Teva Brand Spotlight and Giveaway


Summer requires comfortable footwear. Whether you are playing in the river, taking a short hike or hanging out in town, Teva sandals are the way to go. Keep reading to learn more about this brand or skip to the bottom and enter to win our Teva giveaway.

Teva Giveaway

Teva was created in the early 1980’s when a raft guide was looking for a solution to his clients soggy sneakers. Teva revolutionized river footwear with a sport sandal that could drain water, dry quickly and also tackle rugged river terrain. Over the years Teva has added boots, shoes and trail runners to its footwear line.

Don’t take my word for it, check out the over 33,000 reviews of this brand on our site: Teva Reviews

Teva Giveaway

1. Teva Hurricane 2 Sandals (For Kids and Youth) – Worry about one less thing when you take your little one out in Teva Hurricane 2 sandals. With the adjustable nylon straps, these sandals stay on even the wiggliest feet.

2. Teva Torin Sport Sandals (For Men) -Enjoy support and cushioning on warm-weather walks thanks to adjustable straps, a compression-molded EVA midsole and shock-absorbing Shoc Pad® in the heel.

3. Teva Tirra Sport Sandals (For Women) – mesh fun, feminine style and multi-sport performance for everyday, go-anywhere use.

4. Teva Terra Fi Lite Sandals (For Women) – Agile and flexible, Teva Terra Fi Lite sandals boast a low-profile design, with three-point strap adjustment and a Spider Original rubber outsole that handles wet surfaces with ease.

Teva Coupon

Teva Sandals Giveaway

Would you like to win a FREE pair of Teva Sandals or Shoes from the Sierra Social Hub? Check out our selection of Teva products then comment below letting us know what you’d choose to receive for free. We’ll pick one comment and send the winner the product of his or her choice. The winner will be contacted by email and announced on the blog on Thursday, July 31, 2014.

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. A PURCHASE WILL NOT IMPROVE YOUR CHANCE OF WINNING. Open only to legal U.S. residents of the 50 United States and D.C. who are 18 years of age or older. See Official Rules at for additional eligibility restrictions, prize descriptions/conditions, entry periods and complete details. Void where prohibited. Sponsor: Sierra Trading Post, Inc. 5025 Campstool Rd., Cheyenne, WY 82007.

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Andy Hawbaker
Andy is a hiker, backpacker, snowboarder and outdoor fanatic. When he isn't exploring the Rocky Mountains with his wife and daughters he shares his adventures here on the Sierra SocialHub.

174 comments on “Teva Brand Spotlight and Giveaway

  1. Raymond Langer

    The Teva Reforge ion mask is a great looking shoe and by the reviews, is well liked. When looking for a shoe, there are three things I look for. Light-weight, water resistant, and comfortable. This shoe seems to have them all!

  2. Hal Summers

    I’d like a pair of Royal Arch shoes for men in a size 11 for my youngest son. I think he’d like those.

  3. Mary W

    These shoes offer everything I am looking for in a great shoe: Item #6880A
    Teva Tevasphere Trail eVent® Trail Shoes – Waterproof .

  4. Tracy Pickens

    I would like to win the Teva Tirra Sport Sandals. We are going floating soon and this would be perfect.

  5. Beau Smith

    In a perfect world, my size 9 feet would be encased in a pair of Teva Churn Shoes Amphibious on a daily basis. I hit the trail of testosterone every day I leap out of bed, inside or outside, adventure follows me like a faithful dog. I need a pair of shoes that can match my action/adventure lifestyle here on The Flying Fist Ranch, where it’s never a Fight Or Flight choice, it’s only fight and I need to know that my shoes are up for the task. I believe that the Teva Churn Shoes Amphibious would be ready to stand, run and leap into that role with me.

    Beau Smith
    The Flying Fist Ranch

  6. Lynn difiore

    I would love to win a pair of Teva Butano Sport Sandals. I have completely worn my last pair out!

  7. Jane Haskell

    I would like to win the women’s te adhere trail shoes. I have worn Merrill’s for years and feel it is time to change it up as I enter my sixth decade a few days ago!

  8. imee

    would like to try Teva shoes for walking and running. Any shoes will be ok.
    Thank You for your time.
    Sincerely Imee Hobbs

  9. Sally West

    As much as I would like another pair or river sandals I would LOVE a pair of the Teva Jordanelle 2 Winter Boots. My winter boots have finally kicked the bucket and I need something to get around in during these Cascade winters! Please and thank you!

  10. carlos

    The Teva Bishop Peak shoes are perfect for having Teva comfort and quality in a good-looking casual work shoe!

