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10 Awesome Games For Little Adventurers

10 games for outdoor kids

The last mile of a hike with kids is always the longest, hardest mile of the day. My 3 year old has this innate ability to know when we are exactly one mile from the trailhead. It’s at that point when his little legs get tired, his stomach starts to growl and he starts to whine. Sometimes he sits down […]

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How to Maximize Camp Stove Efficiency

Backpacking stove efficiency

There’s nothing like a hot meal after a full day of hiking. Cooking on a lightweight backpacking stove is the perfect way to refuel your body on a camping or backpacking trip. Follow these tips to maximize the fuel efficiency of your camp stove. Tips for Best Camp Stove Performance Cook Site Selection – Increase your stove’s performance by selecting […]

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Outdoor Survival Quiz. Will You Survive?

Richard Bedard

Venturing into the outdoors exposes yourself to a lot of risks. Do you know how to survive when things go wrong? Take this outdoor survival quiz to see how well you would do in an emergency. 1. While climbing a mountain, your friend complains of a severe headache and tells you he’s going to throw up. What do you do? […]

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Don’t Ruin Your Adventure Plans: 7 Tips to Prevent Altitude Sickness

altitude sickness

Many outdoor adventures involve heading to the mountains to hike, backpack or to go skiing. If you aren’t careful your entire adventure plan can be ruined by an unexpected case of altitude sickness. It’s important to know how to limit the risk of getting altitude sickness, also known as acute mountain sickness (AMS) . Watch the video or read the […]

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Marmot Brand Spotlight and Gear Giveaway


Whether you’re looking to layer up this winter with warm fleece layers and waterproof shells or you’re finally enjoying some mosquito free camping, Marmot makes the gear you need to push your adventures to the next level. Keep reading to learn more about the brand then be sure to enter the Marmot Gear Giveaway at the bottom of this post. […]

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Rock It! An Upper Body Workout to Step Up Your Climbing Game

Climbers Workout

The first 1.5 years I lived in Colorado, I worked as a fitness professional in a premiere rock climbing gym in Boulder. My main goal when I worked with these clients was to help them get in the best climbing shape possible. These weren’t just your general population gym-goers; these were folks with competitive spirits, persistence, and disciplined training. They […]

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Get a Better Backcountry Sleep with the Right Sleeping Pad

sleeping pads

Every backpacker has his or her own favorite type of sleeping pad. Some prefer foam pads while others prefer inflatable and self-inflating air pads. In this post I will be going over the major differences and some pros and cons of each. First lets take a look why you should even be buying a pad at all. Pads no matter […]

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5 Fun Dog Activities to Keep Them Active This Winter

active dogs

If I had my way, I would hike with my dogs all year round. It’s not possible where I live though. We get deep snow in the mountains. Although I try to take my small pups out for snowshoe trips it’s often too cold for them, the snow is too deep for them, or it is pouring down rain. Add […]

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Rugged Mountains, Glaciers and Small Crowds – Name This Park

Miguel Vieira3

When you’re headed into the outdoors you probably want beautiful views, plant and animal diversity, and no crowds. You can find all of those things in one national park. Maybe you’ve been there. Look at the photos, read the clues then see if you know which national park we are talking about in this week’s Mystery Destination. This parks changing […]

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Royal Robbins Brand Spotlight and Giveaway

Royal Robbins logo

In the 1970’s, Royal Robbins was a free climbing pioneer who claimed many first ascents including El Capitan. He then went on to become known for intense kayaking too. Royal and his wife, Liz started the Royal Robbins Clothing Company because they had a hard time finding comfortable outdoor apparel that suited their adventures. Keep reading to learn more and […]

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