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Ecotourism Myths: Busted


Ecotourism. It’s one of the new catchphrases in the travel industry with Hollywood celebs frolicking to ecolodges and elephant sanctuaries across the globe. But what is it? In a nutshell, ecotourism is any type of responsible travel to natural areas that helps preserve the environment and the indigenous people. Too complicated? Try this: travel that helps protect both locals and their surroundings. With ecotourism on the rise, questions and myths surround this traveling trend. If you want to try out an ecotrip but aren’t sure what to believe, then check out our busted ecotourism myths below! Myth: Ecotourism only exists […]

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Travel Expectations: When a Trip Doesn’t Go as Expected

Travel expectations

Let’s be honest – when you’re deciding to travel to a new place your number one reason isn’t usually to broaden your already deep understanding of the region and its people – it’s because you were lured in. Maybe it was a YouTube video of someone whitewater rafting down the Colorado River or climbing some monumental slab of vertical rock. Or maybe it was a tourist brochure. Or maybe it was an impossibly detailed HDR rendering of an idyllic wildlife scene that caught your eye while scanning Facebook or Instagram – something that made your brain stop and say, “Oh, […]

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How to Hang Food in the Backcountry

how to hang your food

If you are going to spend a night in the backcountry, you need to know how to store your food correctly. Improperly stored food often results in bears becoming accustomed to humans… and often ending up being shot. Keeping food, and odoriferous objects (like toothpaste or deodorant) in your tent can land you with nighttime visitors, big and small. Even in areas where there are no bears, you can end up going hungry thanks to opportunist raccoons, mice and other hungry critters. Aside from parks that require bear canisters, or areas where there are no trees, your best (and safest […]

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How to Discover Local Trails in Your Area

Finding Trails

Can you remember the first time you set foot on a trail? Whether you were hiking, biking, running, or snowshoeing, there’s just something memorable about experiencing your first ever #trailtime. I fell in love with the trails when I first visited Rocky Mountain National Park 4 years ago. At the time, I was living in Illinois, and had never experienced the beauty of the mountainous West. Upon returning from that trip, I felt a pull, as if the mountains were calling me back to them to come and play. Naturally, several more vacations were taken to Colorado, and eventually, the […]

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Beat the Heat on the Trails: Tips for Hiking in Hot Weather

Justin Hiking in the heat

Summer’s in full swing down here in Florida and that probably explains why I immediately break into a sweat after stepping outside. Whoever says It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity is full of full dooky. It’s hot because of the heat when it’s 95+ on average. What’s a guy to do when he wants to hike in Florida without passing out from the summer heat? I say suck it up and embrace the heat. Oh you want to have a more enjoyable time? Here are five tips to help you beat the heat on the trails this summer. Dress […]

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Adventure Dogs: Fueling Your Pooch While Backpacking

backpacking with a dog

Well-behaved dogs make great hiking companions. Dogs love to experience the sights, sounds and smells of nature like you do. Your dog will need more calories than they normally eat if they are going to hike all day on the trail though. Dogs will need about 25% more calories than they normally eat to keep their energy up on a big adventure. The simplest way to add calories to your dog’s diet while backpacking is to bring 25% more of your dog’s regular food. Simply adding 25% more kibble to the food bag results in a larger volume and heavier […]

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How Not to Die While Mountain Biking, and How to Have Fun in the Process


As outdoor enthusiasts, we accept that some of the activities we engage in are inherently risky. Our rewards for taking on that risk can be amazing views, reaching places few others have, and the general satisfaction that comes with pushing our personal limits. Plus, the risk can be part of the fun, and there are ways to minimize risk without compromising the quality of your experience. Mountain biking is one of those outdoor pursuits I put in the “inherently risky” category. Flying through trees, over and around obstacles, and up and down steep hills is a blast, but there’s also […]

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Hiking in the West: How to Deal With Wildfires

Wildfire Burn Area

When I first moved to California I was more than a little disheartened to leave behind my former seasons of spring, summer, winter, and fall for the new ones – Fire Season and Mud Season. My introduction was swift – just as I was settling into my first L.A. apartment, 15 wildfires blazed throughout Southern California in what local media in true Hollywood fashion called the “2003 Firestorm.”  I remember red skies during the day and cleaning ash off of my car and from inside my windowsills at night. Just a few years later I was on a camping trip […]

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Avoid Unsafe Wildlife Encounters With These Quick Tips

Wildlife fun

This is the time of the year when I am on high alert every time we leave our home in Yellowstone National Park.  Wildlife are everywhere – between calving elk, the bears who are going after those aforementioned calves, and bison, we have a host of potential dangers directly out our front door (quite literally).  It’s enough to frazzle this mama’s nerves as I go on walks and bike rides with my three young children (two of which are often on their own bikes, furthering the fact that they are out of my control). While living in a National Park […]

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A Girl, Two Dogs and the Open Road

Dog Road Trip

Instead of flying, I recently drove 2,900 miles from Seattle to Las Vegas and back for a pet conference. It was an easy choice. It’s really expensive to fly with dogs, a person can only fly with one in-cabin dog (I have two) and I love road trips. I didn’t have an agenda for our trip other than I knew we had to be in Las Vegas in 5 days. With only a few stops in mind, I headed out for a mostly spontaneous road trip. Going without a plan meant I could change the route we drove on a […]

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