  11. Desiree Heroux

    Love love the Deacon sports sandal
    Perfect for my favorite adventure
    I’m a zip guide at Adventures Unlimited in Milton Fl. Whoot whoot

  12. Lai Ha Ng

    Teva makes the most comfortable, good looking and durable sandals. They are perfect for hiking, kayaking, daily walking… Even in winter time with wool socks. I enjoy mine for years. I wish I can win the beautiful pair of Teva Terra Fi Lite Sandals for my daughter-in-law. She will love and enjoy it just like I do!

  13. Donna Bitting

    Teva Torin for Men, My husband really wears out this Teva’s. As soon as the weather allows, that is all he likes to wear.

  14. Erica C

    I would love a pair of shoes. Anyone will do. But I really like the purple teva fuse-ion mesh shoes. They would be perfect for me. Ty

  15. Chris Crosby

    I know my wife would love to have a pair of the Tiva Tirra Sport Sandals. They would be a great addition to the rest of her Teva collection she’s gotten from STP!

  16. Buddy Boettcher

    Would love to win a pair of Black Size 10 – Teva Torin Sport Sandals (For Men) – Item #6625W. Thank you for spotlighting this excellent manufacture of footwear and for the giveaway!

  17. Donna N.

    My husband needs some new hiking boots so I’d get the Teva Forge Pro Mid Trail Shoes – Waterproof (For Men) Boots! They look great!!

  18. Judy Willens

    Mandalyn or Cabrillo for me please, so not into wearing ‘the usual’ heels for dressing up. I’ve worn out a pair of TEVA red wedges, love them. Time for new. It goes without saying TEVA sandals are the best for everyday.

  19. Susan Davis

    I have 2 pairs of TEVA sandals that I love. Would like to try a pair of boots for the cold, wet Chicago winters! The Teva Jordanelle 2 Winter Boots would be great.

  20. franko

    I like the Alameda Sneakers for me but the Dozer 3 is a must for my son… man those are perfect for the summer

  21. Michelle Shomaker

    Teva Reforge ion-mask Shoes (For Men) – have bought 2 pair SO FAR! Husband loves these shoes!

  22. Sarah Stouffer

    #4 – teva terra fi lite sandals. Much prettier than my plain black tevas I’ve had for years.

  23. Arrington Leitch

    Teva Tirra Sport Sandals for Women are the best. Super comfortable, lightweight, and great for narrow feet. I walk/run many miles a day with my dog on hard surfaces and in water on nothing else but Tirras!

  24. Cynthia Nelson

    These are my choice in size 7 1/2, Teva Butano 2 Sport Sandals (For Women). I have had good experiences with Teva, and my friends have too! I love having comfortable, attractive and serviceable shoes that go anywhere. With spine problems and lots of osteoarthritis, good shoes that grip are extremely important whether I am hiking on dirt or rough rocks in Maine, walking through the woods of the Big Thicket in Texas, wading in ponds or the Gulf of Mexico, or pounding the pavement.

  25. Kirsten Watts

    Of these Teva designs, I’d choose the Tirra Sport sandals for women (#3). They look classy yet rugged.

  26. Jen McKee

    I would love a pair Teva Genea Trail Shoes. These would be great for work and play. I have tried many other trail shoes for their support and cushioning on hard surfaces. I am on my feet all day and Teva’s provide great support for my feet and back.

  27. Diane Mann

    I’d love to receive the Teva Tirra Sports sandal for women (red). The soles on Teva sandals are unbeatably soft and comfortable. This is a beautiful color as well. My favorite kind of sandal in my favorite color — now, that would be a winning combination!

  28. sharon

    I’d love to win the Teva Jordanelle 2 Winter Boots for my daughter’s winter activity in the great Northeast.

  29. Pam Mason

    Love the Mush Atoll Knit Ankle Boots. Adorable and they look very comfy. Perfect combo of knit and suede and in versatile black. Would be perfect for fall, winter and early Spring in Virginia.

  30. Melissa Patterson

    I really love the Teva Tevasphere Trail eVent® shoes. I think that they would be great for camping!

  31. Tina Xu

    Either the Teva Numas and Tevasphere Versas would be perfect for weekend trail adventures and daily treks across my college campus!

  32. Kate

    The Torin Sport Sandal would be great. I’ve been a long-time Teva wearer- got the foot tan lines to prove it!

  33. deblue

    Luv Teva and Luv STP! My favorite Tevas are Freewheel washed canvas. 6.5 women’s. Fingers and toes crossed!

  34. Joey Simmonds

    Teva Clifton Creek Herringbone Shoes – Slip-Ons (For Men) in size 12.
    I work 12 shifts on my feet and like a shoe this style. Great for just going shopping also.

