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DIY Easy to Build Snowboard Rack

snowboard rack

Now that I have four snowboarders in my family, storing the boards has become a problem. Without a good way to store all of the snowboards, I usually lean them up against a wall in the garage. I don’t even want to think about how many times someone bumped into them and all four snowboards crashed into a pile on […]

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Giro Brand Spotlight and Gear Giveaway

Giro Logo

Racing down the runs of any ski resort is sure to put a smile on your face. Whether you’re seeking fresh powder runs, fast groomers or working on your skills at the bunny hill, you’ve got to protect yourself. Proper protection includes a ski helmet and goggles. Keep reading to learn about Giro goggles and helmets and be sure to […]

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No, Snowshoeing is Not Just Walking in the Snow


A few years ago, an old friend of mine rented a pair of snowshoes and met me outside of Durango, Colorado where we planned to do some exploring in the San Juan Mountains. I watched him struggle through the process of putting on snowshoes for the first time, then I laughed as he stumbled for his first steps. After four […]

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5 Ways A Climbing Gym Will Make You A Better Climber

climbing gym

Want to be a better rock climber this spring and summer? Sign up at your local rock gym this winter. Climbing in a gym is an obvious choice to better your rock climbing skills but let’s look at 5 reasons why indoor gym climbing will make you a better climber outside when the weather warms up. 1. Build trust. If […]

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Go Outside (More) as a Family This Year

Family Hiking

For some people being outdoors is an everyday reality and for others it is an occasional occurrence. Research does show that getting out in the fresh air benefits everyone, kids and adults. I simply like how I feel when I am out there and I love to share it with my children. Are you an outdoor family? Do you spend […]

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What Winter Sport is Right For You?

Winter Sports

Everyone has a favorite summer activity. You probably love hiking, fishing, camping, kayaking or some other sport but when it comes to winter sports, it can be hard to know what snow sport is best for you. Alpine skiing, cross country skiing, snowboarding and snowshoeing, there’s a lot to choose from. Don’t sweat it, we’ve simplified it down to a […]

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DIY: Add Traction to Your Shoes

running shoe traction

There is nothing that says you are required to make big, life changing, personal goals at the beginning of every year but there is something refreshing about trying to better yourself while you’re still trying to remember to scribble out the correct year on the very few checks you still write. New Year’s resolutions can be fun and who doesn’t want […]

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5 Reasons Not to Hike in Kyrzbekistan


Our Twitter feed is filling up with tweets about traveling to Kyrzbekistan. After doing a little research on the destination, we have to warn our readers not to get too excited about hiking the unimaginable mountains of Kyrzbekistan. Please consider these five reasons not to travel to Kyrzbekistan. 1. Lack of Water Sources – While we hear the country is a great […]

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New Balance Brand Spotlight and Gear Giveaway

New Balance logo

The new year offers up a fresh start and for many people, it’s time to work on that new year’s resolution. The most common resolutions are to work out more, to get in better shape or to lose weight. If you made a resolution about health, you’re in luck because this week’s gear giveaway is all about running shoes and […]

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Hydration – Just as Important for Winter Adventures

Winter Hydration

Dehydration is commonly perceived as a heat-related illness, but it can strike under other conditions such as high altitude and cold. The problem is that we tend to forget to hydrate in cool weather. Symptoms of dehydration are miserable, including fatigue, nausea, and lightheadedness. Even as an experienced adventurer, I allowed dehydration to sneak up on me recently during a […]

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