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Day Hiking: Crosier Mountain

Day hiking

We experienced some wonderful spring weather this weekend and all I could think about was getting in as much day hiking as possible. I have a big backpacking trip coming up this summer and what seemed like a long 6 months away is suddenly just 2 1/2 months. I definitely need to get in better shape if I’m going to […]

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Share Your Adventure Photo Contest April Winners

Share your adventure

We’ve announced the winners of our April Share Your Adventure Photo Contest. Check out these amazing outdoor photos, all of which were submitted by our fans. If you have a great photo of your recent adventures, enter our next contest here: Share Your Adventure. 1st Place Ron McCoy I am known among my riding friends for taking photos during many […]

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Backpacking Tips: How to Pack a Backpack

Pack a backpack

You’ve got a backpacking trip planned for this summer and you’ve been carefully picking out the right sized backpack, a warm enough sleeping bag and a lightweight tent. Before you head out on your backpacking trip be sure you know how to pack a backpack for the most comfortable fit and logical placement of your necessary items. Keep reading to […]

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Asolo Boots Giveaway, Review and Brand Spotlight

Asolo Boots

**Congratulations to Ron Gallimore who was selected as the winner of the Asolo Boots Giveaway. If you didn’t win, don’t worry, we’ve got another great giveaway happening now.** Whether you plan on a few short day hikes, some tougher mountain peaks or a multi-day backpacking trip, don’t overlook the comfort and performance of a pair of Asolo boots. Keep reading […]

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Ultimate Trail Mix, Revisited

Ultimate Trail Mix

A while back, I wrote a post covering 20 great ingredients to create your own ultimate trail mix. The beauty of trail mix is there are so many delicious and interesting ingredients to choose from, and trying different combinations can be fun for the entire family. Kids love trail mix, and by including natural ingredients, like dried fruits, seeds and […]

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Mystery Destination: National Parks Week Edition

Mystery Destination

Here is another installment of our Mystery Destination Series. We’ve had a lot of fun with this game and we invite you to participate by sending in your idea for an outdoor mystery destination. Contact me at the address below if you have a great suggestion. In previous weeks our Mystery Outdoor Destinations have been Outdoor Towns, National Rivers, and […]

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National Parks Week: 7 National Parks You Should Visit

Park Thumb

It is National Parks Week, that time each year when we celebrate the beautiful areas that have been preserved through our national park system. To celebrate, all national parks are free of admission Monday through Friday April 22nd – 26. Did you know that our national park system has preserved over 84 million acres of national treasures. These parks include […]

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Campsite Cooking: Dutch Oven Breakfast Burritos

Best Backpacking Recipe

It is warming up and we are making plans to sleep out under the stars. There is one thing we need to think about before our first camping trip of the season and that is what are we going to eat at the campsite? Well, we’ve got you covered in our Campsite Cooking Series. We’ve got easy to follow backpacking […]

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Earth Day: Easy Ways To Go Green

Earth Day

Hiking, backpacking, trail running, rock climbing, kayaking and snow sports are the main topics we discuss here on the Social Hub. What do they all have to do with each other? They are fun and healthy outdoor activities that help us all enjoy time in nature. We’d be remiss to not celebrate Earth Day and talk about ways we can […]

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Go Green Earth Day Quiz

Earth Day Quiz

Every year it seems like Earth Day is getting bigger and bigger. Maybe going green isn’t just a fad. Do you think you know a lot about being green? Take this Earth Day Quiz and see how much you know. Go Green Earth Day Quiz 1. According to the EPA, What percent of American’s waste was recycled in 2010? A. […]

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