  35. Julie Lopez

    I would pick the Teva Haley Shoes in black size 7.5. I have many of their sandals but only one non-sandal. I wear the sandals as much as possible with dresses, skirts, shorts, slacks, etc.
    The reviews were really helpful too in my decision.
    Thank you,

  36. Terri David

    I’d love to win the Terra Fi Lite Women’s sandals. I’ve been wearing Teva’s for years and love them.

  37. Vicky Carlson

    I love the Teva Tirra Sport Sandals (For Women). I also love the Teva Sky Lake WP Trail Shoes – Waterproof (For Women) . Either one of those would be really very awesome! Thanks!

  38. Jeremiah

    Loving the look of the Teva Churn. I’m headed into the backwoods of the Adirondacks next month. Lots of paddling, miles of portages, mud, beaver dams … these look like they’d fit the bill perfectly!

  39. Myron Baldoz-McArn

    Item #7859H – Teva Refugio Shoes (For Men) Olympian Blue (02) size 9, please. On my feet all day, after football practice. would like to have my feet get some relaxation after running around at football practice and games. I’ve used Nikes and Adidas as my athletic sports shoes and, I would like to get a second opinion by trying your product.

    thank you for your consideration.

  40. Debbie Terry
    Teva Cari wedge 5.5

  41. Martin

    Teva Torin Sport Sandals size 11, please. I am currently using birkenstocks, which relieves tension from my non arch feet. Would like to try a new product. As a campus supervisor I am on my feet 8 hours a day. During roadtrips it is too hot to have shoes on… hopefully, the Teva Torin Sport Sandals can provide me the relief I am looking for.

    thank you.

  42. Tyler

    Although renowned for their sport sandals, I’d love to put a pair of their winter boots to the test. The Teva Chair 5 Print Winter Boots, Size 13 (Item #7112D). Thanks for the opportunity!

  43. Tyler

    Shared via Facebook.
    P.S. The green pair of boots would look better on me than the black pair. Just saying.

  44. Claudia Jewell

    I have owned few pairs of Teva sandals, I really like them, they last, good quality

    I’d like to win the #4 sandals Teva Terra Fi Lite sandals

  45. James Davis

    Definitely the Chair 5 Print Winter Boots – Waterproof, Insulated, Removable Liners (For Men), without a doubt! Seriously versatile for somebody that travels & even though they’re obviously made for winter & cold weather (which is what I would wear them for, mainly), they can also work well for wet & warmer conditions, like spring, when it’s muddy out, or whatever, just pull out the liners & presto, they’re good to go with dress clothes, casual, or whatever! They fit in almost any bag, backpack, duffel bag, or suitcase, just keep care of them & they should last you for years! I definitely want a pair of these, please?! : )

  46. James Davis

    “A little birdy told me”, or so the saying goes. In this case, it told a whole bunch of other people, later S.T.P, hope to hear from you soon, peace!

  47. Bob Simonson

    I own a pair Teva’s and love them for summer use. I even use them most times as a “house” shoe. They’ve held up to all kinds of wear during kayaking/canoe trips, they’ve been exceptionally muddy and are still kicking. My son has a pair of Teva Reforge shoes which have lasted longer than the normal 6 month period, and he’s unbelievably hard on shoes. That being said, my wife has been dropping hints that she’d love a pair. Her preference being the Teva Terra Fi Lite Sandals.

  48. Caleb Gautney

    Well, I never win anything but I might as well comment. I would pick the Teva Chair 5 Print Winter Boots. Those would be extremely useful to me but, unfortunately, they are way out of my price range.

  49. Kody Wheat

    I would choose the Teva Tevasphere Trail eVent® Trail Shoes – Waterproof (For Men) Size 12, because it looks like a great trail running shoe!

  50. Chris Meirose

    For me, it’d have to be the Torin’s. I’ve had at least 8 pair of Tevas (2 pair currently). My Tevas have fallen out of the rotation of my footwear the last few years, having been supplanted by my Chaco’s. I’d be willing to give the Torin’s a run though and see if I could be won back. When I was a backpacking guide in the mid-90’s I’d often do my hike ins with my Tevas on, so I have a long term liking for the brand!

  51. Kaylen Wilson

    I really wish I had a pair of Teva Zirra Sport Sandals (in a size 10). I think the would look great on my feet on my next kayaking and camping adventure!

  52. Christopher

    Some good hiking boots would be fantastic – Teva Riva Mid eVent® Hiking Boots – Waterproof, Leather (For Men)

  53. Jessica Dugan

    Have had my eye on #4 for quite a while now. Would be perfect for the humid hikes of summer and cooling off in nearby rivers!

  54. Josh Palaski

    I hiked last 200 miles of AT and 2000+/- miles of PCT in a pair of Tevas. I like the terra fi 3.

  55. Lorna

    Teva Terra Fi Lite Sandals (For Women)

    My canoeing shoes are falling apart, and there is still time left in the season to enjoy the rivers!


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