Mystery Destination: A Deep Blue Lake

Mystery Destination Lake

Welcome to this week’s Mystery Destination. Each week we pick one outdoor adventure destination, give you 5 clues and see if you can name the destination we are talking about. In recent weeks, the answer has been the name of a famous river, a ski town and a backpacking trail. This week the answer is the name of a lake and the national park of the same name.

Read through the five clues and look at the attached photo. If you know the answer, leave your guess in the comments below then share this page with your friends to see if they know.

Mystery Destination Lake

Photo by Gopal Venkatesan

  • This area was named a national park in 1902 by President Theodore Roosevelt. It was one of the first few national parks but to this day, it is still the only national park located within this state.
  • This lake has no rivers that flow into or out of it. Water only enters the lake through precipitation and leaves through evaporation or ground leakage.
  • At over 1,900 feet deep, this lake is the deepest lake in the United States and one of the 10 deepest lakes in the world.
  • In the summer you can enjoy many hiking trails and guided boat trips but in the winter you’ll want to snowshoe or cross-country ski in the deep snow as this park receives an average of over 44 feet of snow each year.
  • The local Native American legend explains the creation of this lake as the result of a battle between the sky god and the god of the underworld. The tribe still holds the lake to be a highly spiritual site.

Anybody can find the answer by using a search engine, don’t be that guy. Make your best guess but don’t cheat.

Do you know the answer? Have you visited this lake? Tell us in the comments below if you know the answer. Extra points if you can name the two island located on this lake.

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Andy Hawbaker
Andy is a hiker, backpacker, snowboarder and outdoor fanatic. When he isn't exploring the Rocky Mountains with his wife and daughters he shares his adventures here on the Sierra SocialHub.

51 comments on “Mystery Destination: A Deep Blue Lake

  1. Heidi

    Crater!! Was there fore spring break about 5 years ago…the bathrooms were still under about 15′ of snow.

  2. Susan Rugh-Shulters

    This is beautiful Crater Lake with Wizard Island in the center! This is just one of Oregon’s spectacular locations!

  3. Glorie

    Crater Lake, Oregon. This place truly takes your breath away. I’m surprised it’s not one of the wonders of the world.

  4. Ellen Kellner

    Crater Lake, Oregon! I visited it as a young girl. Wizard Island is a volcanic island in Crater Lake.

  5. Bebin Cypher

    Crater Lake, Oregon. Wizard Island and Phantom ship are the two islands. If you friend me on facebook you can see my photos of them all.

  6. Ellen Kellner

    Crater Lake, Oregon! Wizard Island is one of the two – don’t know the other one. I visited as a kid.

  7. Rob Morehouse

    Crater Lake – Never visited, but have always been fascinated by it. In fifth grade ( a long, long time ago), I did a report on it. I knew the answer just by looking at the picture; the clues just confirmed my thoughts.

  8. JPeeves

    This is Crater Lake for sure! Such a beautiful place with bright blue water. I stopped there during my adventures as a traveling nurse. I was driving from Tempe, AZ to Portland, OR with my sister. The day we saw Crater Lake was the best. We drove on the Rogue-Umpqua Scenic Road and stopped at as many waterfalls as we could until it was dark. Awesome!!

  9. Dawn Curtean

    Crater Lake we use to go all the time when I was a kid (I live in Oregon) one of the islands is Wizard Island not sure about the other one :)

  10. Wendy Miklos

    Crater Lake, Oregon. I have not (yet) visited it but it’s on my bucket list. I want to bring my daughters who are now old enough to appreciate its beauty. The island features are Wizard Island and Merriam Cone.

    1. WMiklos

      I stand corrected, the 2nd feature is Phantom Ship, not Merriam Cone (unless the water level was lower). :-)

  11. Connie H

    Its on my Bucket List….hoping to visit the North West area this year or next. Is this a prize destination???

  12. Kristine

    Nice Photo, I’ve been to I Oregon but not here. I think Oregon is the most beautiful state in the US. The Islands are Wizard Island and Phantom Ship.

  13. Kim

    Crater Lake in OR. Visited in 1996 with my niece, she would use it as a report in high school and got an A! We have never forgotten how beautiful it was.

  14. david hill

    I knew the second I saw it, even though I couldn’t even see the lake itself when I was there for the first time this past Wednesday. I’ve never been in so much snow before – was really quite a magical experience. Incredible place. I’ll be posting photos from this day on for the next few weeks.

  15. Amanda

    It has to be Crater Lake. I’ve never been there though, so I don’t know the islands without looking them up!


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