The North Face Brand Spotlight and Giveaway

**Congratulations to Heidi who has been chosen as the winner of this giveaway. If you didn’t win this giveaway check out our current Brand Spotlight Giveaway.**

The North Face was named after the coldest most unforgiving side of a mountain. Their outdoor gear and outerwear is durable and tough enough for your next adventure. Keep reading to learn more about this popular brand and be sure to enter The North Face Giveaway below.

In 1966, two outdoor lovers and hiking enthusiasts opened a small retail store in San Francisco to sell mountaineering gear. That store was known as The North Face. Two years later they began designing and manufacturing their own line of technical mountaineering clothing and equipment.

The North Face Giveaway

The North Face quickly grew respect from the mountaineering community by producing excellent products and through its sponsorships of athletes on their expeditions to explore many of the untouched areas around the world. Since the early days, The North Face has always stayed true to their slogan ‘Never Stop Exploring’.

Hot New Arrivals from The North Face
The North Face Giveaway

1. The North Face Apex Bionic Jacket – Soft Shell (For Men) – With the highest peaks and most challenging crags come the strongest winds, so slip the windproof, breathable and stretchy fabric of the Apex Bionic jacket over your layers and attack the mountain in comfort.

2. The North Face Tyndall Trail Shoes – Waterproof (For Women) – The North Face’s Tyndall trail shoes are designed for hiking tough trails, providing HydroSeal waterproof protection and massive amounts of grip with their UltraATAC rubber outsole.

3. The North Face Avenue Down Parka – 600 Fill Power (For Women) – Enjoy cold winter walks down boulevards, streets and avenues with The North Face Avenue down parka. The nylon taffeta shell has a slight sheen and angled quilting for a sleek, form-flattering fit, and 600 fill power down insulation for warmth.

4. The North Face Santiago Down Jacket – 600 Fill Power (For Men) – With 600 fill power down insulation, The North Face Santiago jacket is ideal for Chilean winters or anywhere you need an insulating, highly compressible jacket with a slim silhouette.

5. The North Face Denali Jacket – Polartec® Fleece, Hooded (For Women) – The North Face’s hooded Denali fleece jacket has earned legendary status as the fleece jacket of choice for alpine climbers, backpackers and outdoor athletes of every stripe.

 The North Face Giveaway!

Would you like to get your hands on a new product from The North Face? Simply leave us a comment below letting us know what you do to ‘Never Stop Exploring’.

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We will pick one winner to receive the product of their choice from The North Face. That is any The North Face product currently available on Sierra Trading Post. The winner will be contacted by email and announced on Thursday 2/21/12.

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Andy Hawbaker
Andy is a hiker, backpacker, snowboarder and outdoor fanatic. When he isn't exploring the Rocky Mountains with his wife and daughters he shares his adventures here on the Sierra SocialHub.

164 comments on “The North Face Brand Spotlight and Giveaway

  • I enjoy getting outside. Whether its a trail run in the fresh snow in the forest or walking at lunch downtown, I try to get out each day. Currently I run quite a few trail (and road) races a year. I’m always looking for a new adventure and take this spirit on the road with me as I travel and trek in each city I visit.

  • I love being outdoors! It doesn’t matter what I am doing as long as I’m outside. Golf, camping, snowboarding, spelunking, etc. I want it all!!!

  • I try to make time and enjoy the outdoors while theyre still fairly pristine. I hike, bike, run, swim, and kayak in the summer and in the winter I ski 40+ days, snowshoe, and cross country. When im in the outdoors im in my element which is why ill never stop exploring

  • Every month of the year, I frustrate my boss and my coworkers by insisting on grouping my days off so I can leave the office for days at a time and go have An Adventure.

    Last January, I was backcountry skiing in the Sawtooths. In February, skiing in the Payettes. In March, a hut trip in British Columbia with ten friends. In April, backpacking in the Owhyees. May was getting some late-season powder around Idaho City, June was rafting the Bruneau, July was bushwhacking the Queen’s Creek drainage in Idaho to get to an unnamed lake (my anniversary “present” every year has usually consisted of bruises and dirt, courtesy of some trip or another with my husband), August was an historical re-enactment event in Pennsylvania, September was canoeing the Main Salmon river, October was backpacking in the Jarbidge wilderness, November was elk hunting with black-powder rifles north of Boisem and December was fishing for striped bass on the Chesapeake Bay with my dad. There’s just so much to do-! There were more trips in 2012 – horn-hunting in the spring, looking for morels and huckleberries, fishing and rafting on the various forks of the Payette, hiking in the foothills with my husky, the famous Amos – but the big ones were planned in advance, and required some serious gear and prep time.

