Name that Peak

Name this peak

Welcome to another installment of our Mystery Destination Game. Each week we pick a popular outdoor destination and give you 5 clues. After you read the clues see if you can guess the destination. Feel free to leave your guess in the comments below then forward this game on to a friend to see if they know the answer. In recent weeks, we’ve featured national parks, rivers, national seashores and an island. This week the answer is a famous mountain peak. Can you name that peak?

name that peak

Photo by Sara Yeomans

  • This mountain was originally named “El Capitán” by Spanish settlers and heey-otoyoo’ (Long Mountain) by the Arapahoe but it is now named after the explorer who explored this area in 1806.
  • At an elevation of 14,110 feet, this peak is the easternmost 14er in the United States.
  • Despite the elevation of this peak, you are unlikely to be alone at the summit. There is a road you can drive to the top and a railway that also runs year round (weather permitting) that takes people to the summit.
  • The railway to the top follows a 8.9 mile track and round-trip takes 3 hours and 10 minutes.
  • This peak can be seen from miles around. Its height and location so close to the plains allows for views of the summit from miles away.

Can you name that peak? Too easy? or pretty tough? Enter your guess in the comments below then check out some of our other recent mystery destinations by following the links below.

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24 comments on “Name that Peak

  1. john dodson

    Pikes Peak of course! Beautiful places to camp along Gold Camp Road going down the east face into Colorado Springs

  2. aug

    Just went to colorado springs to drop off my son at the AF Academy. Thought i recognized Pike’s Peak…

  3. Roger Armstrong

    Pike’s Peak, I camped up there last year. You can only camp on Pike’s Peak once a year. The night before Pike’s Peak Hill Climb. Great time.


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