prAna Brand Spotlight and Giveaway!

prAna Yoga

Named after the Sanskrit word meaning breath, life and vitality of the spirit, prAna manufactures high quality clothing for yoga, climbing and life in general. Over the years prAna has grown from making clothes in a garage in the early 1990’s to a large scale manufacturer of sustainable clothing. Keep reading more to learn about prAna then enter our giveaway at the bottom of this post to win a free product.

Prana Brand Spotlight

From comfortable, flattering, stretch yoga pants to casual clothing, prAna manufactures great clothing. The prAna women’s yoga line features all the styles you need for the gym, yoga studio, bike path or for comfortably lounging around the house. Check out some of prAna’s hot styles below.

Hot Products from prAna

prAna Brand Spotlight and Giveaway

1. prAna Milo Shirt – Organic Cotton – Snap up the Milo shirt and say hello to the soft, breathable comfort of organic cotton, given a bias cut and a handsome yarn-dyed plaid pattern.

2.prAna Quinn Dress – Built-In Shelf Bra – Soft, stretchy and adorned with a gorgeous, dynamic print, the Quinn dress lends a playful, sassy edge to every warm-weather activity.

3. prAna Big Sur T-Shirt – Short Sleeve – tep out of the office and into nature’s playground in the Big Sur T-shirt, featuring an earthy mandala print atop a seriously soft, heathered cotton blend fabric.

4.prAna Leyla Tank Top – Tribal-inspired print and an intricately patterned criss-cross back design lend distinction to the Leyla tank top, made with the softness of Mahdia stretch fabric, with a supportive built-in shelf bra.

5. prAna Sugar Mini Skirt – Giving active practicality to a cute and fun mini, the Sugar mini skirt lets you play hard with built-in shorts and stretchy, quick-drying Veeda performance fabric.

6. prAna Mahdia Prima Pants – Stretch – It’s love at first touch with the Mahdia Prima pants — you’ll scarcely be able to pull yourself away from the luxuriously smooth, soft and stretchy fabric, primed for logging time on the mat.

Save on prAna Gear

prAna Giveaway

Would you like to win a free product from prAna? Comment below letting us know what activity you’d like to do in your new prAna gear.

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We’ll pick one winner to receive the prAna product of their choice from Sierra Trading Post. The winner will be contacted by email and announced on the blog on Thursday 9/5/13. Full contest rules.

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Andy Hawbaker
Andy is a hiker, backpacker, snowboarder and outdoor fanatic. When he isn't exploring the Rocky Mountains with his wife and daughters he shares his adventures here on the Sierra SocialHub.

212 comments on “prAna Brand Spotlight and Giveaway!

  1. Lisa Ladd

    I would wear the prAna Sugar Mini Skirt for any number of outdoor activities: hiking, mountain biking, canyoneering. It’s multi-functional and I’d look great, too! Love it! :)

  2. Cara Leverett

    I would love to win the PrAna Quinn Dress. I would wear it for gardening and taking my toddler to the park.

  3. Joan Joustra

    I would wear the new gear walking the beach, hiking, and snow shoeing in the winter. Activities I do to release my stress. This past year I watched my mother die of a terrible rare form of bladder cancer, got divorced after 26 years of marriage, turned 50, sent my youngest off to college last week and am starting a new job as a Head Start Center Director. I could layer the dress or skirt and wear it to work also.

  4. Shawna

    I do EVERYTHING in my prAna dress–summer concerts, riding my cruiser, gardening, road trips, bbq’s, dipping my toes in the lake…quite simply the most versatile piece in my summer wardrobe!

  5. Lori Lambelet

    I own several Prana products and would choose the sun dress. I cycle, run and swim and after these events the dress is the perfect comfortable, fun and stylish choice after exercise. The dress is a cute and encouraging note to oneself that it’s time to relax, enjoy and sit back!

  6. Dana Luca

    I want that ADORABLE Prada Sugar mini-skirt to bike to work in, look fabulously chic and comfortable at work ALL DAY, and then either wear to the gym after work, or wear downtown in the evening to hang out with my friends.
    That skirt and I would undoubtedly be best friends, and oh my goodness, we’d be SO CUTE TOGETHER! We could share ice cream, giggle about boys, have extended play-dates…..seriously, we need to be together!

