos Caves, and Grand Teton National Park. Love exploring our beautiful America and leaving no trace behind !

  • The Molimo 70 is just what I have been looking for in a pack. I would love to have the opportunity to wear it on my next outing here in Wyoming!

  • I wear my Mountain Hardware softshell on every backpack trip, and it keeps me nice and warm on those cold nights!

  • I LOVE camping and being off the beaten path in rustic campgrounds. The Drifter 4DP looks like a great tent! Big enough for my husband and I, plus a dog or two! Snuggled up in a Mountain Hardware sleeping bag for a good nights sleep and we would be ready to drop a line in that little known fishing hole. Or hike up to the overlook to get a breath taking view. I could go on and on. Spending a day in nature is far superior than being crammed into a city!

  • I own some Mountain Hardware stuff for both hiking and skiing. I use them just about everytime out and they last forever.

  • I would want one of the backpacks, and I’d take it for my first overnight/few days hiking trip. I’d explore all the the acres of woods on my father’s property with my new hiking backpack, and I’d pack my heavy duty sleeping bag to get me through the nigh. I’d fit my knives and all the essentials in my backpack, but other than that I’d only come with one pair of clothes to better fit my tools so that I’d be prepared for my few nights in the “wild.” It’d be a blast. My backpack is not really up to my dream trip.

    Thanks for the opportunity.

  • I enjoy hiking, camping, backpacking & spending time outdoors with my friends, family & Boy Scouts. New Mountain Hardware equipment would be put to good use when I’m hiking/backpacking with the Hot Mama Hikers.

  • Helpful information. Blessed my family I found your web site by mistake, that i’m shocked the key reason why this specific coincidence didn’t occurred beforehand! I personally book-marked that.

  • I really need a new, backpacking-friendly sleeping bag for my upcoming overnight hikes. I like their 15F UltraLamina Sleeping Bag, and at 2lbs 14oz it’s not adding much to my load!

  • The 2.1 tent would be a perfect fit for room and weight. I would use it for my up coming trip into the Golden Trout Wilderness where a few of us will be surveying. We will be taking water quality samples, botanical surveys, and wildlife use around the lake. In addition we are doing trail maintenance work and interaction with users of the trail system.

    • Dig it, Joshua! That sounds ambitious, and I’m happy to tell you you’ve won! Email me at with a link to the Mountain Hardwear item of your choice, including the size and color as well as your customer number (if it’s handy) and/or the email address associated with your account. Congratulations!

  • I would be going camping, hiking, geocaching, just exploring as much as possible with my husband we love to be outdoors.

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