    And 2012 was slow year! Previous years have held epic adventures, like self-supported ski trips in the Sierras, hiking across Idaho’s wilderness for a month, camping and backpacking on Kauai for three weeks, ski-mountaineering in the Cascades, and paddling the Middle Fork of the Salmon in an open canoe.

    I’m not sure what’s next – the weather here has been uncertain for February – but March is going to hold another Canadian ski trip with some best friends, and April a trip to the Grand Canyon. Meanwhile, when I’m not out in the wilds, I’m running, biking, and hiking here at home in Boise, and I’m doing all of it with North Face gear. Bags, tents, booties, down jackets, warm pullovers, sandals, wicking t-shirts, wool beanies, sun hats, hiking shorts – The North Face has contributed some essential piece of clothing or equipment to all of my backcountry and fitness excursions. And I’m hoping for a new down hoodie for the Canadian trip….there’s alway something else you need, right?
    So – my husband Ken, my husky Amos, and I all thank you, North Face, for making the gear that keep us exploring! Yours, Dana Lucas

  • I never stop exploring by going on a road trip at least once a month to a place I’ve never been, we always pick where we want to go and do it! We will never run out of places to explore!!

  • I keep picking up and moving, looking for the perfect place to call home. I always pack light and rely on quality brands of gear. I never stop exploring :D

  • Never content to let life simply pass by, I push myself harder to develop, learn and travel. From oceans, lakes, rivers, valleys and mountain peaks, I never stop exploring. Northface has been with me every step of the way.

  • How do I never stop exploring? I let the kids take the lead! And if they need a little nudge to get out the door, I’m always happy to oblige! :)

  • I never stop exploring by hiking and backcountry camping when I can. My oldest son and I went hiking and camping in Nebraska for his 13th birthday. Next year I am planning to hike the first 100 miles of the AT, from Springer Mt. To Albert Mt., for my 40th birthday.

  • I’m a geology major at UNC Chapel Hill and am constantly outdoors for work and for play. This summer I am going on a field camp trip out west for almost two months for school. I could really use a new jacket to keep me warm during those cold desert nights!

  • Although I live in an unsafe city, I still try my best to explore my community by venturing outside for exercise, socializing with my neighbors in order to help build community, and continuing to buy locally from farmers and mom and pop shops. You can’t let the hoodlums hold you down.

  • I never stop exploring by hiking and back country camping when I can. Last year, my oldest son and I went hiking and camping in Nebraska for his 13th birthday. Next year, I am planning on hiking the first 100 miles of the AT, from Springer Mt. to Albert Mt., for my 40th birthday.

  • I am a Geology major and am almost always outdoors. I will keep exploring in the future for my Summer Field Camp for school and for fun!

  • I never stop exploring, it’s either the next family outing or the next boyscouting adventure. I’m always looking for better equipment and clothing to use and recommend to the scouts.

  • I grew up in a rural area and loved walking through the woods. I never stop exploring b/c I like walking through the woods all seasons, it is so different all the time, and go to different places! I luv the quiet gurgle of the streams and coming upon lady slippers in the forest and wildflowers in spring. I luv the down parka. I walk everywhere and it would be so nice to have such a wonderful parka.

  • I would adore this!!
    shared on Facebook!

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  • I tweeted your giveaway (retweeted your tweet)!!! I would ADORE to win this!! I LUV North Face!!!

  • I’ll never stop exploring my home Blue Ridge Mountains through my trail running adventures. I’ll start to explore new places trail running like the GC R-to-R-to-R. I’m only just beginning my quest for trail running nirvana!

  • What I do to never stop exploring is to remind myself why I’m dragging myself out of bed before the sun comes up on a day off. Like they say, “Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.”

  • It is super easy for me to never stop exploring because I have two amazingly inquisitive kids. My wife and I are constantly exploring through our kids. When they were younger, we encouraged and directed their exploration. It is incredible to see them growing up and asking us on their own to do all the new things their minds can imagine.

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