  7. Michaela Joy

    I’d enjoy the comforts of my home, the complexity of a new workout, and the community of my workplace & school! I would love receiving these products! :)

  8. Chris C.

    Ooh, fun giveaway! I LOVE the Prana Quinn dress I have. It’s perfect for pretty much every summer activity. I love it for beach days — easy to thrown on over a swimsuit, and cute, too!

  9. Gabrielle Remmer

    With prAna gear, there are so many things I want to do dressed to the nines. First, my 30 day yoga challenge with the Leyla tank top and Mahdia Prima Pants. Not to mention hanging out with friends in the Quinn Dress which my girlfriends always have to coordinate who is wearing their prAna dresses so we don’t all show up in them unless of course its a prAna party. And lets not forget going for a run in the Sugar Mini Skirt which will be way more comfortable than a pair of shorts or maybe just wear while rollerblading as part of my get ready to ski fall plan.

  10. Sharon

    I’d use my Prana product while hunting for dinosaurs! I’m a paleontologist and geologist so I spend a lot of time outdoors hiking to study rocks and find fossils (I found two dinosaurs this summer in Wyoming!). Prana tops are great, comfortable, moisture-wicking clothes for the field .

  11. Amber

    Tank, dress, & skirt are great for the summer, but since we’re close to cool weather my pick of the lot would be those fantastic pants, and I would sport them Everywhere. PTA functions, hikes, grocery shopping, cleaning the house, drinking a beer: they look like they would be a good addition to my ‘uniform’ ;)

  12. Mary G

    I would wear the skirt for my half marathon training runs! And the dress to relax in afterwards! They are super cute!

  13. Linda Dane

    PrAna’s Mahdia Prima pants would be wonderful to wear while doing the long, slow stretches in Yin Yoga.

  14. Trisha Berens

    I would LOVE to win the pants and do yoga in them or just have a relaxing day in them as I love comfy clothes. :)

  15. Shawna

    Wear the prana pants to my kickboxing class followed by wearing the dress outside enjoying the beautiful views of CO.

  16. Lisa Dixon

    I am a potter, have been for 35 years. My body is truly my most important piece of equipment in my studio. So comfort and ease of movement is very important in what I wear while working in clay. I’m back to work after healing from a back injury….so a wonderful PrAna top would be sooooo nice!

  17. wil colquhoun

    Definitely would do some running or yoga prAna gear. Might even take it with on my annual trip to Yogaville in Virginia.

  18. Anna Halonen

    I want to wear my prada gear here in Tahoe shopping around town and then taking a long hike to a beautiful alpine lake.

  19. Jen Germano

    Just finished 8 months of prenatal yoga, had my first little baby boy and getting ready to head back to my normal yoga classes- would love a new Prana yoga outfit!

  20. Dorothy Wilhelm

    Prana and Sierra Trading Post – two of my favorite things. I would do what I always do in my Prana gear – take my dog on long walks.

  21. Jessi Endrizzi

    I love wearing Prana clothing because it covers when hiking, but keeps you cool. It stretches when doing yoga, and you look cool!!

  22. Jennifer Oliver

    What wouldn’t I do in new prAna gear?! Hiking, yoga, long walks on a rocky Alaskan beach….matters not to me. I’d look good doing it :)

  23. Kristen M

    I’d love #5, the skirt, for looking cute & sporty while exploring easy to moderate trails with the kids.

  24. Paloma Ferreira

    I would love to try the Leyla tank top! The pattern is absolutely beautiful and I think that it would be a great shirt to not only lounge around in, but also to practice yoga, go on light hikes, or even go out for a casual dinner. The built in bra is a great asset for us ladies! Thanks for the chance to win!

  25. Maurice Oetken

    I practice yoga several days a week. I do love the outdoors as well. So I can still take a walkabout in my comfortable
    prAna clothing!

