Kayaking, Whitewater Rafting and Fishing: Name this River

Kayaking the river

Kayaking and whitewater rafting are both great ways to enjoy an afternoon on the river. Great fishing on healthy waterways is also an attraction. This week’s Mystery Destination features a river known to many as a whitewater enthusiast and Anglers dream. If you haven’t played our Mystery Destination Game before, simply read the 5 clues below and see if you can name this river.

If you can name this river please enter it in the comments below. Then forward this game on to a friend to see if they know the answer too. In previous weeks the answer has been the name of a mountain, a national park or a lake, but today the correct answer is the name of a river.

Name this river

Photo by Anthony PDX

  • The river’s old-growth forests, its healthy fish runs, and the great fishing and whitewater rafting opportunities led to the designation of more than half of the length of the river into the National Wild and Scenic Rivers System.
  • This river offers everything for kayakers of all skill levels-The upper portion challenges hardcore creek-boaters while the lower stretches are perfect for summertime tubers to cool off while gently floating the river.
  • Located near a large city known for a great deal of rainfall, this river offers good water flow from May well into the fall and is popular for commercial whitewater rafting as well as local kayakers.
  • Draining an area of about 940 square miles, the river flows through mostly forested and rugged mountainous terrain in its upper reaches then passes agricultural and urban areas in its lower third. The river passes through two state parks before reaching the southern suburbs of a city known for the convergence of two rivers.
  • Flowing generally northwest and then west for about 83 miles, the river falls nearly 4,900 feet between its source and its mouth.

Too easy? Leave a comment below to let us know the answer to this Mystery Destination. Have you ever visited this river? How was the kayaking?

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*Thumbnail photo courtesy of Gabriel Amadeus

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23 comments on “Kayaking, Whitewater Rafting and Fishing: Name this River

    1. Peter Turkaly

      Yep! sounds just like the “Yough”
      Creek boating the upper portions – check (I’ve done that). Scenic River – check. Great fishing – check. Runs through the southern suburbs of a large city (Pittsburgh) – check. A city known for the convergence of two rivers (Allegany, Monongahela form the Ohio River) – check.

      1. Peter Turkaly

        btw, top notch kayaking on the top and upper yough. great intermediate kayaking on the lower yough, and good intro kayaking on the middle yough.

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