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Growing Family Equals More Family Adventures

Tales of a Mountain Mama

**Editor’s note: TeamSierra Blog Contributor, Amelia Mayer, recently gave birth to her third child. In this post she explains why a growing family equals more adventure, and she encourages new mothers and young families to get outside.** One of the most intimidating things about having a family, and specifically a new baby, is managing to get out of the house and continue your life as it was before (in some form or fashion).  It is the most talked-about reason I hear from people for putting off having kids, either for a while or indefinitely. I am not going to lie […]

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Hiking Mailbox Peak – How Bad Could It Be?

Mailbox Peak Washington

Hiking Mailbox Peak has been on my bucket list for years. It’s one of the toughest trails in the Snoqualmie National Forest in Washington and got its name because there is a mailbox at the top containing the registry. Originally, I’d planned to hike this with some new friends, but after a challenging snowshoe one day, we weren’t up for the challenge of Mailbox Peak the next. So it stayed on my bucket list. Mailbox Peak – Photo by Pig Monkey (Flickr Creative Commons) This week, I decided to tackle it on my own. The forecast was for sun and […]

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Leave No Trace: California Marine Conservation

sea anenome

When in California and other coastal states you may plan to hike, swim, or just play at the beach. It’s hard to deny the scenic beauty of the Pacific Ocean where you can walk along the water’s edge or on the towering cliffs above, surf the waves, kayak tiny coves, and explore hidden caves. California even has designated underwater parks off shore where you can scuba and snorkel to take in the sights many never see. The Pacific wilderness is vast and amazing. The ocean is a wonderful place to find recreational adventure and also a place that needs protection […]

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Things Your Injured Friends Want You to Do (Or NOT Do)

Recovering from injury

You don’t know what to say. You’re at a loss of what to do. So you stick with the standard safe thing and fumble your way through something generic to comfort your injured friend before trying to make your escape, having paid your duty to them. I get it. After being on the flip side — injured on the couch for 3 months with a torn ACL/MCL/meniscus and another 7 months of recovery to go — I’ve learned that I’ve done the “supportive friend” thing all wrong. You probably do, too. So, to make it easy for you, I’ve compiled 21 of […]

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A First Hike With Kids

first hike with kids

I often receive comments from friends, family and passersby about having such a young child in the outdoors hiking and camping, and I find it strange that people think it’s strange. Considering the passion we have for our outdoor lifestyle, I can’t imagine it any other way.  Now that J-Man, my son, isn’t an infant those comments have fallen to the wayside but when he was younger I felt like we were aliens from the looks and comments we would receive. I’m hoping with the exposure of our adventures with J-Man and others who are venturing out with their young […]

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How to Make a Hiking Buddy: Converting Friends to Hikers

Making Hiking Buddies

Quick – what’s the very first piece of hiking advice you ever heard? ALWAYS HIKE WITH A BUDDY. Those five words are drilled into us from every hiking book, every outdoor store, every sagely wilderness-loving friend we know – and with good reason.   Most importantly, someone else is around in case something goes wrong – but beyond that, hiking with a buddy can also be one of the most rewarding outdoor experiences.  You can forge bonds and make memories that will last a life time. But how do you actually go about finding that hiking partner? The first places to […]

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10 Tips for Adventure Road Tripping With Your Dog

Road tripping with dogs

I love road trips. I love my dogs. I love road trips with my dogs. I have been taking my dogs on car trips with me for years. I’ve taken them on a 4-day trip to a cattle ranch in Montana. Last year, my hubby and I drove to Bend, OR and spent 5 days camping and hiking with them. I’ve taken them on a 3-day tour around the Olympic Peninsula. We’ve been on many more trips ranging from a few days to a week. I am currently planning a road trip from Seattle to Las Vegas with the dogs. […]

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Fill Your Life With Outdoor Adventure, Not Dreams

Planning for outdoor adventure

Last year I hiked the John Muir Trail in 16 days, backpacked on the Olympic Peninsula with my wife and four kids (all of whom are under 7 years of age), canoed the Bowron Lakes with my wife and two youngest kids (both under 3),  and filled in the gaps with countless fishing, hiking and other outdoor adventures. Let’s be clear, we’re an average family. I work a typical job, we live on a single income and I suffer severely from procrastination. The kids still complain when they are hungry/tired/grumpy… and so do I for that matter.  And yet, somehow […]

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Road Trip With Kids: It’s Part of the Adventure

Road Trips

This is the time of year I start dreaming of summer vacations. Where do I want to go? What do I want to see and do? Most of my ideas revolve around camping and hiking and generally spending time in the great outdoors. Arguably, I live in a paradise, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to get away from it all and travel and see new things. Road tripping is kind of the pre-adventure to the actual adventure. In fact, it is part of the adventure. That’s how I look at it. I know some who don’t enjoy driving […]

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Backcountry Skiing Gear

Backcountry Skiing

There comes a point in every powder hound’s life when he is forced to make a decision: do I want to head into the backcountry? For many, this self-inflicted question arrives after years of waiting in over-crowded lift lines at popular ski resorts. Most of us enjoy the sport of shredding for many reasons, but I am willing to bet that one of them isn’t sharing the snow with hundreds of people. Am I right?! For me, this conundrum peaked two years ago and I have spent the past 24 months prepping my skills and acquiring the gear needed for […]

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