  26. James Jang

    In my closet, there is no prAna. I thought it is a woman brand. My bad… prAna.
    I am looking at some stuff I need in online now. ;)

  27. Shelly

    It would be great to do yoga in the tank and pants, but I’d be just as happy to go out to dinner in the dress.

  28. Andy Haas

    My wife had a baby back in April and is looking to get back into yoga and setting a great example for our children. She never asks for much, but I would love to hook her up with some yoga pants. prAna looks like the kind of company that is right up my wife’s alley.

  29. Angela

    Mama needs a new pair of yoga pants!– for lounging, running at the gym, cool-down yoga, picking up the kids at school– you name it. :)

  30. Martin A

    On the verge of losing almost 40 lbs, I would wear my new prAna gear to complement my new lifestyle of being healthy and active. I’ve recently began to amp up the exercise, i.e. biking, hiking, playing soccer (lightly) after having my left hip replaced in order to gain back as much muscle strength as possible. At the of 48, my kids, 13 and 11) are counting on me to keep up with them!!

  31. Mackenzie

    I’d like to go send some climbs in the Grand Tetons styling a brand new prAna Chakara technical fabric outfit!

  32. Jodi A.

    I would love the prAna Kasi Jacket – Insulated (For Women) as a mid-weight jacket for fall, winter, and spring. I’d love to try wearing primaloft.

  33. Megan G

    I’d wear something PrAna-cute during my birthday trip to Palm Springs, and something comfy-breathe-y to the gym/pool.

  34. Shannon

    Would love to try out some new prAna gear on a hike. I’m backpacking in a couple of weekend – could try it then!

  35. Connor Love

    I would use my new prAna clothes to climb old projects and new blocks in the southeast. It’s pretty humid out here, so having a shirt that breathes is pretty important :) Cheers!

  36. Melissa

    I’d love to wear the Leyla tank and the Sugar Mini for Zumba class. I get my teacher certification next week!

  37. Bev Moe

    I would really like the SUGAR MINI SKIRT. I recently retired and want to start playing golf! Oh, a retirement present would really be nice!!!!

  38. Mary Wright

    I wear the prAna Mahdia Prima Pants and the prAna Leyla Tank Top in yoga class and the prAna Quinn Dress just for fun. Probably need the prAna Monarch Convertible Pants, too… got a Grand Canyon backpack coming up next month.

  39. Savannah

    I love prAna! Durable but super comfy! Best brand for climbing pants, as well as headbands (sometimes that’s all I can afford, lol)

  40. Terry Filicko

    I’d love to have the top or the pants to wear when rowing or cycling. Of course any of these items would be great for a nice walk along the trails around Columbus.

  41. Laurie Freeman

    I would wear mine while getting back to working out after a long break following back surgery. It’s time to get BACK-To -It!!!

  42. Ashley C

    I wear PrAna clothing when I do yoga! I’m currently loving their Quinn Chakara Tank Top in berry!


  43. kathy K (will run for miles)

    That’s funny – I just ordered the Quinn dress from STP this morning. I am an avid runner, but I really like Prana for casual wear. Pretty little dresses, and big yoga inspired tops, capris and skirts. Its all great – feel good – feel happy clothing!

  44. Kelli Schulenberg

    I love the dress featured here! I would wear Prana products hiking, biking, and out on the town. Their products are high quality, feel luxurious, and are so comfortable.

  45. Claudia M

    i would go hiking or jogging with my Dogs and new prAna gear :) but then prAna gear is so stylish and compfy that it can be worn everyday. thank you for the chance !

  46. Shannon Harness

    I’m an outdoor recreation student in Colorado’s High Rockies, a mountain biking guide, and a world traveler. I would use my new prAna clothes to have a clean business casual look at school and work, with the ability to take it trail to the trails when I am ready to play!

  47. tanya walz

    I would like to travel around the unites states to see sites and I haven’t seen and have adventures I haven’t had in my very packing friendly and very comfortable while still very cute new prana wear!

  48. Tracy Filippi

    I live in Arizona were the heat keeps me barely clothed most of the year. I love to be outside. I tend toward skirts for a softer, more feminine look, but I can’t be restricted! So, I would do everything in the prana sugar mini skirt.


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