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What to Pack for Safer Family Adventures

Family Survival Kit

Benjamin Franklin said that, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”, well, a few pounds of gear in your day pack are worth hundreds of pounds of cure. Even on simple hikes, or picnics in the backcountry, a well-organized day pack can make your family adventures fun, happy and safe… and who doesn’t want that? A good day pack will prepare you for the unknown. Here’s a list of needs that a good day pack for family adventures should provide for: Warmth Shelter Food/water First Aid Navigation What to Pack It’s worth having a dedicated set of […]

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Peanut-Free Trail Mix Recipe

trail mix

Growing up I was able to eat all sorts of foods all the time. I mean I was cracking peanuts out of their shells during baseball season, fish off the grill that we caught earlier that day, and cookies between surf sessions. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve had to alter my diet. Not only because I work a desk job, but also because I’ve developed food allergies. You know what food allergy I have that worries my doctor the most? Peanuts!  That’s been killing me because I used to love eating trail mix on hikes and having it as a snack at the office when […]

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The Right Clothes for Your Kids – Safer Family Adventures

Family Adventures

The most dangerous thing outdoors isn’t the wildlife, it’s the elements, so be sure to have all the gear necessary for the changes. In our area, it’s been known to snow in August on days that started with sunshine. When you go out into the backcountry with your kids, choose carefully what type of clothes and fabrics you pack with you. Cotton Kills You may have heard this mantra, but if not, it’s a good one to remember. Cotton is good for warm, dry weather, but when it’s wet, it’s a useless insulator. Cotton holds in moisture which will bring your body […]

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How To Choose Downhill Ski Boots

how to choose ski boots

The right pair of ski boots unlocks the athletic potential in your skiing. Choosing a boot is a process that involves a number of factors in selecting one that matches ability and ambition. Foot shape, prior injuries, stiffness of the shell, and intended use, all come into play, and blindly selecting a pair will inhibit the ability of a beginner or advanced skier. This guide explains the details that go into choosing the perfect pair of downhill ski boots. Construction Ski boots have a two-layer construction: An outer hard shell, and a softer inner liner. Depending on how aggressively the […]

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5 Reasons to Ski Utah This Winter

Ski Utah

When I go on a ski vacation, I want it all; easy flights, short drives, good snow, and brief lift lines. Oh, and I want to ski out from my hotel. Did I mention I have a budget? When I first learned to ski, I lived in Florida and had to get on a plane before I could get any turns in, so I spent a lot of time planning. One area stood out for me as a good time and money value, Utah. Eventually, I fell so in love with the state, I moved. Here’s why it should be […]

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Running or Racing: Which Do You Do?


I am a runner. When I was a kid (and all the way through college), I NEVER would have imagined those words would come out of my mouth. I have always loved sports but hated running just for the sake of running. I was never fast and could never dream of having a faster time than someone, so of course running seemed unrealistic for me. When I was at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy, my friends and roommates had to literally force me to run to prepare for our twice a year 1.5 mile run that was part of our […]

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Get Out and Beat the Turkey Coma!

Beat the Turkey Coma

This is the time of the year we don’t think a second thought about loosening our belts and gorging ourselves silly, simply in the name of celebrating. While I love a good Thanksgiving dinner as much as the next person, maybe our feasts need to be re-focused away from gluttony and more on quality time with our loved ones. There is no part of me that is advocating to cut out the turkey – but there is great value in slowly working towards incorporating some active traditions in with the food. Do a Turkey Trot. Search online to find one […]

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Healthy Holiday Eating: It’s Easier Than You Think

Healthy Holiday

Like most Americans, I love Thanksgiving. Or more accurately, I looove Thanksgiving. It’s a holiday centered around eating, spending time with loved ones, watching football and of course, more eating. What’s not to love? While I’m a firm believer in not depriving yourself or cutting out major food groups, I also know that there’s a fine line between enjoying your Thanksgiving meal and completely overdoing it. So many of us seem to treat Thanksgiving as the jumping off point for over a month of gluttony, only to feel sluggish and awful come January 1st (and likely be 10 lbs. heavier). […]

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Six Benefits of CrossFit for Outdoor Enthusiasts

CrossFit Workout

Odds are you know someone who does CrossFit, or you’ve heard of it. It’s hard, it’s intense, it’s controversial, it’s rapidly gaining in popularity, and the methodologies are being adopted by professional athletes and “normal” people alike. So, what is CrossFit, exactly? At its core, it’s a branded core strength and conditioning program designed to optimize performance in ten different domains. It’s historically been used by military organizations, police departments, and now thousands of sport-specific gyms worldwide. Athletes run, jump, row, climb, move heavy loads, and use both Olympic and powerlifting techniques, among other things. CrossFit programs are designed to […]

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Yoga for Beginners: Three Building Blocks to Rock Your Practice

Yoga poses

I am the first to admit that yoga can be scary. Even after practicing for essentially my entire life, sometimes I walk into the studio, look around, and mutter ‘what have I gotten myself into?!” But honestly, that is one of the reasons I love it so much- no two days are ever the same. Your practice changes if you were hiking the day before, haven’t moved in a week, or if you’ve practiced three days in a row; each time you step onto your mat (or your carpet, or your favorite trail) your body is different and the way […]

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